Name every set of irons you've owned



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    Callaway x18

    OG ap2’s

    titleist 710MB

    miura CB (lh)

    mizuno JPX 900 forged

    mizuno mp 32

    mizuno Jpx 919 forged

    ping blueprints

    Ping g410 LST 7° w/ Fujikura Ventus 6s, tipped 1/2”
    Ping g410 LST 13° fairway w/ Fujikura Ventus 7s, tipped 1/2”
    Ping g410 7 wood, turned to 19° (The SEXWOOD) w/ Fujikura Ventus 8s, tipped 1/2”
    Ping g410 4 hybrid with Accra cs1 m4 hybrid shaft, SST Pure
    Ping Blueprint 5-pw w/ KBS tour limited black C taper 125 s+ SST pure
    Ping Glide Forged 50° w/ KBS tour limited black C taper 125 s+ SST pure
    Vokey limited Slate Blue sm7 54F w/ DG tour issue s400 SST pure
    PXG Sugar Daddy 59º w/ KBS C taper 120s
    Logan Olson Retro Muscle Bullet Sole
    Mackenzie Walker bag
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    Spalding Pro Flight

    McGregor Nicklaus Classics

    Wishon 770CFE

    Wishon 560MC

    Wishon 555M

    Wishon 575MMC Combo

    PING i500

    Wishon 575 MMC CB’s in the bag now.

    It matters not what others call you. What you choose to answer to identifies who you are.

    Wishon 919THI  11* S2S Black 65 S
    Wishon 929HS  14* S2S White S
    Wishon 775HS   21* S2S Black Hybrids S
    Wishon 575MMC Forged 4-A Superlight steel S
    PING Glide 3.0 Eye2  54* & 60*
    Wishon S2R #1 milled face putter
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    mostly in chronological order, left handed...

    tommy armour 845's cut down for me

    taylormade r7tp's w/s300's

    mizuno mp68's w/ kbs tours

    taylormade rocketbladez tours w/ c tapers

    ping s57 w/ cfs stiff

    taylormade rocketbladez tours w/ kbs tours (again)

    ping i20/s56 combo w/ x100

    mizuno mp60's w/ project x 6.0 (1 round)

    hogan apex set (1 round)

    titleist 690.cb w/s300

    adams a12 forged pro w/ c tapers, then modus 130x

    cobra s3 pro's w/ c tapers

    titleist 690mb w/x100 (one practice session)

    ping s55 w/ x100

    titleist 712 cb/mb combo w/ c tapers

    srixon 765 w/ project x lz 6.5

    mizuno mp68 (again) w/ x100

    callaway apex mb (older model) w/ project x 6.5 (1 round)

    miura tournament blades w/ kbs $taper (one practice session)

    srixon 785's w/ c tapers, then $ tapers, then kbs flt 120

    mizuno 919 forged w/ kbs flt

    srixon 785's (another set) w/ project x lz 6.5 (on the way)

    Epic Flash Sub Zero w/ Oban HB
    Taylormade M6 3wd/5wd Oban Black
    Srixon 785s
    Cally MD4 50/54/58
    No Putter is Safe...
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    Ping G25

    Ping iE1

    Mizuno JPX 900 Forged

    Ping i200

    Srixon 765

    Mizuno JPX 919 Forged

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    Some rusty cut down non-matching clubs when I was about 10 or 11, including a mashie and a 10 iron for a putter.

    Ram Kathy Cornelius - bought 'em in junior high, figured (correctly) they'd be a better fit than cut down regular men's.

    MacGregor Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear

    Wilson Staff Tour blades

    Ping Eye2+

    Ping Eye3 "blades"

    Titleist AP2 (3 different sets)

    Callaway Apex Pro

    Callaway Legacy Black - keepers so far, two other tries haven't knocked them out, in fact I bought another set from a wrxer just to have replacement heads. May never buy another iron --- I say, lol, as I peruse the latest from Mizuno and Srixon and Callaway and Titleist . . . . .

    Edit: oops, forgot the classics I’ve picked up. MacGregor Nicklaus 20ths and Hogan Redlines!

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    Man, over the last 30 years, there have been a lot, Im sure I missed a few as well:

    Macgregor - JNP, 92VIP CB, VIP Blade, PMB

    Founders - 200 Series

    Ram - Tour Grind Nickel

    Hogan - Ft Worth Apex, Redlines

    Cobra - Norman Blades

    Tommy Armour - 855 Blacks

    Titleist - 735CM Forged

    Yonex ADX Tour

    PING - ISI S

    Callaway - X12PS, X14PS

    Cleveland - CG4 Tour TCs

    Taylormade - TP CB 14's

    Bridgestone - J40s, J's irons, J15 MBs, J40PCs, MR23 cbs

    Mizuno - MP29, MP5, Super 11s, TN91s

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    • maxfli’s from early 2000’s
    • titleist ap2
    • titleist ap1
    • nike vr split cavity
    • nike vapor pro
    • taylormade tp mb
    • titleist 712 combo set
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    Titleist DCI Gold

    Titleist DCI 990

    Titleist 704 CB

    Mizuno MP-32

    Mizuno MP-60

    Titleist 716 CB

    PXG 0811x GD 10.5 AZ-IZ 7x
    Titleist 917 F2 15 Aldila Rogue Max 75x
    Taylormade M5 19 GD AD-DI 8x
    TM P790 UDI GD AD-DI Hybrid 95x
    Titleist 716 T-MB (4-5) True Temper DG S300
    Titleist 716 CB (6-9) True Temper DG S300
    Vokey SM6 (47,53,58,62)
    Scotty Cameron Button Back Newport
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    Some Eye2 knockoffs called EEEZZZ (they weren't)

    Callaway X12

    Callaway X20

    Mizuno MX300

    Titleist AP1 712

    Callaway Apex CF19

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    Tommy Armour 845 Stripe

    Taylormade rac LT2

    Taylormade R7 tp

    Ping G25

    Mizuno MP54

    Mizuno MP18

    Callaway Apex Pro 19

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    Titleist TS3
    Titleist TS3- HZRDUS Smoke 70s
    Titleist 818 H2 17- Fujikura Atmos Blue S
    Titleist 818 H2 21- Fujikura Atmos Blue S
    Callaway Apex Pro ‘19 (5-GW)- TT Elevate Tour s
    Vokey SM7 54*- DG S200
    Ping Glide 3.0 TS- DG S400 TI
    Bettinardi Queen B 9
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    Top Flite Blades (can’t remember exact model)

    GolfSmith Paradigm Cavity Backs

    Top Flite Tour Irons

    Callaway X-18

    Ben Hogan Apex II

    Bridgestone J40

    Srixon 575/765 combo set

    Ping iblade (lasted 1 round and sold)

    Honma 747v ( current set)

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    48 years worth...

    Powerbuilt Levelume 3, 5, 7, 9, P (12 years old)

    MacGregor Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear 3-P (High School)

    Dunlop Maxfli Australian Blades 2-P (still have them - college)

    Ping Eye2 Knockoffs 3-P

    Titleist DCI 762 3-P

    Adams CB1 Idea 4-G

    Titleist AP2 716 4-P

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    Over 40 yrs worth

    Spalding Jr set

    Spalding signature

    Powerbilt Scotch blade

    Golden Ram Tour Grind ( 1 iron to Pw ) and still have them! FM precision shafts

    Cobra CB forged

    Titleist 716 cb and still have them in the bag.

    TS3 9.5 / Rogue Silver 125 60TX
    TS3 15 / 125 70TX
    818 H2 19 Pro White X
    718 T-mb 4 CTL X
    716 CB 5-pw / CTL X
    SM7 50, 54, 60 / KBS 610 
    Mini Gunboat

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    in chronological order

    (97) Dunlop wal mart box set

    (99) ping isi

    (01) titleist 990b

    (02) snake eyes mc01

    (05) titleist 981

    (07) callaway x forged 07

    (10) mizuno mp32

    (11) callaway x forged 07

    (19) srixon 765

    (19) mizuno jpx 900 tour

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    This totally dates me. And I tend to hold on to them like a bad marriage.

    Wilson 1200

    Hogan Medallion

    Palmer The Standard

    '73 Hogan Apex

    Titleist DCI

    Mizuno MP32

    Titleist AP2

    Mizuno MP18

    Mizuno HMB

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  • AnserAnser ClubWRX  2272WRX Points: 177Posts: 2,272 Platinum Tees
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    I can't do it for the last 3 years let alone for the last 35

    But my first "set" was from Service Merchandise, Wilson 1200 GE and they were $99. I thought they were the key to getting a tour card :) They were not the issue holding me back nor have been the several hundred sets later :)

    TM M5 9.5 - Tour AD IZ 7s
    TM M6  5 HL, Tour AD IZ 7s
    Cleveland Hibore Xli 3,4,5
    Srixon Z585 6-AW, Modus 105 s
    Cleveland RTX 54/58
    TaylorMade HiToe 64
    Evnroll ER-5, Evnroll ER-2.1
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    Callaway X20’s

    (10 year hiatus)

    Ping G25

    Callaway Apex CF16

    mizuno JPX 900 Forged

    Ping I210

    Cobra MB/CB combo

    Apex 19 Pro combo

    Z585/785 combo and sticking with these for a very long time

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    I’m not dumb enough to post on the internet, for all my loved ones to see forever, how many iron sets I’ve owned. It’s like Wilt Chamberlain’s women claim.

    Former professional golfer. Current amateur human being. Reformed club ho.

    In the bag:

    PING. Lots of PING.
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    This thread makes me wonder how many sets of golf clubs are sitting in folks garages??? I know that some sell their old sets but I am guessing that is not all that common? Possibly if everyone tried to sell all the extra sets the used club market might collapse completely... The other question is for those of us who have gone through a few sets, would we score any different with the set we have now compared to the first set we had? Or the middle set or the previous set? Hmmm...


    Driver Mizuno ST190 9.5* / Paderson Ballistic KG70-D40. Hybrids: 3 and 4 Rogue / Steelfiber HLS980. Irons 5 through Wedge PXG 0311 / Steelfiber i110. Wedges 50*, 56*, 62* MacDaddy 4 / Steelfiber i110.

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    Powerbilt Citation Lite

    Ping Eye

    Ping Eye 2+

    Ram Tour Grind Axial

    Mizuno MP-14

    Ping Eye 2+ BeCu

    Ping ISI BeCu

    Ping ISI BeNi

    TaylorMade RAC TP CB

    Mizuno MP-32

    Ping Anser

    Ping i25

    Titleist 718 T-MB

    D - Ping G400 10-degree SFT, Ping Tour 65S
    3W - Ping G400 Stretch 13-degree, Alta 65S
    Hy - Ping G400 19-degree, Alta 70S
    4-P - Titleist 718 T-MB, Project X PXi 6.0
    50- Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth
    55- Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth ES grind
    60- Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth ES grind
    P - Bettinardi BB28 Raw Limited
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    Started with a set of Northwestern’s my parents got me at Walmart.. then “upgraded” to Dunlap’s. Then went the fake burner bubble irons. From there I went..

    Lynx Parralax TT lite shafts

    Mizuno MP 14s S300

    briefly to the 962’s, maybe 2 rounds..

    Lynx Black Cat Tours X100- won my first tourney with these

    Mizuno Tzoid Pro X100-parents bought me these when I got my scholarship

    Mizuno MP14 X100

    Taylor Made 300 forged rifle 6.0

    Taylor Made Rac MBs Rifle 6.0

    quite playing competitively and really much at all, so went through an old school phase with the next set

    Lynx Parralax TT lite

    Maxfi Revolution Black rifle 6.0

    Ping s57 Kbs tour x

    Ping S56 kbs tour s

    Ping i20- kbs c-taper stiff briefly and suffered a wrist injury

    took 6 months off

    Ping i20- PX graphite 6.0

    Titleist 714 Ap2’s Kbs tour s

    Ping g25 Kbs tour s then Kbs c-taper then recoil Proto

    Ping s55 Ping stock shaft then kbs tour

    Ping g30- PX 6.0

    Ping ie1- suffered another wrist injury with the PX 6.0- switched to Steelfiber i110 for about 7 months before it flared up again.. took a year off

    Ping i200- Steelfiber i95

    Ping g410- Steelfiber i95- another wrist/elbow injury Has sidelined me to present... currently have Mp 18 MMC’s with Nippon Modus and Jpx 919 forged with i95’s, debating on which one to keep and what shafts I want to throw in the winner.. surgery is tomorrow then 6-8 weeks recovery before I can get back out there..

    Ping G400 LST 10* Fujikura Atmos Black Tour Spec 6
    Mizuno ST190 16* Fujikura Atmos Black Tour Spec 7
    Titleist 818 H2 20* Fujikura Atmos Blue Tour Spec
    Vokey 60* V Grind
    Seemore Mini Giant Deep Flange Stealth
    Bridgestone B XS
  • GLF4EVRGLF4EVR Members  877WRX Points: 98Posts: 877 Golden Tee
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    chronological: Northwestern

    Powerbilt Citation

    Wilson Staff Tour Blade

    Maxfli VHL

    Tommy Armour 845 Silver Scot (still have)

    Cleveland TA Tour Action

    Callaway Pro Series X-16

    Mizuno MP-57

    Callaway X-forged 2007 Korean edition (still have)

    Titleist 735cm (current set)

    Maxlfi Revolution multi-layer (pick up this winter...have reshafting/MOI to do)

  • ESPESP ClubWRX  668WRX Points: 94Posts: 668 ClubWRX
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    Hogan Mangum

    Ping Eye2+

    Taylormade Tour Burner (1996)


    TaylorMade Tour Preferred (2009)

    712 AP2s

    710 MBs



    JPX 900T

    HMB/MP20 combo set

    M5 9.5* Project X Black Smoke 6.5
    SIM 15* Aldila Rogue Silver S
    SLDR 17* Black Tie S
    HMB 4&5, MP20 6-9 Modus 125x
    Vokey SM7 46, 50, 54, 60, Modus 125x
    Bettinardi BB0 DASS
  • hammy83hammy83 Members  1861WRX Points: 67Posts: 1,861 Platinum Tees
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    Taylormade Rac OS

    Titleist AP2

    Taylormade burner 2.0

    Callaway X-Hot Pro's

    Taylormade RSI1

    Taylormade P790

  • Pete O'TubePete O'Tube Members  397WRX Points: 125Handicap: 6Posts: 397 Greens
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    Slazenger Plus 3-W

    Lynx USA 1- SW

    Titleist Tour Blades 3 - SW

    Hogan Edge 50th Anniversary 3 - E

    Ping i5 3 - SW

    Titleist AP2 3 - W

    Titleist 735CM 3 - W

    Taylormade Rsi 2 3 - W

    Mizuno MP-18 4 - W

    Mizuno ST190 TS Driver Fujikura Atmos 5R
    Mizuno ST190 TS 3W Fujikura Atmos 6R
    Ping G10 18 deg Hybrid Reg
    4 - 6 Mizuno MP18 MMC FliHi Recoil F3 95g Reg
    7 -W Mizuno MP18 SC Recoil F3 95g Reg
    53.08 Vokey SM5
    56.08 Vokey SM5
    Ping Anser (Since 1959)

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  • 0351Duffer0351Duffer Members  140WRX Points: 34Handicap: 18Posts: 140 Fairways
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    Whew...let's see if I can remember, it's not a super long list...

    Wilson ProStaff CB (circa 1998)

    Cleveland TA3s

    Cleveland TA2s

    Adams Redline

    TaylorMade R7s

    Titleist 714 AP1s (still have)

    Titleist 718 AP1s (Current)

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    Considering I have been playing 36 years not many to GolfWRX standards

    Lynx Predators (originals) there have been several named predator these were the ones that had the brass name plate on the back

    Tour Edge Comp LX

    Nicklaus VCG

    KZG Forged CB

    Callaway Big Bertha Fusion

    Callaway X-Hot Pro

    Taylormade SLDR

    Srixon Z-745

    Ping I210 just picked them up 2 weeks ago I intend to play these a long time they were a 25th anniversary present from the wife

     Titleist TS3 9.5 Fujikura Speeder Pro TS 74 Stiff
    Titleist TS3 16.5 set to C1 HZRDUS black 75 stiff
    TM SLDR  19* Fujikura Motore Speeder Tour Spec. 8.3 Stiff
    Srixon U65  4 iron Miyazaki Kaula 7 Stiff
    Ping I210 5-UW Accra 70i stiff
    Ping Glide 3.0 56* Accra 70i stiff
    Callaway Mack Daddy 2 PM Grind 60* Accra Hybrex Wedge Shaft
    Argolf Merlin
    Srixon Z-Star
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    There is not enough room on the interweb for me to list them all. Well over 100 sets

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  • mjbfybmjbfyb Members  441WRX Points: 262Posts: 441 Greens
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    Lil Stinger junior clubs

    Ping Eye 2

    Titleist 962B

    Mizuno MP-32

    Mizuno MP-18 SC/MB combo


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