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I know there has been a lot of discussion RE: Club Champion here so figured I would offer my own experience to the group. I went for my iron fitting today. Prior to today, I had never been fit for clubs and also had never hit on a Trackman before so I had no clue what any of my stats looked like so I went in with an open mind. Overall, it was a cool experience. It started with a brief consultation about my game and what I was looking to get out of the fitting. Going in, I was 50/50 on whether I wanted to buy with them or not. There was never pressure to actually purchase.

I hit my current 6i to get a baseline and then we started to drill down on shafts and then moved on to heads after that. I went in as pretty much a "Taylormade guy" but was agnostic to what the end product was. I ended up with the best results from the Callaway Mavrik w/ Nippon Modus Tour 120 shafts, 4-PW, GW. The numbers were an obvious difference over everything else I hit. With the 6i, smash factor was consistently 1.45-1.49 with carry distance 189-199 with a spin rate ~1500 less than my current clubs and dispersion was by far the best. I did not expect to leave with Callaway irons but the numbers do not lie.

In the end, they offered financing with 0% interest for 18 months so it was a no-brainer for me to go ahead and make the purchase. I tacked on 2 Taylormade Milled Grind 2.0 wedges and left out of the door for ~$2700 including the $150 fitting charge. I ended up getting the shafts pured, I know there is also a lot of debate about that as well. I did talk to the fitter for a bit about it and his opinion and he really didn't push it and made it a point that we could lower the price $300 by removing that option.

In summary, it was a positive experience and it was cool to be able to try out so many different shaft and head combinations. The end price is a little high but I knew that going in so it really wasn't a sticker shock situation and the 0% financing helped ease that a bit, in my opinion.



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    My fitting with them resulted in a proposed $5300 set. I did not buy through them.

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    I can't imagine paying $2700 for a set of irons.

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    So what’s your top price?

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    Hmmm... $2700, less the $300 pure cost, less the $150 fitting fee, so @sciggs has been charged 50% more? 😲

    That sounds like a hidden 'interest' or 'finance' charge / cost.

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    You forgot to back out the 2 milled grind wedges, since, you know, that'll get us closer to a realistic number...

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    I built the exact set on Callaway's website for $1300 not including tax. The 2700 included sales tax, puring, additional wedges (plus shafts and grips for those wedges) and the fitting. Subtract all of that out and the actual Callaway irons were just over $100 more though them excluding tax. Oh well. I'm sorry you are not happy with how I spend my money. Will refrain from posting these details in the future.

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    F the naysayers. Most are just envious. You enjoy and play well.

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    Glad you had a good experience.

    My question would be, is losing 1500 rpm spin a good thing?

    Enjoy the new sticks!

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    Congrats on the experience and new clubs. Like GDB above, I am currently up is what the spin on the MAVRIK 6 iron irons was, along with the peak height and decent angle.

    Glad you enjoyed the process. It is an enlightening experience the first time you get a professional fitting

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    I didn't say anything about how you spend your money. I just said I wouldn't spend that much.

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    You got shafts and grips for your wedges and still only paid 2700.00 ?

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    All that matters is that you are pleased with the end result. What we think really doesn't matter. :-)


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    im glad you had a positive experience just give us the detailed picture of what the true costs were because it just doesnt add up unless theres additional charges from club champion.

    1300 for the irons, the most expensive custom wedge option from taylormade is still only 190 but lets call it 200/wedge and youre at 1700 for the clubs. 300 for puring, 150 for the fitting and were at 2150. even if they overcharged you 150(you said 100) so were at 2300 they would have had to have charged you over 15% in taxes to get to 2700.

    I agree with grm24 this just sounds like spam/a disguised add for club champion. i could understand if there were some exotic customizations but "there was never any pressure to purchase" yet i paid a couple hundred extra dollars to get the exact custom clubs i could have ordered direct from the OEMs just seems really really off.

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    How much were the wedges?

    Break it down for us, because it's not adding up. They HAVE charged you interest in the deal by way of a hidden fee, charge, or over priced items.

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    I’m not the OP, but they charge you full price for every individual piece. Without knowing the price list, he’s my rough estimate

    Callaway Heads - $900

    Taylormade wedge heads - $340

    10 Nippon shafts - $370

    install shafts - $300

    Pure shafts - $300

    grips - $100

    fitting - $150

    tax - $200

    That totals around $2700.

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    Club champion charges for every piece plus full price of the iron set. You pay full price for the irons like ordering them from store with no up charge shaft. Club champion then receives your set from oem, pulls the shafts and “throws them away”. Been reports in past of employees taking them out of the dumpster and selling on eBay. They then charge you top dollar for each shaft and grip that you were fit into plus the fitting, club-building and puring charges.

    they are doing the no interest loan because they are making money from the components and club building. Makes it more attractive to customer because price is so high, no brainer for them to offer hoping to get more club sales

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    I went to our local Club Champion last month and did a putter fitting, I have know one of the fitters there for years just from being a member at the same club at one point. Overall I enjoyed the putter fitting experience and I have been back in to make a few tweaks to it till we got it just right. I had been looking to get a new shaft for the driver so I decided to go in and do a shaft fitting for my current head(Epic flash SZ TD) and maybe just hit a few other heads to compare.

    She gave me the fitting for 50% off since there was a delay in my putter coming in, ended up getting fitted into the shaft I was really interested in (Ventus Black), but was a little taken back when she gave me a print out of the charges. They wanted $415 for the shaft alone which I knew I could get from at least 2 other places for $350 tops. Overall, between the shaft, build, and discounted fitting, the total was just a little south of $600 which I found to be a little extreme since I was just getting a shaft and not even a new driver. I decided to get the shaft elsewhere and ended up saving $130 just on the shaft price alone.

    I do think the process there can be very helpful and obviously the model seems to be working for them, but they sure don't do you many favors when it comes to prices.

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    Very similar experiences with CC to a lot of the folks on here. I've done a handful of fittings and have become buddies with one of the fitters, a real nice guy.

    I do know that when I went off and ordered direct from an OEM, the shipping got delayed because of an error in their back office and they ended up putting in the wrong KBS shafts, making me choose between waiting likely another month or so to right the wrong or trying to fix on my own.

    However much the extra cost, there is something to be said for knowing 100% that everything is to the exact specs, etc. that you need and done correctly. They are also great about checking L/L and doing adjustments for free if you ask.

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    Just had my fitting on the 20th and so far I feel it went pretty well. Prior to the fitting I had been given some good advice on what I should do to make it better. So the initial conversation was not only what I'm looking to improve and how often I play, but it also included things like budget and timing of purchase. Was I looking for an immediate buy or looking to take lessons... etc.

    I explained to the fitter that I had been looking at a set of Haywoods (Small company out of CAN, direct to consumer) and that they had explained the 410 and g700 were comparable clubs. I expected about $800 budget for 7 irons. After hitting my i15s, he put me into a i210 for testing with great results. I was still focused on the comparison clubs, but he wound up bending the 210 up for a better fit. He dialed me into the head and a C taper shaft. Once we had the shaft down he threw on a 410 head. Couldn't hit it. Too much offset. Then the g710. Way too much offset. I hit all 5 garbage shots. We tried the i500's with the C-taper and they were all butter. So now in love, he looked up the stats on the Haywoods. The offset was in between the 710 and the i500.

    He told me with some bending he could cut the offset a little of the Haywoods, but at this point I almost had to talk him out of them. I think my mind was set. So he put the numbers in. The only mis was we discussed puring at length, but just ended the convo when he printed up the build sheet. My coworker (PGA member) pointed out that puring wasn't included. But knowing the puring costs now I think I still came out with a fair price. When I contacted the fitter the next day he offered to have it done and I can settle up the difference when the clubs came. I declined, as I've never hit pured shafts I may not notice.

    The build:

    Ping i500 4-PW: $1205.75

    C Taper S: $27 ($189)

    Fitting: $150

    Taxes: $79

    $1550 out the door and 8 more business days until they're delivered. I figure I "overspent" by $200 max? But... the clubs are being built, then checked by CC warehouse, and then sent to my fitter whos going to check them again personally. At any time I'll have the option of going back and getting them tweaked. I think it's worth the money for several reasons, including the fact that I'm spending a little more to support a local franchisee.

    I read the concerns of them keeping OEM parts and I'm a bit confused. Does no one ask for broken parts from their mechanic? It's an easy ask.. hey, I get the old shafts back, right?

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    So you made the purchase and they still charged a $150 fitting fee?I am not sure what the industry standard is but the shop here in Tulsa puts the fitting fee towards your total price if you make the purchase and I believe Golf Galaxy is the same way.

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    I checked everything about it on line and that was the confirmed practice. Would have been nice to have gotten it back, but I knew better. The reason I picked CC was on recommendation of my PGA coworker. He told me that CC was a low pressure place that was mostly indifferent to you making a purchase. In my line of work I have contacts who have contacts, and lots of friends in low places. I could have worked out a free fitting some where, but with the expectation of buying from them. My plan was to get fitted, get my prescription, and order from Haywood on line. So I chose a place that just focused on writing the prescription. I wound up talking myself into buying clubs from them.

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    You can order i-500 from any retailer 4-pw for $1,140 and you got charged 1,205. That isn't including the retailers I know who give a "deal".

    I'm not sure how much c taper is for upcharge with Ping but I would assuming a little less than the $27 you got charged. Also, it looks like you don't have a club building fee?

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    After everything I'm reading here im guessing the clubs will be OEM built and CC corrected? Like I said, I'm guessing I "overpaid" by about $200, and I'm ok with that. Didn't have to jump thru hoops, knowing I now "have a guy", and my time is $$. Thay did it right for me in 1 stop and that's a great value unto itself.

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    i think Club champion does now offer the option of you just ordering them built by the OEM like in your case since no club building charge. They aren’t going to correct anything if they aren’t charging you, they might check the loft and lie. This is the better way to go but you still overpaid by quite a bit.

    Dont have to jump through hoops, they simply give you a printout and you take that printout and call up tgw, discount dans or whatever online golf store and order your set. Shipped directly to you from OEM. While your ordering your irons, add a new ping golf bag or rangefinder with that $200+ you saved.

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    It was 1382 on Carl's golfland. C taper are 35 a shaft upgrade fee! 1326 on tgw. 25 a c taper.

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