Carrying a less valuable backup putter for environmental issues

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Does anyone else do this? Throughout the course of the year greens are fertilized, aerated and sanded. While the greens are recovering, I am not crazy about using a high dollar putter and exposing it to corrosion and scratching. As a safety net I keep an old Odyssey White Hot #1 under the back seat of my truck for these occasions. Wondering if anyone else does something similar.

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    I do not.

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    I bought my Byron to use on the course.

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    Stainless steel putters should be fine, right?

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    What environmental issues? I think you might be over thinking this. The strokes you are losing to your setup changing, are what’s worth THE MOST.

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    Exact reason I got out of the tour putter scene. If your more worried about your putter throughout your round then worrying about your game that’s a problem.

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    You can hate on this guy if you want (and I’m sure many will) but he has a point. I took my copper plated Byron out on the course in January in Pittsburgh. It was so wet that the copper actually patina’d more during the round (I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it for myself). I don’t care because it looks cool as **** and I bought it to play with it but, again, I can understand where this guy is coming from.

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    Naaaw--- All of my putters are old and have dings rust and patina on them anyhow. Footnote: I flat out refuse to game a putter I have to use a head cover on. But seriously if you paid what I have seen some folks pay for boutique putters I would actually side with you on this


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    Do you have a carbon steel putter with a black oxide finish? That's the only way I think I would be concerned.

    My tour putter is worth $4,000 but it's made of bead blasted stainless steel. Not a worry in the world when it comes to rain or fertilizer.

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    Well, didn’t know I’d get so much hate from what I thought was a reasonable thought. I don’t have any putters that are more expensive than a TM Spider or some OTR Scottys but I do like to take care of them.

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    No hate here. I'm just of the mind that my clubs are tools, not jewels.

    None of my clubs are collectibles, and though I keep them in fine shape I'm not worried about them getting nicks, scrapes, or discoloration from normal use.


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    I am willing to destroy any of my clubs while executing a golf-shot if the situation calls for it. Luckily for my clubs, I am more careful with my body, so it never gets too bad.

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    Fertilizer and sand were no go for the rubbed finish on the putter Lamont made me. I would bring my Cameron Newport instead on those days, lol. Never liked it anyway. With the Odyssey I’m using the finish is durable but I’ll have extra wet and dry rags those few skanky days.

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    Not for me. I bought my putters to use them. I have a Scotty Cameron and an Evnroll. My Scotty cost me the most and is the one I use the most often. If it gets dinged and scratch so be it... that is why they have refurbishing companies if you desire.



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    Tools not jewels 95% of putters are meant to be played, there are a few meant to be show pieces but they are honestly ugly as sin. Also a lot of these putters can survive harsh conditions being stainless, carbon putters need more care regardless, I mean they can rust just sitting in your bag if not taken care of.

    This applies to anyone but if you're worried about using something on the course don't bother buying it in the first place cause you'll be more worried about "damaging" your putter vs making that birdie putt and just ruins the enjoyment of the game.

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    Hate? What hate?

    Just people saying they don't do.

    For the record nor do I. They're golf clubs, for playing golf.

    This is like the folks with leather car seats who leave the plastic on for 2 years.

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    I would think wiping your putter off with a damp towel after each green would be sufficient.

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    Sometimes. After a heavy sanding, I don't like to use my regular putter because the quality of the greens are so bad. I don't like to make a bunch of bad putts with my regular putter. I'm not afraid of damaging the putter, it's more of a confidence thing. I really think if you clean your golf ball, and your putter, it shouldn't be a problem.

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    If the same topic is brought up on TCC, most people would agree with the OP.

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    Sort of... My gamer is a carbon Machine M20 with a black oxide finish. I also have a stainless Machine M2. I adjusted the weight of the M2 head to perfectly match the M20 head, and I bring it with me whenever I play. If I get to the course and they've sanded the greens, I simply swap out the heads. It takes about 30 seconds, and I don't care how nerdy I look doing it. I spent a lot on my M20 and I fully intend to keep it looking like new. I've probably only had to swap the heads 6 or 7 time in the last 2 1/2 years, but I like that I have the option to do so.

    I'd certainly hate to be left out of the "WITB signature" thingy, so...

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    My Jim Wells Anser 2 is super nice, not expensive like many have, but it means the world to me so I protect it with a cover and keep it clean. I'll confess to a bit of anxiety when there is a ton of sand or other bits on the greens, and I do have a stainless steel pat pending Anser 2 that is relatively impervious to all that the golf gods will throw at it. A lighter weight putter sometimes is nice on plugged/dirty greens, for me anyways.

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    I prefer to change putters if the greens are cored or heavily fertilized. I am in the tools, not jewels camp mostly, IE wedges and irons, but if I sky a driver or three wood and it leaves an idiot mark I get rid of it. I hate careless damage, I chipped the back of my old driver on my belt when I was wiping the crown with my shirt, stuff like that annoys me. Same with sand on greens, I don't care with some putters, but it's unnecessary wear on some finishes. I had an old BeCu PAL 4 that used to turn funky colours with fertilizer.

    I always cringe a little when I see no headcovers on woods, AND they ask if they can try my driver.

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    I don't worry about fertilizer or rain - even when I use a carbon oil can putter. I pretty much clean and oil that after the round. Other than that, I'll use an older putter when I know the greens have been punched and sanded to avoid scratches. If I'm playing an sanded and punched greens, I'm not going to worry about extra strokes adjusting to a putter since it's not a serious round.

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    I just returned from the Cameron Gallery with my very first / fit for me / one-off 009.

    and I’m going to game the heck out of it.

    i will take care of it for sure. But I am looking forward to 20 years out where it starts to have the same character as, an example, Speith’s or Tigers or Snedekers or Stickers or whatever. That’s what I want.

    I think it comes down to whether or not you plan to sell, or, if you’re going all in on a gamer.

    gamers have character and battle scars

    my $0.02

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    I do take into consideration of the weather/course conditions. if it's an early morning, dew sweeping round or a round where we could see some rain - i'll keep my black oxide mil-spec at home. I'll use my Studio Select for those rounds although it's not often. I'm not too paranoid about the finish but I would like to preserve it as long as I can.

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    I prefer to use a carbon black ox T. P. Mills that was made for me however the finish is high maintenance if wet. More than just wipe it dry. You need to let the head cover and grip dry by fulling it out of the bag every use. I once messing up a putter finish by leaving it in a moist head cover while still in my trunk. A reason to have oil inside a head cover too.

    So yes, in the fall or spring when the conditions are wet I am likely to game a stainless putter. Mostly because it is so much easier to care for (me being lazy) and the durable finish. Also for me a stainless steel putter seems to get the ball to jump of face more and doesn't come up short. On fast smooth greens that means poor distance control and more three putts. This is less than being afraid to play a valuable putter.

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    I generally use my oil can and tei3 putters without fear, but if conditions are really bad, like freshly aerated and top-sanded greens, or if I know rain is in the forecast I'll swap out for something else. There's just no replicating those finishes once they're gone. I know they can be refinished but it's not the same IMO, no reason to risk them if alternatives are available.

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    Hate ? LMAO

    Mind pointing it out ?

    Exaggerate much ? LOL

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