New Axis 1 Tour-HM models - 2020 Honda Classic

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  • AdamStoutjesdykAdamStoutjesdyk Venice FLMembers  161WRX Points: 114Handicap: +1.5Posts: 161 Fairways
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    I like these but i really want one of the Original models


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  • TuguTugu Members  99WRX Points: 48Posts: 99 Fairways
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    Gosh that putter is seriously fugly. Is that square to the path tech not achievable with a better aesthetic?

  • n_ronesn_rones New YorkMembers  694WRX Points: 285Handicap: 4.2Posts: 694 Golden Tee
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  • GolfjackGolfjack All about the rotation Members  1489WRX Points: 435Posts: 1,489 Platinum Tees
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    I look at it and it just seems the same result as my center shafted putter, except done in an uglier way.

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  • Steel DilloSteel Dillo Members  243WRX Points: 97Posts: 243 Fairways
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    I'd be more interested if they were priced reasonably. Just don't see what drives their cost up comparable to a fully milled specialty brand other than having Rose's name on them.

    IMO, they should be in that $200-$250 range like their other putters.

  • ASN21ASN21 #TeamTaylorMade Bay AreaMembers  429WRX Points: 352Handicap: 19Posts: 429 Greens
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    It's a NO for me.


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  • tider992010tider992010 tider992010 Members  78WRX Points: 59Posts: 78 Fairways
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    I like them. Doesn't look Odd at all.

  • TuguTugu Members  99WRX Points: 48Posts: 99 Fairways
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  • BarracudaBarracuda Ft LauderdaleMembers  580WRX Points: 81Posts: 580 Golden Tee
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    I don't get the hate on companies that are actually trying to do something better than what we have available.

    I don't play axis1, but it was definitely on my short list, I ended up with a LAB putter. It does look funky, it also helps me score better than my stunning queen B6.

  • elcgolfelcgolf Members  264WRX Points: 88Posts: 264 Greens
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    I’m all for the ugly putter if the tech is good. Take Truss putters for example. They’re horrendous but a serious step forward with tech (I know, I thought the same, but just try rolling them). That being said, the price tags on these putters is insane! 450$ for the rose putter keeps these from becoming mainstream. Same goes for LAB putters. Lower the prices to get these in the hands of more people!

  • scooterhd2scooterhd2 Members  728WRX Points: 219Handicap: 9Posts: 728 Golden Tee
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    coloring of the hosel is off, especially in the black model. id still want to roll it, but that is too distracting for me.

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  • golfbuddygolfbuddy Members  256WRX Points: 84Posts: 256 Greens
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    I was close to buying the original Rose. The HM looks cleaner to me. Got to try it! The cost is up there but look how much guys easily spend on drivers.

  • jetsetter808jetsetter808 Members  91WRX Points: 37Posts: 91 Fairways
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    I want to try this, for some reason it appeals to me

  • jetsetter808jetsetter808 Members  91WRX Points: 37Posts: 91 Fairways
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    When is the release date?

  • bjypbjyp Seoul, South KoreaMembers  17WRX Points: 12Handicap: 18Posts: 17 Bunkers
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    I game the axis1 tour-s model and it's fantastic. The amount of stability you get with this thing, it's almost like cheating. the soft, firm feel when you hit the sweet spot is addicting too - you can really feel the ball kind of absorb and bounce off the head.

    I really dont understand the hate with this company..they're great and I think people should try them before saying anything. evnroll to me has terrible sound/feel for a putter but people love it for the result. if you can get past the looks, its a whole new world with this thing


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  • TuguTugu Members  99WRX Points: 48Posts: 99 Fairways
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    I'll try it when they price their product realistically. Same goes for the other company trying to make these path balanced puttets.

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  • labgolflabgolf Members, Sponsors  132WRX Points: 94Posts: 132 Fairways
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    I assume you mean us! I wish we could price them lower too. The large companies make it tough for people to realize how expensive it is to make a putter when you aren't order 100K heads at a time. I am not sure about Axis 1, but in our case, the putter is made entirely in the USA (except shaft and some grips) and some of our putters take up to 45 minutes to balance if they end up balancing at all. I know the axis guys well enough to know that they too are pricing according to cost. The tech is so precise in both cases that they really can't be quickly mass produced at lower volumes. A gram here or a gram there and they don't do what they are supposed to. I know they are spendy but both of us have legit tech worth checking out.

  • MattM97MattM97 Members  992WRX Points: 426Posts: 992 Golden Tee
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    I like it, honestly not an ugly putter compared to many others out there, you don't notice the hosel at address. I'd game one but they don't make lefties so I'll just admire.

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  • daviegolf1991daviegolf1991 Members  205WRX Points: 29Handicap: 3Posts: 205 Fairways
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    One of the ugliest putters out there by far, since the switch rose made from his TM to the axis he has been disastrous. Absolutely hasn't helped him in any way, dont get what he was so excited about?

  • chip75chip75 Members  616WRX Points: 139Posts: 616 Golden Tee
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    It was possibly the high resistance to twisting on off-centre hits with what's a relatively small footprint.

  • PLongGolfPLongGolf Members  17WRX Points: 34Handicap: 1Posts: 17 Bunkers
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    FALSE on the PGA Tour in 2019, he set career bests in Strokes Gained Putting (17th), Total Putting (13th), Putting Avg. (5th), Overall Putting Avg. (3rd), One-Putt Pct (3rd) and 3-Putting Avoidance (8th).

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  • dmeeksDCdmeeksDC ClubWRX  2848WRX Points: 410Handicap: 8Posts: 2,848 ClubWRX
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    Yes, Rose has definitely improved his putting with the Axis. He used to be below average for Tour players. They are getting better looking compared to past models.

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