A HA Moment

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Mine happened yesterday. It was very simple. I have been playing golf for 25 years and it finally clicked. All I did was concentrate on getting my right elbow to my right hip and then releasing thru the golf ball. 15 yards gained with a nice little draw.



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    Nice. Now make it stick. Think about why this works, and what is actually happening that is causing this result, and not just the feel. Because before you know it this feel may not replicate the same result.

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    Over 25 years I have run across many gimmick fixes. But this my friend is totally different. Shallow divot, weight change, rotation, it has all just clicked.

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    Uncle Cardy loves epiphany threads .... loooooooves them!

    thanks for sharing


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    Had one last year about a week before a member-guest and it lasted about a month. Been trying like crazy to remember everything and get it back.

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    J_carp, I sat down after my session and took notes on what I was feeling I was doing so I would not have to worry about memory. Remember feeling isn't always exactly as doing.

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    keen on hearing if you can reproduce it the next time you hit the course

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    My A HA moments are usually just the HA's of someone laughing at me.

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    Best advice is next time you have an epiphany, give up playing the next day. Proclaim "I have mastered golf" and tell people you quit because you got bored.

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    I wonder if anyone has ever posted multiple A HA moments. Like they have one and then 6 months later theyre back with another.

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    You coulda just asked....

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    I'm a single digit capper in having A HA moments. In playing golf, not so much. If all my A HA moments had worked, I'd be a better golfer than Kim Jong Il.

    Fortunately I realized years ago that an A HA moment is a false dawn and now indulge in the weird idea that golf is a game to be enjoyed and not gnawed on like a dog with a bone.

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    In all fairness, I have A HA moment every few sessions which I record in my notebook. After a few I go back, and see which have commonly popped up. Then I work those into my swing until something new comes along, I make wholesale changes trying to master whatever move du jour has caught my fancy, and everything goes to ****.

    That said, OPs A HA moment is the "Magic Move" from Penick's Little Red Book, and is a great one.

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    inside takeaway has plagued me for years ...had lessons and they all told me what I should do but i don’t think I could grasp the concept of why so I never fully committed to it

    I was always a whip it round with the hands then lift at the end which caused some serious strike/path/face issues I often stood over a tee shot with absolute no confidence in what would come out

    until I read the arm swing illusion thread in here and saw the arm movement in the backswing without the body turn and how primarily the arms don’t move around the body in the backswing

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    How is the tip holding up? I think this is big. By taking your right elbow to the hip, you are keeping the hips turned, back to the target and hips bump (naturally). Looking forward to taking this to the course

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    Hopefully not a “W.O.O.D.” Tip... Works Only One Day

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    Been playing some golf and had a few:

    1) tee box- don't rip driver off every par 4 or 5, use the 3w to avoid trouble(trees making the tee shot narrow). - AH HA!

    2) approach shot- take extra club and swing easy. - AH HA!

    3) focus on a good set up (Grip/ posture/ alignment/ ball position), it’s the difference between good and bad shots. - AH HA!

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    alex Noren does this in his pre-swing drills, such a good swing thought.

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    just getting the arms in front of the body for me eliminates E.E.

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    I had another one yesterday. My previous one is still working well (keep your head behind the ball, basically) which is great but yesterday I discovered if I make a point of looking toward the target during my practice swing and even 'pointing' at it with my club on the practice follow through it helps me complete my turn. The result is no more pushes and it seems better ball striking.

    All I need now is for it to stop raining so that I can see how my swing performs on grass rather than mud. At least now I have a pretty good of what my carry distances are because there ain't much roll-out. Hopefully they will increase with warmer whether and the roll-out ought to see me driving over 250 yards.

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