Iron Spin Rates. TM 2019 P790 vs P760



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    No, but a hollowed out "blade", foam filled or not, is a perimeter weighted, more forgiving club, hence the GI.

    But if you want to tell me it's not that big an internal cavity and call it a "Player's CB", no worries. I ain't cutting one open to find out. It still ain't a "blade" though no matter how much it looks like one.

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    they did well enough to qualify for the finals but not sure about qualifying for the actual PGA championship. But shooting under par in initial qualifying tournaments tells me these irons fit more than simply the 15 handicap who isn't a long hitter.

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    So, if they didn't qualify, it was because they were using P790s? Or is it that by using P790s, they can't possibly be good enough to qualify?

    Such an inane, condescending argument.

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    Great post ^^^^

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    Why is it so important to categorize the 790s? It's obvious they're not MB blades. It's just as obvious they're not full out SGIs. Everything in between is along a continuum between those extremes and highly subjective to the individual. In the end, you either like them and they fit your game, or not.

    I've seen plenty of scratch and plus players using 790s in FSGA and Palm Beach County events. Plenty of club pros as well...

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    They aren't popular on tour in full sets because tour pro's aren't trying to gain distance on their scoring clubs. For the average golfer who doesn't have the distance and height of a tour pro, I think they would be great.

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    I suppose anything that’s not a true muscle back could be considered a GI to some. That’s fine. Obviously they have some performance enhancements and offer a level of forgiveness. The better players I’ve played with, scratch or better, more times than not played with something other than an MB. Many have played with ping G series. The term “player iron” is pretty subjective to me.

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    I know for a fact at least one of them played in the PGA championship. Can’t remember his name though.

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    I thought you were arguing anything with performance attributes built into the head was GI....except when it’s MBs.

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    In my opinion (and that's what we're all giving here - opinions, not facts), the P790's can fit just about any HC. Personally, over half of the 10-12 guys I regularly play with have switched to 790's and that is a range from scratch to 15 handicap as well as guys that were already long and guys that are short hitters. My core group is all sub 5 handicaps and all but one has switched. One guy has a combo set w/ the 790's in just the 4 and 5 irons and he is well above PGA Tour average with speed - 124mph w/ driver on Trackman.

    In relation to OP, you can't compare the 7 iron in the 790 to the 7 iron in the 760 if you are comparing distance, spin and descent. A more appropriate comparison is the 790 7 iron to the 760 6 iron. Get the flight you want and the feel you want and then adjust your set from there. I went w/ 4-PW on the 2017 790's because I didn't need a 3 iron due the distance changes. Then I added another wedge.

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    Good points! Really liking mine.

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    AVGUY, your elbow issues are probably from the PX shafts, they can be very harsh on joints. I developed pretty severe "golfers elbow" which is tendinitis in the left elbow (right handed). Never had it with DG, or the original rifles. Changed to PX and had it after the first season. Switched to Modus 120 and it went away.

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    Skit-yep, I've owned that Callaway set with PX shafts since 2011 which covers 3 episodes of the left armed tendon tears.....😕

    This bout is my least severe, so once I can get my P760 with that elbow-friendly Recoil 110 shaft I know I'll be ok.....

    This thread got a touch contentious on the plus/minus for P790 - I think TM did a great job in those, but the look of P760 will likely blend better into my garage of irons I still will play.

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