Help w/ Over Swing and Coming OTT

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Can anyone give me some tips on my swing please?

I hate how long my swing is, which is also why I’m thinking it’s causing me to come over the top due to the hand position of the over swinging. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Club is a 7 iron.



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    Make the video public.

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    Should be public now. Thanks for letting me know.

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    I think the problem is your downswing starts with your upper body rather than your lower body. Even when I'm using an upper body cue and not thinking about my lower body, at all, I'll still instinctively shift my weight before my upper body moves.

    Billy Harmon once wrote an article about something he called the "in and over swing", citing Bruce Lietzke, Craig Parry, and Craig Stadler as golfers who swing in such a fashion. The article isn't available anymore (that I can tell, anyway), but I think Ray Floyd may have also been mentioned (if not, it would be reasonable to include him). Harmon's assertion was that this swing can still be very effective as long as the clubpath is still coming from the inside.

    Interestingly, despite your dissatisfaction, those balls you hit went pretty straight. It'd be interesting to see the ball flight with your driver.

    Here's video called OTT from the inside -

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    Sad to say...very similar to the swing I've had for a long time. Been changing it this past year...which isn't easy. When I look at your and my swing two things come to mind. Let the lower body start the transition at the top - letting the arms hang back. And, the right elbow really needs to tuck in more, ala Hogan. Good luck.

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    Use these two drills to help you go from inside to out swing. I highly recommend using foam tubes or pool noodles to cover the pole though. You will break your shaft in half if you dont :)

    But lets break down whats happening in your swing.

    You are doing an out to in swing path where your club face is open to your swing path but slightly square to your target line. What does this mean?

    Your ball is starting straight but is going to curve to the right of your target line. This is happening because your swing path will create the left to right curve but notice where your ball starts? It starts semi straight so your club face was square to your target line BUT more open to your swing path.

    Hope this helps.

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    I would say that you should try to take the club back more vertically and feel like you keep your back to the target as long as possible. Maybe even feel like you hit the ball with your back to the target. You won't actually do that obviously but I think it would help to get the shoulders not so active at the beginning of the downswing. As far as the over swing goes, you just need to have really strict practice where you feel like you only bring the club to left arm parallel. Again, you won't actually be that short most likely but over exaggerating things like that help a ton for me! I also really like over the top from the inside that someone suggested earlier! Malaska is the man! And Monte

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    Point that alignment stick 45 degrees right like the black line on the pic. Learn to hit from there first. You just need a different awareness how the club needs to go more around you in the downswing. Your backswing will change without having to think about it.

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    Came across this video. Shows some good drills to get a more shallow downswing. Kinda reminds me of all the posts from laneholt, only much less abstract.

    Been practicing this and it helped me a lot.

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    What I mean, is that in this video an actual drill is shown. Don't feel offended, it was complementary to your posts.

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    Thanks Lane,

    I think the alignment stick is really hurting him in this case.

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    HI, from the video angle 1) it looks like the face is shut in your take away. Check your right hand grip. It may be too much under the club. When the ball still goes straight it most likely is because into impact your pushing your hands forward - not a critism at all since some very good players do this, if you can do this consistently. and 2) at the top, the clubface looks closed. The face is pointing more skyward. A line drawn from the left forearm should be parallel to the leading edge, to be square and 3) try positioning your right foot perpendicular to the target line to help restrict your longer backswing length ( left foot s/b drawn back an inch or so and flared out approx. 30° to help turn through and 4) to stop coming over the top, everything moves coming down, not just your hands.

    You have a very good golf swing. Hope this helps a bit



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