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WRX fitting Concept

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Good Evening All,

I am writing to you tonight to get an opinion on a concept that I feel would solve the some WRX lifestyle issues. As many of you love to tinker with equipment, I feel there needs to be more options in the Golf Equipment industry to buy equipment parts only. Does anyone know if OEMS will allow you to buy the heads only direct? If there is, please feel free to comment. Please also add in thoughts of ideas you feel or wish golf manufacturers made available to us!


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    None of them do. The only places that do heads only are component companies like Maltby and Hireko. This has been discussed to death 1000x, and the consensus always is that "heck yes I would buy it". And then someone always points out that "stock" shafts really aren't costing the OEMs much if anything, so would you buy head only for say $400 if it came shafted for $450? Probably not, right. The OEMs get most of these shafts for at most $10 a piece now for their proprietary ones, it's not worth it for them to invest a ton of money when shaft tech is by and large very good these days and most people buying aren't going to spend the time to do it right and get fit for the proper shaft, especially if the savings is so small. You might be able to buy head only from a component account like True Spec or something but they are going to charge you full retail anyways, not like a secret handshake and a sly wink is suddenly going to drop the driver price down 50%.

    Another topic of debate that gets brought up a lot is that companies did do this from 2005/2006-2010 and it was a massive flop. Remember the Callaway I-Mix and Taylormade R7 CGB Max Limited? Both of these programs were launched under the premise of buying the head only and you could pick up a mini fitting studio's selection of shafts for slightly cheaper than retail, already gripped, tipped, and ready for play. Both of these programs died a quick death, and now are worth the same as any other head of that era, if not less. The vast majority of the public saw no value in it as you were paying the same as someone who got a shaft with their driver, but now you had to go ahead and find one that worked on top of that. Joe Weekend who shoots 95+ and drinks 3 beers a side doesn't have time for that or care about that. The ones who have money want the latest and greatest and don't care/know about shaft performance, or they are discount hunters and are buying whatever is on sale and they hit straight once in the simulator a couple of years ago when it was current, where again, these head-only programs likely wouldn't apply.

    If you are that worried about buying head-only I would suggest you look around on eBay in about another month, you'll find heads galore in very good+ to mint condition for cheaper than retail. Here is a previous discussion on the topic if you are interested in further reading. I am sure you could find more if you searched more thoroughly.


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    This thread used to come up every week like 7-8 years ago, i agree with the above that it's far less relevant now. The amount of stock/no-upcharge shafts that are available has probably doubled in the last decade if not way more than that. Even Ping offers OEM shafts at no upcharge and that was like heresy to them a decade ago. I remember looking at the Callaway Apex Pro irons last year and there were probably 30 different shafts available for those . Same for their drivers and TaylorMade and Titleist probably had 15-20 aswell.

    So yeah, you can basically do this now

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    I would but the economics don't make sense anymore. I can buy a shafted head brand new for what.. $450, then go sell the no upcharge shaft for $80 or something, then stick my current gamer shaft in my head, net cost for less than OEM would charge me for head alone.

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    Re Heads Only

    WRX Official Ho here.

    Wednesday package in mail 4 topw+54/60

    Threw shafts in bin and grips for sale.

    Fully reshafted spined

    Ready for 4pm today.

    Yesterday just used 789 irons...throwing darts so finished the build..MP100 ......

    Thats how you buy

    Components youLove and can Resell !!!!!

    Best Mizunos by far i

    have used.WRXrs are 2% of the market......

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    Nobody outside the small subset of GolfWRX cares or would even know what to do with a pull out.

    OEM’s are beholden to shareholders and boards. If it’s not a revenue source, it won’t happen.

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    Ah thank you all for responding. I guess I was going for more of a pipe dream of being able to buy 4-pw for a significant less margin than a completed build lol


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