10 Handicap and Up...What irons do you use? Blades, CBs, GIs?

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Right now - Honma TW 737V Forged CBs with graphite shafts - got a good deal and experimenting with graphite. Not getting any younger and stronger....Last 2 sets were Bridgestone J33 CBs and Miura CB 57s.

12 handicap

I learned to play with old Wilson blades but switched to T. Armour 845s in the 90s, dabbled with some blades such as the Taylor Made RAC, MP 32 and 37s when I was younger and stronger - those days are gone so forgiving irons with a bit of classic design is what I tend to use these days.

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Honma TW 727 460 10.5* - 45.5"

Honma TW 727 5 Wood 18* - 42.25"

Srixon H45 Hybrid 22* - 39.75"

Titleist 818H1 Hybrid 25* - 39"

Honma TW 737V Irons 10 to 5 - 35.75" to 38.25” (Loft 46* to 25*)

Honma TW - W Wedges - 50* and 56* - 35"

Miura KM 005 1957 Putter - 34"



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    Ping I200. I was apprehensive when getting fit for these. I didn't know if I could even hit them. I wanted to try them because I loved the look. They have been surprisingly more forgiving than I thought they would be.

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  • theothertwotheothertwo Members  2661WRX Points: 220Posts: 2,661 Titanium Tees
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    Those are nice and yes they do look like they're not easy to hit. Very bladish/players profile....I've never played Ping irons but I will play the I200s...


    Honma TW 727 460 10.5* - 45.5"

    Honma TW 727 5 Wood 18* - 42.25"

    Srixon H45 Hybrid 22* - 39.75"

    Titleist 818H1 Hybrid 25* - 39"

    Honma TW 737V Irons 10 to 5 - 35.75" to 38.25” (Loft 46* to 25*)

    Honma TW - W Wedges - 50* and 56* - 35"

    Miura KM 005 1957 Putter - 34"

  • luckypolkluckypolk Members  113WRX Points: 55Posts: 113 Fairways
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    Titleist 718 AP1. Kind of wish I would've gone with the AP3s or Srixon Z585s at the time. Definitely getting new sticks this year. Waiting for the Ping G410 replacements, new Srixon line, and new Mizuno JPX line. Will test those along with Cobra King Forged Tec and probably Titleist T200. I do like a longer blade length since my miss is toe side. Not too picky about top line or offset. I do need some forgiveness though and need to keep good spin because I'm a low launch player. Not really looking for distance. Launch, spin, and dispersion will decide my new set.

  • Twin2LTwin2L Members  260WRX Points: 207Handicap: 10.0Posts: 260 Greens
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    Wishon 575MMC CB’s. 4 - AW Super light Steel Stiff shaft.

    Started as a combo set, 4-6 CB, 7-AW MB.

    In November I began experimenting with all CB’s for the first time. I’m really liking them so far.

    It matters not what others call you. What you choose to answer to identifies who you are.

    Wishon 919THI  11* S2S Black 65 S
    Wishon 929HS  14* S2S White S
    Wishon 775HS   21* S2S Black Hybrids S
    Wishon 575MMC Forged 4-A Superlight steel S
    PING Glide 3.0 Eye2  54* & 60*
    PING Anser X MgBr milled face putter
  • gsrjcgsrjc TOC Members  1851WRX Points: 573Posts: 1,851 Platinum Tees
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    Mp18 mmc 7-pw

    mp20 hmb 4-6

    Shafted with steelfiber i95s

  • homergolfhomergolf Bay Village, OHMembers  1704WRX Points: 127Handicap: 14Posts: 1,704 Platinum Tees
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    AP3 with Steelfiber i95cw shafts. I’m a devoted graphite shaft user.

    TS2 driver, 9.5, set at 10.25
    Epic Flash 3-wood, 15
    Epic Flash Heavenwood, 20
    G410 4h, 22
    AP3, 5-48*
    SM6 54, 10
    SM6 60, 8
    SC GoLo 3, 33"

    ...for now
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  • sticky1083sticky1083 Members  1WRX Points: 56Posts: 1 Starters
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    Titleist DCI 962. Deadly accurate with them. However I did just pickup some Hogan Redlines that I’m re-shafting. I’ll be trying those this year. I’m about a 5 handicap.

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    Trending toward 10, irons are a strength. Play 2/4 hmb, 5/6 mmc, 7/8/9/PW mb mp20 with c taper x

  • Instron4204Instron4204 Members  74WRX Points: 45Posts: 74 Bunkers
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    Sitting around a 10 at the moment. Wilson Staff V4...oldies but buttery soft when you hit them flush.

  • Marco ColoMarco Colo Members  694WRX Points: 212Handicap: 18.5Posts: 694 Golden Tee
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    Currently playing in high 15 and playing CB with a lot of satisfaction from January. Came from GI irons

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    Above 10 I would play GI/SGI. But I would also play GI/SGI down to at least 5. Contrary to popular belief, most double digits HCs do not have a consistent swing (whether different clubs make a material difference in the shots is up for debate).

    I also think some of this depends on swing speed and what type of height you can get out of more traditional or players irons.

    Titleist 915 D4 10.5*, Diamana S+ Blue 60 S-Flex
    Titleist 915F 16.5* & 21.0*, Diamana S+ Blue 70 S-Flex
    PING G25 5-PW (25*-44*), UW (49*), SW (54*), CFS R-Flex
    PING Zing 2 L/S (57*)
    PING Cadence TR Ketsch Putter
    Backup Lob Wedges:  PING Eye 2+ (58*) or PING Eye 2 XG (60*)
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  • JoelsimJoelsim Members  1419WRX Points: 522Handicap: 12Posts: 1,419 Platinum Tees
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    Ping G410 with graphite shafts. Funnily enough they feel a bit harder than G400.

    Driver: Ping G400 10.5 Reg Ping Alta 44.5”
    Fairways: Cobra King Ltd Black 5 Wood Aldila Rogue Stiff and TaylorMade M6 3 Wood
    Utility: Wilson Staff Model Utility #3 Regular KBS
    Hybrid: Titleist TS2 21* Hybrid Regular Tensei Blue
    Irons: Ping G410 5-PW (#5 at power spec loft)
    Wedges: Callaway MD5 Jaws 60W Low and Mack Daddy 4 64S, Cleveland CBX 2 50, 54 and 58
    Putters: Bettinardi Studio Stock #3 (Jumbo Lamkin), Bettinardi Studio Stock #28 Slotback (Winn Dri-Tac), Bettinardi Queen Bee #9 (Winn Dri-Tac), Odyssey Toulon Stroke Lab Palm Beach (Winn Dri-Tac), Piretti Matera Elite (Piretti Fat Grip), Piretti Cottonwood II (Piretti Fat Grip).
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    P760 blended into P730 MBs. Previously played full set of P760s. Love both set ups!

  • Golf64Golf64 Go Habs Go! Ontario, CanadaMembers  8257WRX Points: 401Handicap: ScotchPosts: 8,257 Titanium Tees
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    Pings for me.

    Ping Traverse
    Ping LST 3W Tour S
    Ping 4H Tour S
    i210 5-PW, UW Modus 105S
    Glide 3.0 56* Modus 105S
    Putter-TM Soto
    Tour Response yellow

    Super Bowl LII Champions
    Fly Eagles Fly!
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    In my sig. for the past 3 years.

    Epic Flash SZ 3D 10.5* Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 60
    Exotics CBX 119 13.5* & 18* Accra TourZ 382
    Exotics CBX 22* Accra TZ5-95H
    PING S55 5-9 Mitsubishi MMT-125TX
    Callaway MD5 JAWS 46S, 50S, 54W, 58C  Mitsubishi MMT-125 TX (9-iron)
    Cameron 009 Prototype (A010656)
  • dg18dg18 Members  21WRX Points: 53Posts: 21 Bunkers
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    Play to a 12 getting old 71 went from forged cb to a set of ping V2 irons with awt r. Very impressive set of sticks , very solid ,great feel

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  • hagimihalehagimihale Members  105WRX Points: 72Posts: 105 Fairways
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    Play to about a 15 at the moment. Currently playing MP-54, was gaming JPX 825 Pro before that. I guess you'd classify the 54s as a cross between muscleback and slight cavityback. I don't do well with GI irons, too much offset for me.

    Added a sweet set of MP-32s off of BST this year to play around with. I like knowing when (and how) I miss it, and golf is less about score and more about the feel of a flushed shot to me.


    Titleist 913D2 10.5*, Diamana S+ Limited 60S

    Titleist 913F 15*, Diamana S+ 72X

    Titleist 818H2 19* / 21* Tensei Pro White 90S

    Mizuno MP-54 4-PW, Dynamic Gold X100

    Mizuno S18 50* / 54* Dynamic Gold S400

    Taylor Made TP Rossa Fontana Kia Ma

  • NorthTXGolfNorthTXGolf Members  129WRX Points: 38Posts: 129 Fairways
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    Currently playing Gen 1 PXG 0311 XF's. Wanted to buy the gen 3 XP's but I am not nearly good enough to pay that kind of price and not feel bad about it lmao.

    Have on order a set of PXG 0211's. Also demoing some of the sub70 699's right now. They're surprisingly pretty good.

    PXG 0211 4-PW Elevate Tour 120
    PXG 0311 XF Driver Evenflow Blue 75g
    Vokey 56 s grind
    Ping Glide 3.0 58
    Bettinardi BB1 or Tommy Armour impact 3
    Still deciding on woods/brids
  • rocketmuttrocketmutt Members  146WRX Points: 56Posts: 146 Fairways
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    Currently at a 12HC, playing some older Srixon I-302's. They feel amazing and give you enough feedback to know a bad strike.

  • JardJard Silver Spring, MDMembers  9WRX Points: 21Handicap: 13.6Posts: 9 Bunkers
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    13'ish right now but have been on a steady drop the last few years - broke 90 for the first time two years ago and 80 for the first time last year.

    I got fitted into Z585s at the start of last season but now I'm eying the Z785s for scoring clubs.


    Ping G410+ - Evenflow Black 65 6.0
    Cobra F9 3W - Evenflow Black 75 6.0
    Ping G410 3H, 4H - Tensei CK Blue 80 S
    Srixon Z585 5-AW - PX LZ 5.5
    Vokey SM6 54, 58
    SeeMore FGP Mallet

  • chch3chch3 Members  842WRX Points: 109Posts: 842 Golden Tee
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    Mizuno JPX forged, but I have been thinking about moving to a hot metal pro. I don't play as much as I used to and could use the extra forgiveness.

    Cobra Bio Cell 9.5// HZRDUS Black
    Cobra F6 Baffler 17.5 // HZRDUS Black
    Cobra F7 Hybrid 20.5// ATMOS Tour Spec Blue
    Mizuno JPX 900 Forged 5-GW // Project X
    Taylormade Mill Grind 52 // Nippon 120
    Taylormade Mill Grind 58 // Nippon 120
    Taylormade Tour Spider Black
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  • LowCutLowCut Members  42WRX Points: 20Handicap: 8Posts: 42 Bunkers
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    A hair under a 10, also play the Mizuno 919 forged. First set of clubs were AP2s, which I think were a great set to play while improving one's game.


    Titleist TS3 10.5* - Fujikura Atmos Black TS 7X

    SIM Max 14* - UST Proforce V2 8F5

    Srixon Z U85 20* - DG x100 120

    Mizuno 919 Forged 4-GW - KBS C-Taper 130X

    Titleist SM7 54*10/S, 58*8/M - KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 135X

    Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5M

  • theothertwotheothertwo Members  2661WRX Points: 220Posts: 2,661 Titanium Tees
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    Honma TW 727 460 10.5* - 45.5"

    Honma TW 727 5 Wood 18* - 42.25"

    Srixon H45 Hybrid 22* - 39.75"

    Titleist 818H1 Hybrid 25* - 39"

    Honma TW 737V Irons 10 to 5 - 35.75" to 38.25” (Loft 46* to 25*)

    Honma TW - W Wedges - 50* and 56* - 35"

    Miura KM 005 1957 Putter - 34"

  • mattavery727mattavery727 Members  146WRX Points: 53Handicap: 13.1Posts: 146 Fairways
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    Around 13 and played ap2 in past and now z765 and loving the feel. Irons are strength of my game.


    Ping G400 LST 8.5 Tensei Pro Orange 70 TX

    Rogue Sub Zero 18 - Project X Yellow 6.5

    3 Iron bent to 18 - Srixon Z585 Nippon Modus 120X

    4-PW - Srixon Z765 Nippon Modus 120 TX

    50,54,58: Titleist SM7 Project X 6.5

    Kronos Hendrix

    Vice Pro Plus or TP5X

  • randyfitzrandyfitz Members  316WRX Points: 82Posts: 316 Greens
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    I don't keep a handicap but I am around an 18. I have been playing the Mizuno 919 Hot Metal since last fall. Some days I feel like I could use the forged version but I like the extra help of the hot metal.

    My game has become more consistent since using these clubs. You really gotta put a bad swing on it to result in a big miss. Believe I can still do it. :)

  • boggymanboggyman Members  2873WRX Points: 304Posts: 2,873 Titanium Tees
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    W/S FG 17s or my Rogue X. 11 and high hopes being single digit by end of year. Considering adding my 588 Altitudes back to bag.

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  • pompjrpompjr Members  648WRX Points: 72Posts: 648 Golden Tee
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    10: Titleist 718 Ap1.

  • PuffyCPuffyC Members  30WRX Points: 28Posts: 30 Bunkers
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    Officially about a 14 with a couple rounds in the 70s last year. Unfortunately I only get to play maybe 15 or 20 times a year. Normally I play XR Pros but sometimes I’ll bring out my Wilson Staff FG-17s just because. There’s not a big difference in scoring and I like the setup behind the ball of the FG-17s a lot better, however the XR Pros are super easy to hit so depending on my mood it can make the game more enjoyable. What I’d really like is an iron with the insane good looks of a Wilson Staff blade that has the performance of my XR Pros. I feel like the tech is getting us closer every year but so far that’s been a unicorn.

  • scomac2002scomac2002 Inside the Starters' Hut Members  6133WRX Points: 4,061Posts: 6,133 Titanium Tees
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    16: SGI all the way for me as I'm a low launch, low spin, lower swing speed player (especially after a back injury in 2017). I play an older set of Taylormades with conforming heads as I'm not fond of the feel I get with newer multi-material heads. Turf interaction is the tricky one for me as a picker. I'm not fond of high bounce heads as a result. These irons have plenty of trailing edge relief which really helps me.

    My next set will definitely be graphite shafted. I'm a big fan of hybrids, so would consider something like the Cleveland HB Launcher Turbo as a prime candidate.

    Your problem is LOFT -- Lack of friggin' talent!

    TM RBZ Black 12°
    Adams Tight Lies 2.0 16°/22°
    TM '09 Rescue 5H
    TM Burner Plus 6-AW
    Cleveland CBX 56° SW
    Rossa Tourismo 3 Counterbalanced
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  • forrester_fireforrester_fire Members  174WRX Points: 105Handicap: 11Posts: 174 Fairways
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    JPX 850 Forged


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