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Louis Oosthuizen - WITB The Players 2020

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  • GolfingfanaticGolfingfanatic Members  3843WRX Points: 742Handicap: 3.0Posts: 3,843 Titanium Tees
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    Blueprint 3 iron with HZRDUS Red is pretty nasty.

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  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • ValtielValtiel Konica-Minolta Bizhub Members  4022WRX Points: 2,028Handicap: 1.7Posts: 4,022 Titanium Tees
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    I could have SWORN he had some sort of Fujikura Speeder graphic shaft in the driver for a minute:

    That was from the NedBank Challenge last November. I wonder if its just a Motore like his 5 wood? Interesting to see him swinging the Hulk though, makes sense given his use of the T1100 before.

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    WITB Thread
  • KonkliferKonklifer Thinkin' of a master plan... Members  8051WRX Points: 629Posts: 8,051 Titanium Tees
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    Looks like new mid-short irons, original proto 3i.

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  • bladehunterbladehunter south carolinaMembers  31008WRX Points: 7,293Handicap: NONEPosts: 31,008 Titanium Tees
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  • MakersMarsh3MakersMarsh3 TX/CAMembers  1728WRX Points: 305Posts: 1,728 Platinum Tees
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    Brand new hybrid??

    lead tape & Taylormade TP5X's
  • cardoustiecardoustie haha, we don't play for 5's Tasmania to CanadaMembers  14099WRX Points: 2,923Handicap: 3.1Posts: 14,099 Titanium Tees
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    Great bag ... yeah baby yeah !!!!!


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  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • Hawkeye77Hawkeye77 IowaClubWRX  21795WRX Points: 5,791Posts: 21,795 ClubWRX
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    Was hoping to see some i210's, lol! I could hit a lot of shots righterer with those irons. ;-)

  • easylittle5woodeasylittle5wood Members  1365WRX Points: 211Posts: 1,365 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #9

    The 3-iron shaft is interesting, especially because they have a 100 gram version but he used the 85.

  • budcangolfbudcangolf Members  531WRX Points: 180Posts: 531 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #10

    Another Smoke Green 6.5 non TX. These boys need to get in the gym...😆

  • mdthorntonmdthornton Members  45WRX Points: 58Handicap: 6Posts: 45 Bunkers
    Joined:  #11

    Love the blueprints - must resist.... must resist....

  • axrh87axrh87 Members  22WRX Points: 35Handicap: 1.6Posts: 22 Bunkers
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    Anyone familiar with those SwitchGrips ? Is that the brand name or a version of existing grip company?

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • easylittle5woodeasylittle5wood Members  1365WRX Points: 211Posts: 1,365 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #13

    Every time I see a set in person I think the exact same thing.

    Somehow they just get better and better.

  • Ben BerubeBen Berube Benny B Members  3247WRX Points: 501Handicap: 5Posts: 3,247 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  #14

    I agree as well. My buds and I are crushing on them hard. Just awesome looking and remind me of the OG Nike Tour Blades. Tiny, small and yet SO easy to game. But I do have some s55’s on the way instead.. I know..

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  • farmerfarmer Members  8908WRX Points: 1,342Posts: 8,908 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  #15

    Nice touch, putting his kids names on the wedges.

  • bladehunterbladehunter south carolinaMembers  31008WRX Points: 7,293Handicap: NONEPosts: 31,008 Titanium Tees
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    TM SIM max 10.8 Fuji Ventus red 6x 
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    Ping G410 21* ADDI 105x 
    Ping Blueprint  3- PW   Modus 130X 
    Artisan   53 59 s400
    Cameron GSS 1.5 009. Sound slot,  tungsten weights. 

  • Stinger83Stinger83 Members  289WRX Points: 193Handicap: 2Posts: 289 Greens
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    lol looks a lot like my bag


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  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • My2DogsMy2Dogs Members  1325WRX Points: 233Posts: 1,325 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #18

    Surprised he’s not hitting the G410 fw’s. They are really good and since he’s a Ping player and has the driver, I would have thought he would have them already. Surprised most by the M4 3 wood. Those Blueprints are nasty. I wish I was good enough to hit them.

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  • ZAPZAP ClubWRX  1720WRX Points: 256Handicap: 4Posts: 1,720 ClubWRX
    Joined:  #19

    Blueprints are where it's at.

  • Roland Roland Back Hacking.. Members  735WRX Points: 113Handicap: TBCPosts: 735 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #20

    Something Callaway coming soon?

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  • RemonRemon Members  62WRX Points: 73Posts: 62 Bunkers
    Joined:  #21

    He has been a frequent user of the Callaway wedges before. If I understood correctly he gets too much spin with the Pings which sounds weird, but that´s what I heard.

    I have never seen the Vault Craz-E H with a slant neck. Looks sweet a f!

    Ping G410 9* HZRDUS T1100
    Ping G410 LST 14.5* Accra FX 370
    Ping G30 18* Aldila Tour Blue
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    Ping Glide Forged 52, 60 DG TI S400
    Ping PLD2/Ping PLD3

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