Henrik Stenson - WITB The Players 2020

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    Pretty big difference from 3 wood shaft (Hulk) to Tensei Blue in the 5 wood!

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    Boy those are some old style Golf Pride cord wraps!!


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    Keep in mind how he plays the 3 wood. It's really his driver so he wants to get every yard out of it, whereas his 5 wood he probably wants to go an exact number.

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    My hands shiver and shake just thinking about how harsh those grips are. Hard as a rock.

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    Yeah, not too dissimilar to the difference he had between the old Grafalloy Blue and the Kiyoshi Tour Limited he used to split between. Definitely seems like he wants rebar in the 3w and loading in the 5w.

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    Might want to reglue that 3 wood Henrik.

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    The things I would do to have those grips be available at retail.

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    I want his putter ! Badly


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    Odd that he is playing x in his irons and a couple wedges at TX?

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    Bought his irons used in '16 after The Open! Love 'em.

    Couldn't find his putter, but summer of '18 just after returning from vacation I found this one two years old brand new, stuck in a corner and discounted at a golf shop while killing time - made everything in the store so it went home with me, haven't had it knocked out of the bag yet. Close enough!

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    Keep up the putting work Stenrik - my wife's pet name for him when she mocks me.

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    Those Legacy's look pretty fresh. Wonder how many sets he's gone thru.

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    Jesus! How old is that Epic?!?😻

  • andrieddleandrieddle Members  1842WRX Points: 111Posts: 1,842 Platinum Tees
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    how many sets of those legacy blacks does he have? Anyone know?

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    Those grips are definite classics!

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    There's an interview out there somewhere in which he says something like he's got enough sets to last him a lifetime or career.

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    Hope he never changes his irons. Love seeing tour pros playing irons with a little help. Also, which insert is that on his putter?

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    I have 3 sets one of them, my gamer have the black/smoke finish.


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