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Manuel De La Torre Swing Focus



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    I'm glad it works for you. My comments are for people that have an issue similar to mine, where focusing on feeling the club leads to relaxing some parts of the body too much that will cause pain, even for half swings. However, even though I can't do Manny's method completely I have learned a lot.


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    I want to thank you for your patience with those of us who are hunting for a simple, consistent golf swing. I came across you last year, but it was not until around March that I decided to go back an read all your threads on this website having to do with MDLT.

    I live in the Atlanta area and began playing in 2013 at the age of 55. My wife and I took lessons from a PGA Pro, I can say the lessons never really helped. In April 2017 I had to stop playing to to surgery to remove a tumor in my L3/L4 (lower back right at the bend). At the time I was hitting between 100 - 110. I started back in Feb of 2019. Around March I decided to focus on rebuilding my swing and purchased MDLT's book. By October I was hitting between 95 - 104. In an effort to get even lower in October I decided to focus on learning as much about the swing as possible and got caught up in "The Golfing Machine". Needless to say my scores climbed back up to 108 - 115. This March I decided to once focus again on the MDLT method and came across you. I also found the 1987 videos and in May decided to purchase the companion videos to Understanding the Golf Swing. In the last two months my scores have averaged between 90 - 97, with an 89 thrown in last week.

    One thing I learned from you is MDLT is very precise in his language. There are no wasted words in his teaching, every word has a purpose. In addition, he is very concise in his concepts. As you have pointed out time and time again, there is not need for MDLT to teach about lag - if the club is swung properly, lag comes naturally.

    I do have one question. Despite my intense study and attempt to implement MDLT's concepts into my swing, I still have a problem with slicing the ball and have been unable to learn how to hook the ball. I will confess that my severe slices have been converted to straight shots on the GW -7i, but on the longer irons/woods and driver, I vary between a straight shot to a strong slice. The longer the club the greater the fade and the more erratic the slice.

    I have attempted to follow MDLT's advice he gives in his book on learning to hit a hook, and he says in the '87 video he could teach someone how to hook the ball in five minutes.

    What would be your recommendation?



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    I just posted this to another guy with a similar problem on another thread:


    I've never seen you swing but I can odder a couple of ideas Manny recommended to others.

    Get the tension out of your left arm,. Tension there will often result in an open club face at impact and shots that go right, either straight right or curving right. Try that first and see what the result is.

    A second suggestion that will take a bit more work is to groove your downswing pattern. When the club is horizontal, both before and after impact, . the toe of the club should be pointing up and the club should be parallel to your target line. Try to groove that pattern starting without a ball, then gradually small shots with a ball. One you get the club moving in that manner you will probably find the club square or close to square at impact.


    Perhaps it will help you as well.

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    Thank you for the two ideas above. I, too, have discovered tension in the left arm causes shots to go straight right, in my case.

    I've been practicing sand trap shots using Manuel's techniques as described in his book. His techniques are money. The fairway trap technique is money. The green side bunker technique is money. The swing thought regarding hitting the ball into the bunker wall is money. Most of our posts are about iron and woods swing aspects using Manuel/Ernest's swing the club techniques. Manuel's short game suggestions are simple, repeatable and wonderfully executable. I have given copies of Manuel's book to friends and encouraged them to use it as a reference for dealing with all the types of potential shots one is likely to encounter when playing golf. I am glad to read Manuel's book this past winter and have devoted myself to investing practice time to the swing repeatable and automatic. It is good to make progress.

    Recently, I am experimenting to find the distance and conditions for shifting from green side bunker swing (ball 1 - 2" ahead of swing dead center) to fairway bunker swing (ball 2" behind swing dead center). Yesterday I was using green side bunker shot method at 33 yards with a pitching wedge and at 55 yards using fairway bunker technique with a 58 degree wedge. There is much more practice work to do with different sand conditions and this will take a while to accomplish as the sand here in central NC is pretty much packed these days because of daily thunderstorms.

    Would love to hear other folks experiences with shifting between Manuel's green side bunker swing setup and his fairway bunker swing setup.

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    OK, I have read most of the posts here. One desire that people have expressed is similar to mine - either having more videos to learn from or finding a former student of MDLT to study with.

    The following link is from a former MDLT student who was also on the LPGA Tour - Trish Beucher. She posts videos from her home course in FL. The videos are high quality and she goes in depth into the MDLT concepts.

    Type 815 Tee Time Inc. youtube into your browser.


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