Still gaming F9 driver?

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Anyone still gaming the F9 driver? Price is pretty appealing on the website, thinking about ordering one and putting it up against my st190



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    Still? It came out a yuear ago. Its still a good driver that easily stands up to everything "new"

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    I picked one up around Thanksgiving last year and only have got to use it 3 rounds, but I have really enjoyed it. It replaced an Epic Flash that was performing pretty well.

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    I have a buddy who gets cobra stuff for basically free. He tried the speedzone and went back to f9. He gets his stuff for shaft, etc.

    F9 is very, very good. Only problem I had with it is that every 4-5 drives I'd catch a spinner on a really quality strike. There's a spot on the face that spins way up (3k range) for me. I usually only get those spin numbers with low strikes...ts3 did the same but only on low strikes.

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    F9, I still game the F8 and think its a great driver.

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    Ping Tour Glide 56 & 60
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    The F9 is a very good driver. I've been going back and forth between my 14 month old F9 and a new Callaway Mavrik. Both are very good and at this point I don't have a favorite.

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    Like this one I received today from TGeeW, who still appears to be shipping? Hopefully can find somewhere to hit it. The grey/white color way is mat black, and a bit more, em, easier to coordinate than the screaming yellow version imo.

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    This is absolutely spot on. I don't get the spin spikes with TS3 (fit into it after being in F9) but I also went 8.5 on the TS3. The F9 9 degree is very easy to block (intentionally fade bias) and I've heard that from tour players that I've talked to as well and it does have what feel like high spin spots as well? Overall the feel/sound is INCREDIBLE and it can hit some absolute bombs. TS3 has been way better for me though. Also preferred G410 LST.


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    I just received mine last Friday. The deal was too good to pass up on trying. I’ve only hit it a few times over two 9 hole rounds and have been impressed. My two best drives were slight pushes but just as long as any other driver for me and seems more consistent than most of what I’ve played in the recent past (PXG 0811X Gen 1, Cobra F8 - terrible for me, TM M1 430).

    I ordered it in the Arctic, 9*, with HZRDUS 65 6.5. I’m playing stock length with the heavy weight forward. I haven’t played with the settings or hit it on a monitor yet.


    Sun Mountain 4.5 LS 14-way / Cobra F9 PX HZRDUS Blk 65 6.5 / PXG 0341X PX Ef Blk 75 6.5 / TM UDI 2i PX HZRDUS Smoke Blk 100 / PXG 0311T 4-PW PX 7.0 / Vokey SM7 48 PX 7.0, 54 PX 6.5 / TM 60* Hi Toe ATV, KBS Hi Rev 2.0 / TM Spider Tour

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    Absolutely. It’s really helped my game. I came from a Nike Vapor Flex (I know - so outdated) and I gained probably 10 yards off the driver and so much more consistent. Could just be me but it’s a great driver imo

  • MyherobobhopeMyherobobhope hey there, blimpy boy. Flying through the sky so fancy free. Members  2715WRX Points: 523Posts: 2,715 Titanium Tees
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    I’m still gaming an Ltd pro... nothing wrong with most drivers in the past five years...


    As of 3/5/20
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    13 Degree Adams Speedline with Aldila Alpha X
    18 Degree Adams A12 with Proforce X
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    2 Ball Putter
    12/14 completed for this season.

  • BPetryBPetry Members  54WRX Points: 47Handicap: 13Posts: 54 Bunkers
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    I just picked one of these up the day after the price drop happened at my local EW store. They gave me another 10% off because I have spent quite a bit in the last month on outfitting my bag with new clubs. This made it really attractive for sure. I got the white/black version as well, but the yellow black would have been ok if that was all they had. I am really impressed with the Cobra line of clubs for the past couple years. After testing and hitting several brands of irons, hybrids and woods, everything I hit well or more consistent was a Cobra club. I hit the F9 driver well, and a bit more consistent than the JPX 850 it replaced in the bag, but when I put a good swing on the Mizuno, it does go a bit further...

    Funny thing was I was really on the fence about getting the F9 driver because I am But I made a snap decision when they offered me 10% off and in the back of my mind I was thinking the store would probably close due to the covid-19 crap. Sure enough, the day after I bought it, they closed the store until the first part of April...

    Cobra F9 Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec 6R
    Mizuno JPX850 - Fuji Motore 6.3 (Possibly Retired!)
    Cobra F9 3 wood 14.5* Fujikura Atmos 7R
    Cobra 2H 17* Fujikura Atoms 7R
    Cobra 4H 21* Fujikura Atmos 7R
    Cobra King Forged Tec 5-P KBS Taper Lite R
    Titleist Vokey SM8 48* SM 7 52*, 56*
    Scotty Cameron Newport Notchback
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  • Russ757Russ757 Chesapeake, VAMembers  7742WRX Points: 199Posts: 7,742 Titanium Tees
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    Lol this will be my gamer for next year..


    Driver: Ping G400 Max 10.5* Rogue Black 60

    FW: Ping G400 14.5* Rogue Black 80

    Hybrid: Ping G400 19* Rogue Black 85

    DI: Srixon U65 KBS Proto 85 or Cleveland 588 MT 4i Steelfiber 80

    Irons: Srixon 565/765 4-9 Steelfibers 110

    Wedges: Cleveland RTX 4 48*, 52*, 56*, 60* Steelfiber 125

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    ... While I have not replaced my F9, I did put the Speed Zone Xtreme in my bag to start the season, whenever that is. If I give up a few yards due to a slight increase in spin for more fairways hit I will keep the Xtreme in the bag. My only reservation with the F9 is on my off days it is not as forgiving as I would like. On good swing days it is as good as it gets. Fwiw I have been playing Cobra drivers every year with the exception of the F6 and F7 that weren't better than my Fly Z and one year playing the original Epic. I have high hopes for the Xtreme but have my F9 is on standby just in case. Performance for me was optimized with a Tensei Orange shaft but I picked up an Aldila 130 White for the Xtreme. I will try both shafts in the Xtreme and F9 to see which provides the best performance for my swing. I will also try the Atmos TS Blue in my Xtreme because I have one so why not?

    Cobra Xtreme 9* Tour Length ... Tensei Orange 65s
    Cobra F9 15.5* ... Atmos Blue TS 75s
    Cobra SZ 17* ... Even Flow Blue 75s
    TaylorMade GAPR Mid ... KBS 80Hys
    TaylorMade UDi 18* TP 2 iron... Kuro Kage Black 90Hys
    4-pw TaylorMade P790/760 ... Steelfiber 95's/Recoil Prototype 95's
    SM6 52* F Grind /SM8 M Grind 58* ... Recoil 110s
    Bobby Grace 6330 ... 33.5"
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    I'm currently using the F8+ and have the F9 on my radar but am in no rush. I've enjoyed the F8+, it reminds me of my 910d3 in that you know where your misses are and you need to hit around the sweet spot.

    My favorite part of the F8+ is the face. It leaves the ball imprint so I can confirm exactly where I hit the shot on the face (and then can easily be wiped off). Does the F9 do that?


    -Cobra F8+ driver w/ Tensei pro orange -TS3/TS2 15* w/ Evenflow -818 H2 17* w/ Atmos -816 H2 19* w/ Motore Speeder -MP32's w/ Rifles

    -Vokeys 46.06, 52.12, 60.04/60.07 -Kingston KP1 welded Long neck 350g

  • scruffynickscruffynick manchester, UKMembers  1615WRX Points: 167Handicap: 5....soon to be 6 I think Posts: 1,615 Platinum Tees
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    I am, only got it in December... Felt lovely and was fitted with a hazardous smoke shaft.... As the new one was coming out it was half the price. Has a lovely feel off the milled face, can't complain thus far.... Apart from I won't be golfing like the rest of us for some time.... Stay safe everyone, and stay home!

  • ewe8523ewe8523 Members  416WRX Points: 84Handicap: 18Posts: 416 Greens
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    I have played Cobra drivers for a long time. I switched to the F9 a few months ago from my F7 after finding a good deal. The F9 for me is much more forgiving than the F7 and has a much better feel. I never tried the F8. I hated the F6 and thought it was a downgrade from the Fly Z. I haven’t thought about the Speedzone as I am more than satisfied with the F9 for now.

    I have a steep angle of attack so I need to get spin down and the F9 with heavy weight forward and Hzrdus Smoke is the best combo I’ve found for that.

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  • VolgolferVolgolfer Members  505WRX Points: 97Handicap: 7.8Posts: 505 Golden Tee
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    Starting to see pricing below $200 after special offers. Currently gaming LTD and saw on TXG video that there's not any real difference between those two. But getting a new highly touted driver for under $200 is really tempting.....curious if any LTD users are in the same boat.

    Srixon Z585 4 & 5
    Srixon Z 785 6 - P
    Mizuno T 56/58/60
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    Cobra BioCell 3w
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  • Mattn1106Mattn1106 Members  140WRX Points: 46Posts: 140 Fairways
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    Thinking about the tour length with a 10.5* current shaft is an atmos ts black 6x just not really sure which shaft to get and theres really no way to test right now haha

  • jvincentjvincent Members  1398WRX Points: 720Posts: 1,398 Platinum Tees
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    Long time Cobra user here.

    I traded in F9 and F8+ towards a new SZ. Ended up costing me $14 out of pocket. The SZ is a big improvement in looks over the F9. Overall it's slightly better on off-center performance.

    Unfortunately this left me without a suitable backup so I ended up finding a mint LTD Pro on eBay as my backup. When I hit the LTD and SZ back to back on the LM I was getting 3 mph more ballspeed on the SZ. The LTD had slightly better launch since I hadn't dialed in the weight setup on the SZ yet.


    Cobra SZ 9* : Tour AD TP 7-S
    Cobra F6 Baffler set at 16* : Tour AD TP 8-S
    Cobra 3U set at 18* : Nippon Modus3 120-S
    Srixon Z785 4-PW : Nippon Modus3 120-S
    Cleveland RTX3 50, 54, 58 : Nippon 115-S Wedge
    Piretti Potenza 370g : Breakthrough Technology Stability Shaft - 34"

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    I picked up a like new F9 in February, haven't really hit it much as I'm getting along nicely with my ST190. Basically got a deal that I couldn't pass up, 10.5° head with Atmos ts blue. Hit it a few times at the range, sound and feel are great. Didn't notice any high spinners, but really havent hit it all that much.

    Mizuno ST190 9.5° w/ Fujikura Speeder Evolution IV 661
    Callaway GBB Epic sz 15° w/ Aldila Rogue Max 75g
    Mizuno MP-20 SEL HMB 3-4 iron w/ DG 120 S300
    Mizuno MP-20 SEL 5-PW w/ DG 120 S300
    Mizuno S18 52°/9°
    Mizuno S18 57°/11°
    Titleist Vokey SM5 62°/8° T Grind
    Scotty Cameron California Del Mar Putter
    Titleist Pro V1 golf balls
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    And the F9 prices fall...


    -Cobra F8+ driver w/ Tensei pro orange -TS3/TS2 15* w/ Evenflow -818 H2 17* w/ Atmos -816 H2 19* w/ Motore Speeder -MP32's w/ Rifles

    -Vokeys 46.06, 52.12, 60.04/60.07 -Kingston KP1 welded Long neck 350g

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  • jerryojerryo Members  1231WRX Points: 91Posts: 1,231 Platinum Tees
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    The F8 is a fantastic driver. Probably one of the most if not the most underrated drivers in the last few years.

  • Boricua GolfBoricua Golf Members  3432WRX Points: 133Handicap: 3.3Posts: 3,432 Titanium Tees
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    I still have the original TM M2, still looks and performs, however, my gamer "still" is the G LST, it is just so easy to hit and to move either way, I don't see it going anywhere...I have a nice deal with Ping, I've tested the G400 series and the G410 series and still playing the G, why fix if it is not broke.

    Ping G LS Tec 10.5*, Ping Tour 65X, tipped 1", 44.25"
    Ping G 14.5*, Diamana Whiteboard D+ 82X, tipped .5", 42.5"
    Ping G 19*, GD Tour AD-DI 105X
    Ping iBlade 4-P, Project X 6.5 Flighted
    Ping Glide 50*, 54*, 58* with Project X 6.5 Flighted
    Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2.5 33.25" with Scotty Custom Black Pistolero grip, Ping Karsten TR Zing Tour 32.75", built up blacked out Pingman Grip
    Bridgestone Tour XS (Tiger Edition) and new Pro V1
  • jrlsailjrlsail Boynton Beach, FLMembers  5WRX Points: 44Handicap: 10.7Posts: 5 Starters
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    I just did the same. And moved to the tour length with the counterbalanced yellow shaft. My atmos black was too heavy in my f9 and during my Xtreme fitting we added some weight to the f9 head and went up 1 degree. Didn’t realize that was the "d" setting and I started to get better results so I am not sure which I will continue to play. Maybe f9 for the muni and xtreme for the tight members course idk.

  • Miles of LiefMiles of Lief Members  192WRX Points: 38Handicap: 2Posts: 192 Fairways
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    Everytime I've tried out a Cobra Driver it feels like I'm hitting a rock with that hard face. I can't stand the feel - people just get over that?

  • LHGolf4LHGolf4 Lefty Boomers  545WRX Points: 181Posts: 545 Golden Tee
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    I get that feeling with PING drivers. That being said the F9 is quite pleasant to hit when it comes to sound/feel. I look for any excuse to get rid of clubs that don't perform and I honestly have not found one yet. Played my 4th round with it and continue to hit some really good drives.

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  • monkeyboymonkeyboy Lefty Boomers  835WRX Points: 249Handicap: 8.6Posts: 835 Golden Tee
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    F9 is money (I had F8+ for 1/2 season). Son has F8+ and pounds it. Superb drivers. My first time using Cobra products (had them for 1 season +) highly recommended

    Driver (9.0) - Cobra F9 Aldila Rogue Silver 70 S, 44.5"
    Wood (14.5) - Cobra F9 Aldila NV Green 75 S
    Driving Iron (20) - Srixon U65 Project X 5.5
    Irons (5-6) - Srixon Z565 Project X 5.5
    Irons (7-P) - Srixon Z765 Project X 5.5
    Wedges - Vokey SM-7 Jet Black / 50.08 F / 54.08 M / 58.08 M DG S300
    Putter - Gauge Design GAA-8
    Ball - Snell MTB-x
    Pure Midsized Grips
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    Long time Cobra driver fan the F9 last year and it really was better for me then the F8+ I was playing the year before. So all last year and 6 rds so far this year. It’s truly a great driver.

    i put it up against the Sz & Sz Xtreme and was getting similar numbers with the Sz, but Xtreme sounds too much for me. Looks wise Sz is 100% better than F9, but performance is very similar.

    I am however thinking of picking up a Mavrik because in my 2020 driver shootout vs F9, it was putting up 15 yds more distance then the others and straighter too. But gotta get one to demo on the course to see if it continues.

    :     Cobra F9 (9.5) / Aldila Tour Green 65s
    Fairway:  Cobra F6 Baffler (16) / Project X Hzrdus Red 75s
    D.I.:         Cobra F9 (19.5) / KBS $ Taper 120s
    Hybrid:   Cobra F7 (20.5) / Aldila Tour Blue 85s
    Irons:      PXG 0211 (5 - G) / True Temper Elevate Tour X
    Wedges: Ping Glide 2.0 (54/12) S400 & TM Hi-Toe (60/10) / Nippon Modus 115
    Putter:    Odyssey Metal X Milled Versa #9Ht
    Bag:       Bennington LQO-9
    Grint:     eddiebigeddie

    Fairway:  Cobra Bio Cell (17) / Aldila Tour Blue 65s
    Irons:      Cleveland UHX (5 & 6) / Project X LZ 6.0
                   Srixon Z565 (7 - Pw) / Project X LZ 6.0
    Wedge:   Cleveland RTX4 (54/10) / Dynamic Gold S400
    Putter:    Machine M10
    Bag:        Nike Cart
  • MtlJeffMtlJeff MontrealMembers  29446WRX Points: 2,376Handicap: 0.0Posts: 29,446 Titanium Tees
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    If I ever play golf again, yes i still use it....and the 3 wood too

    Cobra F9 Driver w/ Fujikura Atmos TS Black 7
    Cobra F9 3 wood w/Matrix Black Tie 80
    Ping G400 Crossover 20 w/ KBS Hybrid Prototype 85
    Ping G410 4-SW w/DG 300
    Callaway Mack Daddy 2.0 PM 60
    SGC NorthWood CS 400g 

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