Help Me Pick - 2 Iron or 3 Hybrid?

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At this point I am selling off a lot of my extra clubs to get some cash. I am down to 15 “gamers” and need to get rid of one more. It’s down to a 2 iron or 3 hybrid. Figured I’d set up the launch monitor and give them both about 15 shots. They ended up almost identical so now I’m torn, what’s a more useful club to keep in the bag, the 2 iron or 3 hybrid. BTW, the 2 is a p790 udi 17* and the 3 hybrid is a TM M3 3 hybrid turned down to 18*.



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    Need dispersion info but the two clubs seem to be very close in performance.


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    This is WRX, of course the 2 iron! Really though, there are a lot of factors to consider as in courses you play, whats a better club to get you out of trouble, which do you hit more consistently, which one gives you the most confidence, and most important: which one do you like better? I play 5wood and 2 iron but, have played hybrids in the past with some success but 2 irons just set up better for me and I feel more confident in direction. Hope that helps but only you can answer your question.

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    I feel like I hit the 3 hybrid better but just love the look of the 2 iron. I also feel like I could actually hit the 2 further. Currently it is shafted with a steel x flex that plays at 39” where the 3 is shafted with graphite x and plays at 40.75”.

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    That’s amazing that your launch and spin rates are comparable.

    Because you can strike the ball well above average golfers, I would consider on course conditions.

    For me, a two iron, driving UDI failed from the rough or fairway bunkers; I would basically be advancing the ball with an 8 iron at that point.

    Whereas my U45 (being bulky for a UDI), 5 wood and even hybrids had me going to for the green in regulation from the fairway bunker or rough.

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    Based on smash I'd be going the hybrid. It's way more versatile out of rough lies. Great off tee and second shots on par 5s. Like Chuck said though I use the U85 and it basically is both a driving iron and hybrid all at once. Way more versatile than the UDI IMO which I've used.


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    The only way to find out is to put a graphite shaft in the 2 iron, and reassess!

    I am currently facing the same dilemma. I have a 17 degree Titleist 716 T-Mb with an X100 shaft and a Callaway Apex 18 degree hybrid with a Kuro Kage graphite shaft.

    I get better distance out of the hybrid by 10+ yards or so and it’s all carry. I hit it a mile long and a mile high. My problem is that I can’t flight it, or work it nearly as well as the 2 (utility) iron, so I plan on reshafting my 2 iron

    I have a few shafts in mind that I would like to see on a launch monitor to make a mindful decision, but I’m limited in time to do so. Im looking to buy a new set of clubs, and shaft them with 120 gram shaft........ so my thinking is that I may try to get within a sniff of the same weighting for a graphite shaft of the 120 grams........... I figured I’d get something in the 110 ballpark and perhaps add lead tape if it feels too light ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I hear people rave about the Graphite design AD DI 95x, but at 98 grams, I feel it would be a bit lite for my taste, and adding 10+ oz of tape to reach a desired weight that is comfortable to me, might just change the dynamic of the shafts performance ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I bet with the right shaft length and profile in the P790, you will see some separation in distance.

    You mentioned the 2 iron is 39 inch in x flex steel....... what is the weight of the steel shaft?

    You also mentioned the graphite is 41.75 inch, what is it’s weight?

    What shaft weight are your irons?


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    I would look at descent angle too. Somewhere around 47 degrees or more would be great for holding greens. If they are comparable I’d just pick whichever one gives you more confidence when behind the ball. Imagine you are hitting into an island green... which one would you rather use?

    If you can, take some demos and compare them on course. Nothing beats that.

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    Hybrid is far more versatile club. 2iron is more of a one trick pony


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    Take your pick, the UDI is as large as a hybrid,

    Basically, identical


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    Have to agree! Also your smash factor is better with the hybrid, as per your numbers OP.

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    The 2 iron shaft is a Nippon Modus Tour 120 and the shaft in the hybrid is a Tensei blue 80 hy. The udi has the same shaft as all my other irons (which are also p790’s).

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    I have a bit of a mixed bag but relates to your question. My 4 iron is an MP18 Fli-Hi, 5 iron HMB and 6-P MP20 MMC. All have Modus 120s. Swing weight around D3 as they're 0.5 inch over. My buddy has just reshafted his MP18 Fli-Hi 2 iron with an AD-DI 95 stiff with a 3 iron shaft, and the weight and feel is similar to my irons. Not too light, and it produces great feel, and absolute bullets. I love that club, and has me scouring eBay. If I can't find the a 2 iron Fli Hi, I may purchase the HMB 2 iron, as I really enjoy my 5 iron in that model. Probably with the AD-DI utility shaft. Maybe another option is a 4/5 wood and a driving iron. They both take different routes to get to their destination.

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