> RARE Tour only (nonretail) B'stone J33 CNC Milled heads, RBZ Stage 2 tour-issued FW, Scratch 58* <

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Trying these again. Prices includes shipping. Reasonable offers welcome.

• No trades please

• Shipping only to the continental US.


Rare tour-issued set of Bridgestone J33 CNC milled iron 3-PW (heads only)

- Super rare tour-issued iron set with each head CNC milled to spec for tour staff players and have yet to see anyone own a set. You can see the shallow, more mirrored finished cavity backs resemble regular J33 models but is more like a blade model. A lot of bag chatter but grooves are in great shape. Can't remember which PGA player this one belonged to but do know these sets were usually returned to B’stone to be destroyed. Was told these cost 10k per set to make!!!

$425 > $405

Tour-issue Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 5w fairway head w/ specs label (18°)

- NEW and still in the wrapper and tough to find new nowadays.


Scratch RPD grind 58* forged wedge head

- Used and has some nicks and scratches. Also some discoloring near the hosel.

$45 > $35

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    $10k per set to make?


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    Doesn’t Freddy still play these and has a set kept on their van? Pretty sure these are what he ised. Sick set!

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    Sadly Pre 2010 grooves... Loved & played the J33b's till the groove rules.


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    No, this set is non-retail conforming grooves and used on tour.

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