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First of all, we hope you are all staying safe during these challenging times.

Like you, we can't wait to get back to normal soon - back playing golf, watching golf and working on our game. But until that happens, we're here for you and want to help you with any burning question you have for our PRODUCT and EXPERIENTIAL & FITTING TECHNICIAN teams. We're happy to answer your questions on (but not limited to) the following:

  • SIM & SIM Max drivers, fairways, hybrids
  • SIM Max & SIM Max OS irons
  • P7TW, P760, P790, P790 TI irons, etc
  • TP5/5X, pix, Tour/Soft Response golf balls, etc
  • MG2 wedges, HiToe, Spider, Truss putters, etc
  • Custom Fitting: options, shafts, specs, events, etc

If want to check out all of our content, then please go here: https://www.taylormadegolf.com/clubhouse.html

We're here to help you better understand our products, better inform your decisions on what may/may not be right for your game and get you playing your best golf - whenever that may be (hopefully soon). We're #golftimistic and we want you to be too.


TaylorMade Golf



  • halfsumohalfsumo Members  820WRX Points: 185Posts: 820 Golden Tee
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    Will the shut down affect the timing of:

    1. Custom orders ?
    2. Any potential new club releases that were scheduled for this year?
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    PING Glide 3.0 50, 56ss
    Vokey SM7 60 S grind
    Newport 2 
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • TaylorMade GolfTaylorMade Golf CarlsbadSponsors  372WRX Points: 1,161Posts: 372 Greens
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    Hi halfsumo

    Here in the US, only our corporate offices in Carlsbad are closed following the state-wide mandate, but our club, ball and soft goods operations are still open. Custom orders are still being built based on head/shaft availability. Please refer any current order enquiries to our customer service team at: https://www.taylormadegolf.com/customerservice?lang=default


    Ryan L - Team TaylorMade

  • Stinger83Stinger83 Members  243WRX Points: 157Handicap: 2Posts: 243 Fairways
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    Why don't you do an all black version of your Drivers/fairways? Even if it's limited release. Cuz that would be cool


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    Fairway: PING g410 16.5* Tensei orange 70x

    Hybrid: PING g410 19* Tensei blue 85x

    4iron: PING iblade Project x lz 6.5

    5-PW : PING blueprint Project X lz 6.5

    Wedges: PING glide forged 50/54/58 Project x lz 6.0

    Putter: Odyssey stroke lab

    Ball: PROV1

  • scottvw13scottvw13 VaporWRX!! The Big Bad CityMembers  2189WRX Points: 119Handicap: 0.8Posts: 2,189 Platinum Tees
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    Just recently purchased a Sim and was wondering if additional rear weight values will be available for purchase?


  • GolfingfanaticGolfingfanatic Members  3765WRX Points: 690Handicap: 3.0Posts: 3,765 Titanium Tees
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    Will there be a chalk spider mini available at retail?

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    Yonex Ezone CB-301 3-9 w/ Nippon Modus 125X
    Cleveland RTX4 Raw 48°,53°,58° w/ DG S400 Tour Issue
    Odyssey WHP #3

  • OrlandogolfguruOrlandogolfguru OrlandoGolfGuru ClubWRX  2181WRX Points: 189Handicap: 7.7Posts: 2,181 ClubWRX
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    This is great! TM showing the community some love.

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  • thezinfanthezinfan Members  53WRX Points: 36Handicap: 8Posts: 53 Bunkers
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    My local clubfitter is trying to change the shaft on my TaylorMade Spider Tour Diamond Silver putter. He called me and said he's having real issues removing the OEM bend shaft. Is there a trick he should know? Thanks.

  • pmangpmang Mason City, IowaMembers  404WRX Points: 158Posts: 404 Greens
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    I also am holding off on a purchase of a Sim Max until the rear weights become available. Do you know the timeframe of when that will be?

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    Titleist TS2 18* 5 Wood Tensei AV65 S
    Titleist TS2 4 Hybrid Tensei AV70 S 
    Ping i210 5-UW DG 105 S
    Titleist SM7 54* & 58* 
    Taylormade Spider X 34”
  • MyherobobhopeMyherobobhope hey there, blimpy boy. Flying through the sky so fancy free. Members  2901WRX Points: 612Posts: 2,901 Titanium Tees
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    I just retired my set of 1996 TaylorMade Burner oversize irons (I replaced them with Adams CMBs... I'm old school like that)... They got me through high school, down to a 4 handicap after college... and back down to a 5 with a wife and 2 kids... They served me well for over 20 years.

    I want to do something fun with them. I'm thinking about dyeing them gun metal blue, but I'm not sure it will work. Any suggestions for fun things to do with old irons?


    As of 3/5/20
    9.5 Cobra LTD Pro with Aldila Blue X
    13 Degree Adams Speedline with Aldila Alpha X
    18 Degree Adams A12 with Proforce X
    6-PW Adams CMB with Project X 6.0
    4 iron / utility Sub 70 699 with Proforce 85 gram X
    50, 54, 58 Vokeys
    2 Ball Putter
    13/14 completed for now.

  • jll62jll62 MinneapolisClubWRX  2382WRX Points: 631Handicap: +2.2Posts: 2,382 ClubWRX
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    It seems like most of the tour staff has switched to the TP5 from the TP5x. Spin the main rationale behind those decisions?

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    TaylorMade M5 Rocket 3, Tensei Blue X, 42.5"
    TaylorMade SIM Max Rescue 19, Fujikura Atmos Blue Tour Spec 8X Hybrid
    TaylorMade P790 3, Nippon Modus 130 stiff
    TaylorMade P750 4-PW, Nippon Modus 130 stiff
    TaylorMade MG2 52, DG S400 Tour Issue
    TaylorMade Hi-Toe 58, DG S400 Tour Issue
    TaylorMade Itsy Bitsy JDay Proto, 34"
    TaylorMade TP5

    jll62's WITB
  • CwingCwing #TaylorMade TwistFace Experience 2018 Go Big Blue!!! 8x Champs. Who Dey !!! Go Bengals,Members  8404WRX Points: 349Handicap: 12.1Posts: 8,404 Titanium Tees
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    I’m still loving my M4 you guys built for me during the TwistFace Experience way back in Jan, 2018. I’m still gaming m4 3HL, 3 hybrid and 4 hybrid S well. They still look great and play great.

    i don’t see a reason to change. Why am I wrong?

    TaylorMade Kingdom M4 9.5* Red 5S stiff Atmos 44.5”
    TaylorMade M4 3HL 16.5* fairway stiff Atmos
    TaylorMade M4 3 hybrid stiff Atmos
    TaylorMade M4 4 hybrid stiff Atmos
    PING G410 5-U w/DG 105s
    Callaway Apex CF19  5-A w/KBS $-Taper 120
    Cleveland RTX 54*
    Cleveland RTX 58*
    Seemore si5, si3 and Directed Force 2.0
    Garmin g6/Precision Pro Nx7 Pro slope
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  • Drew9281Drew9281 Members  8WRX Points: 15Posts: 8 Bunkers
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    Are the tiger woods grind - bounce wedges coming to retail?

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    Taylormade M5 15*
    Mizuno CLK 19* & 22*
    Taylormade p790 5-PW
    Taylormade Hi-Toe 50* 56* 60*
    Scotty Cameron Fastback 1.5
  • ProjectX_MizunoProjectX_Mizuno Members  1818WRX Points: 153Handicap: +1.2Posts: 1,818 Platinum Tees
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    Any Chance I could have a free SIM driver sent to me?

  • cgasuckscgasucks Members  2549WRX Points: 438Posts: 2,549 Titanium Tees
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    Any chance you'll re-release the V-Steels?

    10.5 deg Titleist 905R with stock UST Proforce V2 Shaft
    1999 Ben Hogan Apex Blades (3-PW) with stock Apex 4 Steel Shafts
    Taylormade V-Steel 5W & 3W with Grafalloy Prolaunch Red shafts
    Taylormade ATV wedges in 54 and 58 degrees with stock steel shafts
    Rife Island Series Aruba Blade Putter
  • SubaruWRXSubaruWRX Members  4002WRX Points: 736Posts: 4,002 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  #17

    Not a single TaylorMade club in my bag. But it’s super cool that you’d take the time to field questions from all these people stuck at home during these tough times. Well played!

    “I think getting advice from guys who are sitting at the computer in their underwear while taking a break from **** is a very solid way to choose clubs.” - bluedot
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • Micrys2Micrys2 Members  521WRX Points: 102Posts: 521 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #18

    This is a self serving post. Are you guys going to offer the buy 3 dozen get one free promo this year. I love the 5x and need to stock up.

  • puttsybobuttsyputtsybobuttsy Members  4WRX Points: 7Posts: 4 Starters
    Joined:  #19

    Interested in p760 irons, but likely going to be updated in an upcoming product cycle, i would imagine. I love the look of the p760 currently, but would an upcoming refresh, make the profile slimmer (especially from the topline). If so, i personally would rather just stick wtih p760. I know you prob can't comment officially, buuut enquiring minds want to know. Great work TM with the players irons!!!

  • C6 SnowboarderC6 Snowboarder Members  139WRX Points: 90Handicap: 6.6Posts: 139 Fairways
    Joined:  #20

    Are we still able to order an M6 Driver with custom requirements?


    14 Clubs - Good ones

  • DODGEMANIAC32123DODGEMANIAC32123 Members  110WRX Points: 33Posts: 110 Fairways
    Joined:  #21

    Following this thread closely as I am also looking to find out if or when additional back weights for the sim will be available.

  • WarrickWarrick ClubWRX  11521WRX Points: 1,341Handicap: 7Posts: 11,521 ClubWRX
    Joined:  #22

    Love the new pix ball, please include it in the buy 3 get one free.

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    F9 Tour 5w\17.5- Smoke 70
    Mavrik 7w smoke 80
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    MD5 48/53/58
    Odyssey SL Black Rossie 
    TM TP5X pix
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  • BirdieBobBirdieBob Member of the 1 iron Club! Members  4641WRX Points: 526Posts: 4,641 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  edited Mar 27, 2020 12:49am #23

    Why are the P7TW DG TI x100 shafts softstepped 1x?

    ie the 9 iron shaft from hosel to first step is greater than the PW shaft by 1/2"...which is ss1x.

    Normally the 9, PW shafts use the same 37" shaft....appears the 9 is using the 37.5" shaft which is normally installed in the 8 iron.

    Mine and several others are built this way, which is not the norm or at least that is how true temper lists them to be installed.


    TITLEIST TS4 Driver, 9.5*, JDM Limited Edition 2016 Basileus AAA, 69g X
    CALLAWAY Customs (Black w/Silver) Mavrik Sub Zero Driver, 9*, Accra TZ6/M5, 72g X/Ventus Black w/velocore, 65g X
    CALLAWAY Mavrik Sub Zero 3+ Wood, 13.5*, Ventus Black w/velocore, 78g X
    CALLAWAY Mavrik Sub Zero 3 Wood, 15*, Accra TZ6/M5, 80g X
    CALLAWAY Mavrik Sub Zero 5 Wood, 18*, Accra TZ6/M5, 90g X
    TAYLORMADE SIM MAX HYBRID, #3, 19*, Nippon Modus GOST Hybrid, 102X
    TAYLORMADE P790 UDI, #2, 18*, Nippon Modus GOST Hybrid, 102X
    TAYLORMADE P-7TW, 3 - P, TW Lofts, DG AMT Tour White, x100
    PXG GEN2 0311X Black, #4 DI, DG AMT Tour White, x100
    PXG GEN3 0311T, 4 - P, DG AMT Tour White, x100
    BETTINARDI 20 Limited Edition Queen B #5 Black Series Putter, w/QB Black HC
    SCOTTY Cameron Custom "Murdered Out" Select Newport M2 Putter, w/SC Carbon CircleT HC
    NIKE Sport Lite Carry Bag, Black
    SUN MOUNTAIN 20 Tour Series Bag, Black
    STEWART Golf X9 FOLLOW Electric Cart, Black

  • Rapatt95Rapatt95 wow Members  685WRX Points: 129Handicap: lolPosts: 685 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #24

    With drivers getting better and better and smash factor being limited to 1.5, what options are there going to be for improvement/differentiation in ~5 years?

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    Taylormade V-steel 15* Aldila Tour Blue 75x
    Cobra Rail-H 19* Aldila Tour Blue 75tx 
    Ben Hogan PTx 22* Aldila Proto VS 85x
    26*-34* C-Taper Lite 115x
    Ben Hogan Ft Worth 15 37*-45* C-Taper Lite 115x
    Vokey SM5 50* 54* 58* DG Wedge
    Ping 1959 B60
  • getitdailygetitdaily Members  3608WRX Points: 619Handicap: +.5Posts: 3,608 Titanium Tees
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    What's the moi of sim and sim max? Is the CoG toe side of center for each?

  • TaylorMade GolfTaylorMade Golf CarlsbadSponsors  372WRX Points: 1,161Posts: 372 Greens
    Joined:  #27

    Hi, thezinfan! Nothing special he should need to do. Removing the shaft on these putters is just like a good souffle, a little heat and some patience.

    Freddy V. - Team Taylormade

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • TaylorMade GolfTaylorMade Golf CarlsbadSponsors  372WRX Points: 1,161Posts: 372 Greens
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    Rapatt95, as a fitter in the SF area since 2008 I have found myself wondering the same thing at times. And just when I thought we were limited to what we can do, our engineers and product designers blow my mind. Tomo, Matt Bovee, Brian Bazzel and the rest of our teams always seem to have an Ace up their sleeves. I haven't seen anything coming up for 2021 or later but I think we will continue to push boundaries and make products that we will hit consistently better, further and straighter. Multi-material, twist face and injected twist face were directions I didn't see coming. I'm excited to see whats next as a fitter and a golfer!

    Freddy V. - Team Taylormade

  • TaylorMade GolfTaylorMade Golf CarlsbadSponsors  372WRX Points: 1,161Posts: 372 Greens
    Joined:  #30

    C6 Snowboarder, we no longer have M6 product available in the custom shop. Visit our custom shop at www.taylormadegolf.com to build any of our SIM drivers!

    Freddy V. - Team Taylormade

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • TaylorMade GolfTaylorMade Golf CarlsbadSponsors  372WRX Points: 1,161Posts: 372 Greens
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    Micrys2, It's already upon us! Get to the taylormadegolf website ASAP and order some! this includes personalization of either your text OR mynumber!

    Freddy V. - Team Taylormade


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