Is a simulator worth it?

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I am thinking of getting a PhiGolf simulator that I found on this site but I want to know if it's worth it. Will a simulator help with my score or would I be better off getting an instructor?

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    A simulator isn't going to teach you anything.

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    That one looks gimmicky to me. While, I think you can improve your game quite a bit working with a simulator, I wouldn't buy one where you swing a piece of plastic and don't actually hit a ball. Spring for a nicer one if you can

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    A properly installed simulator with realistic video projection is a lot more expensive that you initially think it's going to be. You can buy a lot of lessons for half the price.

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    My two cents based on my experience the past two seasons.

    Last winter I went twice a week and used an "entertainment" type simulator. Mostly to keep in shape over the winter but to work on my swing as well. The ball, CHS, and other ratings were OK, but didn't match what I saw when I went to Trackman.

    This winter I went twice a week to a place that had a GCHawk so I could get accurate ball readings AND clubhead measurements (not calculations) of path, angle of attack, etc.

    My game was in basically mid-summer form for full shots this spring when we managed to get our RTJ Trail trip in just under the wire. Only thing off was short game/chipping. I wouldn't recommend anything that doesn't give full club data if you intend to use it as a training aid.


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    Lessons Lessons Lessons. The data is only useful once you have a handle on how you can manipulate it based on your skills.

    Without the positive feedback to see different numbers the correct way, you likely just are manipulating the numbers to get to an ideal any way you can, which often is not a correct swing.

    After a few years working with my pro, I am considering a consumer grade LM now to help compliment my training, but even a 2K mevo+ is not inexpensive when you think of all the lessons you can buy :)

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    Agree with all of the comments regarding lessons. Although I have a Skytrak with a video set up, it’s really a big luxury. I use it basically as a virtual driving range for the days when I want to hit balls and it might be too cold or raining. So it’s useful to me to keep my swing in sync, but I work on my swing separately.

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    Of course, right now I'm not sure how many lessons are happening. So the sim might be a good move for the next few months??

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    Thank you everyone for the help!

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    You’re better off spending that money on lessons and supplementing with a basic mat and net for at home reps and drills in the interim between lessons.

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    Being able to hit balls any time indoors, at home and have fun doing it.. go for it. Will it make you a better golfer, it could but don't always trust the feedback. There are so many dynamics to the game.. rhythm + tempo = power. They also can double as a home theater

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    Agree with this 100%. A good camera to take video goes along way as well.

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    Two aspects for me:

    1. Cost
    2. It’s not the real thing

    A setup like that will easily be in the 4-5k range. Think launch monitor, hitting mat, impact screen/net with frame structure and protective side/top netting, monitor or projector, subscription for online play, cost for sim software (TGC/E6 or other), gaming laptop, lights, install labor, just to name the basics. And you need a room with enough ceiling height and width. Even if you’re the DIY type, it’s a **** of a project- which, in the current situation however, might be just what the doctor ordered. It helps with practice for sure, as you get so much valuable data.

    I’d LOVE to have a Skytrak/GC2 setup to practice and play online leagues in my basement. It’s just not doable for me. First of all, no basement :). Then the money. But even if I did this, I’m sure I’d miss being outside to practice or play. I go to the range and practice a lot, and it shows on the course. Lessons once every three weeks keep me busy and I don’t get into bad habits, as the Pro is looking at my swing regularly.

    Even with the nicest of all simulator setups, it gets old at some point and is no substitute for the real thing. Of course, now being in a lockdown, I’d kill to have it, but there will be a time when we can be outside again, so I don’t bother.

    Consider getting a simpler device like a MEVO or SC 200/300 to take it to the range. My SC 200 is a great help when practicing. I can see my ball flight and it tells me all about ball data. Has little practice games to keep it interesting, too. Club data would be great to have when working on my swing, but that’s another price range altogether.


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    You’d be playing, indoors but you would be playing. I’m not doing that right now.

    but will it help your game? Yea. Repetition is a good thing. But be careful, I tried one a year ago at a course near me. First swing with the driver I hit the frame they had us in. Kept going but modified my swing to not hit that bar at the top. Screwed me up for a bit.

    So wow, you’ll get to play and repetition is good but insure your space is adequate for your swing.

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    You can do it cheaper. I got a used Skytrak for 1000. Got a mat for free by asking a driving range. Got a net for $55 from Amazon. Use my phone or laptop I already have, don't need a projector. Only use it for driving range function so no ongoing fees

  • LukeDonaldsTigerLukeDonaldsTiger Members  345WRX Points: 150Handicap: 19Posts: 345 Greens
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    Absolutely true. But if you are like me and want it to be really nice, it gets expensive.

    And don’t forget the subscription and software cost, because if you have a Skytrak, you want to play a golf game and not just practice, right?

    But you’re right, if you’re smart, you can get a basic setup for less than what I called.


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    Agree with most posts here, anything good that works well indoors starts at the Skytrak. As others have stated, even if you were to obtain a simulator improvement will be based mainly on how well you can self diagnose in the absence of lessons. Lessons by themselves are no guarantee either, you have to find an instructor that can diagnose well and can get you to do what he/she wants (assuming they are correct in the initial diagnosis phase).

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    For the money, SkyTrak is pretty good (has some significant misreads from time to time but works pretty well for mid ballspeed and typical launch conditions). GC2 is a bit more expensive, but is pretty good on ballspeed, launch, and spin but has some downsides (need to change flashes often to get good spin readings, has a tendency to read shots longer than they really go, and has a draw bias). Of course, if the money isn't a significant factor you can't beat TrackMan indoors or outdoors (simply can't fool a radar working in 3D samples).

  • mizunoMX25mizunoMX25 Members  293WRX Points: 99Posts: 293 Greens
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    I have a SkyTrak. Been using it for a year today. Dropped my handicap from 12 down to about 6. But I spend 80+% of my time on 7i-LW practice as those are where you score. Definitely comes in handy in times like these though. Only so much Netflix you can watch...

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    I do not think they are worth it. I would love one....

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    Agreed .. Mindlessly hitting balls on a simulator or at the driving range can actually turn a well grooved swing into mush quite easily . Over practicing is something I guard against and also practicing the wrong way , when I start to fatigue at the range I stop and hand whatever balls I have left to somebody near me and head to the chipping / putting green . Not to mention hitting off the mats is nothing like real turf interaction and can cause problems to form ...

  • ninjabninjab Members  145WRX Points: 69Posts: 145 Fairways
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    If you are diy capable then $10k can make a very nice setup.

    My price list roughly

    screen 270

    cage 355

    flooring 670

    fiberbuilt 250

    computer 1135

    projector 740

    launch monitor 6040

    software (TGC 2019) 947

    Cords and Lights 50

    Total 10457

    This is for Uneekor QED, it is an overhead launch monitor that is camera base and give ball data similar accuracy to GC2. It has some club data too but that data is less accurate than HMT or higher end systems.

    Skytrak at $2000 could reduce the price quote a bit, but if you can afford Uneekor I greatly prefer it over Skytrak (I used Skytrak for a year first).

    Doubles as a 3D home theater.

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  • jazzy1488jazzy1488 Members  31WRX Points: 38Posts: 31 Bunkers
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    I think people are missing the point to some degree here. Is a simulator "worth it?" is different than 'will a simulator make me better'. A simulator, even at $70k+, could be worth it to the right person when you weigh all the considerations (their financial status, interest in golf, their general experience provided by the simulator). People buy $100k boats all the time and use them a few times a year. Take a look at how big the private simulator market is, it's clearly worth it to a lot of people.

  • wmblake2000wmblake2000 Los AngelesMembers  6026WRX Points: 766Posts: 6,026 Titanium Tees
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    During these lock-down days (which might last a while), when all I can do is hit balls into a net, I ended up finally pulling the trigger on a used skytrak. I had swing speed radar, and I have gotten pretty good at looking at my swing on video. So all together, this gives me a lot of feedback to use to improve my swing (and know how far I actually carry the ball).

    i bought my st used ($1475) just with basic range, a decent mat and a diy net. I love it.

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  • Steel DilloSteel Dillo Members  250WRX Points: 102Posts: 250 Greens
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    If you're thinking about going the Skytrak route, don't by an overpriced used one first without ordering direct from Skytrak.

    I just ordered one yesterday despite the supposed delay in ordered being filled. Got the shipping notice today.

  • steveooosteveooo Members  19WRX Points: 57Posts: 19 Bunkers
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    Best thing I ev

    er did. You just have to learn how to interpret the numbers for it to be super beneficial.

  • jabwind51jabwind51 NJMembers  276WRX Points: 147Posts: 276 Greens
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    What’s the best site to order A SkyTrak and potentially actually get a quick ship date you guys think?

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  • puttingmattputtingmatt puttingmatt Summer/ Michigan-- Winter/ FloridaMembers  5469WRX Points: 508Handicap: 6Posts: 5,469 Titanium Tees
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    A simulator doesn't teach,

    Dollar for dollar, get lessons

    Then, when courses open up

    Go play,

    Learn how to score,


    Play Golf.....Play Blades......Play Something Else.....Just Go Play.....

    4 HC
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    I own an indoor training studio in Dublin, OH with 5 Trackman, 5 GC Quads, and a GC Hawk. We have about 5000 visits per month during the winter months. The feedback we receive from our customers about how their games are not only maintained throughout the offseason, but they improve. We had a junior member win an AJGA in Florida last year, in February.

    We allow any instructor to teach at our facility, so long the client is paying, so we have around 10 regular instructors that teach almost daily. Getting a lesson on the technology, then being able to practice and work on numbers between lessons seems to be a very good recipe for improvement.

    For me personally (+2 hcp), I still really enjoy hitting balls on the driving range outside, but if I'm going to work on my golf swing, I'm doing it inside. Premium golf balls, no wind, alignment is perfect. Trackman outdoors is fantastic if the conditions are perfect.

  • GodfatherGodfather Members  342WRX Points: 96Handicap: 6Posts: 342 Greens
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    All these comments to get lessons instead... are frustrating... I’ll leave it at that. A good simulator setup is so much fun and keeps your swing grooved all winter.

    I have a Foresight GC2 with TGC 2019, TGC, and Creative Golf 3D. I started with a SkyTrak and have some videos of the 2 compared. With projector, computer, screen, mat, launch monitor, software, etc you can piece together a good setup for $5k or a great setup for $8k.

    Online tournaments are going on every week. Next week, the tours are in Augusta. Here is a quick video I shot from that course.

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  • jabwind51jabwind51 NJMembers  276WRX Points: 147Posts: 276 Greens
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    Love these rebuttals. I am a 7HCP and took a few lessons over the winter so I know what I have to work on. Understandable that more lessons is probably ultimately better but still the sim has its benefits.

    ^^And I was one who also paid for 3 sessions on a trackman at a place like yours this winter on top of the lessons and loved every second of it.


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