What have you purchased SINCE 'lockdown'?



  • ex0dusex0dus Members  563WRX Points: 140Handicap: 2Posts: 563 Golden Tee
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    I was playing up until 2 weeks ago. My only actual purchase recently has been 3 leather grips from BestGrips.com.

    Just don't ask me how much time i have spent watching/reading club reviews. Kinda proud of myself that all i have spent is $67 though.

    Cobra King Ltd Pro
    Nike SQ2 13
    Cobra F6 baffler
    Mizuno Fli Hi  21
    Bstone J40 DPC 4 iron
    Cleveland 588 mb 5-9
    Vokey SM7 50
    Cally Mack Daddy PM grind 54,60
    Putter....depends on the day
    Snell mtbx
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  • EvoXWWEvoXWW Members  24WRX Points: 18Posts: 24 Bunkers
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    With all this free time at home and browsing ebay, I couldn't help myself. I got myself a brand new uncut PVD Hzrdus Smoke Green 60 6.5 TX for a screaming deal of $135 last week. Most courses and driving ranges are closed so i'll be waiting a while to try this one out.

    In my 2016 Titleist Stadry bag

    Cobra F9 8* Graphite Design AD TP 7X / Diamana DF 60TX
    Callaway Rogue Subzero 15* Graphite Design AD TP 8X / Taylormade Sim Ti 15* Hzrdus Smoke Green 70 6.5
    Taylormade 2019 P790 UDI Hzrdus Smoke Black 100g 6.5
    Nike Vapor Pro Combo 4-PW DG Pro X100 / Nike VR Pro Combo 4-PW Nippon Modus3 120X
    Titleist SM6 50 F grind
    Titleist SM6 54 S grind
    Titleist SM6 58 M grind
    Evnroll ER2
  • JackpotJohnnyJackpotJohnny Members  2665WRX Points: 233Posts: 2,665 Titanium Tees
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    I’m on day 20 in the house, so I might have had a bit of a jump on some of you.

    bought some shafts and grips to build some Adams components I bought a couple years ago when they were getting closed out. 

    new shaft and grip for a putter build

    grips to re-grip clubs I used to put together complete set for a buddy picking up the game. 

    new set of alignment sticks since I left one on the range. 

    Magnetic rangefinder holder


    RTX4 wedges on the Walmart deal

    5-P 0211s

    net return home and a mat

    I also have NP2 SB coming as a birthday present from my wife.

  • sfong33sfong33 Members  74WRX Points: 79Posts: 74 Bunkers
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    Puttout, now looking for a suitable mat for it. Currently using a 42” wide foam kitchen mat, works OK for 3 footers. Also picked up a Sklz putting mirror.

  • Ghost of SneadGhost of Snead Members  2893WRX Points: 288Posts: 2,893 Titanium Tees
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    Few dozen Pro V1X - had to cancel a club fitting at the Sea Island TPI but will be heading over when the coast is clear.

    Taylormade 2016 M2 10.5* - Blue Tensei CK 70X
    Taylormade SLDR Mini 14* - Fujikura Motore Speeder 77X
    Callaway Apex UT 18° - Project X 6.5
    Callaway Tour Authentic X-Prototype 3-PW - Project X 6.5
    Vokey SM7 Raw 52.08F
    Vokey V-Grind 58.1
    Taylor Made Spider Mini
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  • IL2AZIL2AZ Members  346WRX Points: 91Posts: 346 Greens
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    Had a little too much Del Bac whiskey the other night and ended up with a tour issue Sim Rescue and a Sim Max driver I am sure won't beat out my trusty 2016 M2.

    Post edited by IL2AZ on
    Taylormade Tour Issue 2016 M2 9.5 Tensei Pro Blue 60TX
    Ping G400 LST 8.5 Diamana BF 60TX
    Taylormade Tour Issue 2016 M2 3HL Diamana BF 70x
    Taylormade M3 5W Aldila Rogue Black 80X
    PXG 0311X 3-5 Project X HC Even Flow Blue 6.0
    Bridgestone Tour B X-CB 6-PW KBS Tour 120
    Vokey SM6 50F, 54S, 60S
    Ping Scottsdale Anser Antique Finish Tungsten Weights to 350G
    Scotty Cameron 08 Studio Select Newport 2
    Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless NP2 350
  • jeffg21jeffg21 Members  12WRX Points: 13Posts: 12 Bunkers
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    Nothing yet, but it’s definitely not from lack of trying.

  • WoodersonWooderson Members  2099WRX Points: 221Handicap: 13Posts: 2,099 Platinum Tees
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    Bought quite a few shafts. Lots of testing and wasted money. Nothing too fancy. NOS Kaili and Ilimas. Great shafts. Can't convince me the $300 shafts of today are better. Ultimately Evenflow White will end up in driver, fwys, and hybrids.

    Waiting on ping to open up so I can get i210s. However I saw zero performance benefit over my p790s, but they felt much better to me and I'm a ping fan.

    If golfworks ever drops some deals I'll be buying a loft/lie machine, but I've never seen that so guess I'll save my money.

    Let me tell you what Wooderson is packin'
    Ping G410 LST 10.5° EF White 65s 44.5"
    Ping G410 LST 14.5° EF White 75s
    Ping G410 21° EF White 75s
    Ping G410 22°/25°/30° Hybrid EF White
    TaylorMade p790 7-PW Project X LZ 6.0
    Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth GW/SW/LW
    Piretti Potenza/Ping Vault 2.0 Craz-E
  • 9ironiscash9ironiscash Members  751WRX Points: 107Posts: 751 Golden Tee
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    Waiting for my custom ordered SIM- hzrdus green smoke on back order. Also bought p790s a few days before every place went on lockdown- itching to get them out.

  • pmangpmang Mason City, IowaMembers  404WRX Points: 158Posts: 404 Greens
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    In the past week i've bought a SIM Max, a TS2 and a hot melt gun. Come to think of it I bought a Garmin clip on GPS/Rangefinder... oh, and some Adidas golf shoes.... and i'm sure there will be more.

    Mavrik 10.5* Rogue White 60 S
    Titleist TS2 18* 5 Wood Tensei AV65 S
    Titleist TS2 4 Hybrid Tensei AV70 S 
    Ping i210 5-UW DG 105 S
    Titleist SM7 54* & 58* 
    Taylormade Spider X 34”
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  • llewol007llewol007 4KidsGolfer San Jose, CaClubWRX  3696WRX Points: 232Handicap: 4.1Posts: 3,696 ClubWRX
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    Well my golf club hoing is in full gear. So far I’ve picked up 3 pairs of shoes, a new putter that I e been pushing so far. Working on new wedges to my backup bag. Looking out for more stuff since i have time.

    Callaway Epic SZ 9*/Tourstage 9* Graphite Design MJ
    Callaway Epic SZ 14* Hazardous Smoke 6.5
    Callaway Subzero 18 Accra M5
    Callaway 3 iron Epic pro C taper 110
    Callaway 4 iron Epic pro C taper 110
    Callaway Apex Mb 2016 C taper 110
    Callaway MD4 52/58  C taper 110
    Titleist Fast back
    Taylormade Tourpreffered X
  • T.B.T.B. Members  322WRX Points: 109Handicap: 10Posts: 322 Greens
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    I have the rukket net. It’s a good net. Had it up all last summer and didn’t take down in the winter. I live in central Ohio, we didn’t have a horrible winter. The nets been very good

  • birdiestobogeysbirdiestobogeys Members  45WRX Points: 26Posts: 45 Bunkers
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    Big moss putting mat and a spider x

  • kylemdkylemd Members  433WRX Points: 98Posts: 433 Greens
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    Recoil and Paderson Iron shafts to test out. I am working in a hospital as a MD so we are a little busy right now. Pulled old shafts from my two sets of MP 14’s to shaft up and test the diff iron shafts head to head, but havent had much free time to go hit balls. To much yard work ( house and yard now look immaculate). Still toying with shafting up my Adams pro black blades again too.

  • rgk5rgk5 rgk5(OLB) Members  3865WRX Points: 460Handicap: 6Posts: 3,865 Titanium Tees
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    A set of lovely Yonex forged Super Renkin Tours, 3-pw, "S" graphite shafts for..............$129.

    Cobra F9 10.5*, VA Composites Raijin F2
    Cobra F8+ 17*, VA Composites Raijin F3
    Mizuno CLK 21*, Speeder Evolution HB 75 S
    Yonex Super Renkin Tour 4-pw, 24*-47*, S graphite
    Cobra MIM 50*, KBS Hi Rev 125 S
    Ping Glide 1.0 54.5*, CFS Wedge Flex
    Ping Eye 2+ SW/LW, 57.5*, KTM S
    Ping Karsten TR Pal, 35*
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  • driveandputtmachinedriveandputtmachine 4 wedges or 2 iron? That is the question! Members  1421WRX Points: 257Handicap: 0.0Posts: 1,421 Platinum Tees
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    2 pairs of shoes, 4 shirts, 2 pairs of shorts.

    2 wedges, and replacement long irons (4,5)

    Put a 6-PW set in the bag that had been new in the closet for over a year.

    Put a new Gap Wedge in the bag that was new waiting for a reason.


    Luckily I have been playing this entire time. Well until today at 6:00pm when our state's shelter in place kicks in.

    Driver - Ping 400 MAX/ SIM
    Fairway - TM M 3HL 
    Irons - (4 -6) Cobra Speed Zone
    Irons (7-W) Cobra Forged Tour
    Wedges - Cleveland CB2 50* and 54*, Cobra MIM  60* at 58* and RTX-4 60* at 62*
    Putter - Mannkrafted MA/66 or Taylormade Spider
    Ball - Srixon Z Star
  • Fraserdave45Fraserdave45 Members  26WRX Points: 58Posts: 26 Bunkers
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    My course is closed, but members can just show up and walk. So far, nobody has bothered us.

    I finally bit the bullet and purchased an MGI Zip Navigator remote electric push cart. The BEST purchase I have ever made! It works perfectly, and really saves my old legs. I doubt I will ever ride again.

  • pgetzenpgetzen Members  297WRX Points: 90Handicap: 4Posts: 297 Greens
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    Bought a Stitch SL1 bag and two Cleveland RTX4 wedges on the Walmart deal, as well as 3 knit headcovers

    Ping G400 LST Driver
    Cleveland Mashie 1H, Cleveland Mashie 2H
    Ping I500 4-UW
    Cleveland RTX4 54, 60
    Seemore FGP Mallet
  • monkeyboymonkeyboy Lefty Boomers  845WRX Points: 257Handicap: 8.6Posts: 845 Golden Tee
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    Bought 4 for 3 Prov1x balls - have to wait for delivery - but I don't plan to play for awhile.

    I did buy a $25 (one time) subscription to a Pure Distance Golf - Drive400 program a few months ago. Some golf specific stretching and warmup routines plus 'swing fast' drills. I don't normally chase speed but I must say, this program is great since I cannot get out and I am understanding more about my swing from their drills.

    Driver (9.0) - Cobra F9 Aldila Rogue Silver 70 S, 44.5"
    Wood (14.5) - Cobra F9 Aldila NV Green 75 S
    Driving Iron (20) - Srixon U65 Project X 5.5
    Irons (5-6) - Srixon Z565 Project X 5.5
    Irons (7-P) - Srixon Z765 Project X 5.5
    Wedges - Vokey SM-7 Jet Black / 50.08 F / 54.08 M / 58.08 M DG S300
    Putter - Gauge Design GAA-8
    Ball - Snell MTB-x
    Pure Midsized Grips
  • ChrisLC40ChrisLC40 Rochester, NYMembers  156WRX Points: 68Handicap: 6 month wintersPosts: 156 Fairways
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    So far only a Haack net and mat, and a Cobra F9 3w. I had the Titleist 4 for 3 dozen ordered, but had to cancel as apparently they don't appreciate the personalization being only a single dash.

    TM M5 9.0
    Cobra F9 3w
    Ping G410 4h
    Cobra F9 5h 
    Ping i210 5-W
    Ping Glide Forged 50, 54, 58
    Ping Sigma 2 Arna
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  • jjfcpajjfcpa Golf Nut Omaha, NEMembers  843WRX Points: 287Handicap: 12Posts: 843 Golden Tee
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    Purchased some golf balls... 2 dozen Chrome Soft 2020 and 1 dozen Bridgestone 2020 Tour B RX, then after playing both, purchased 4 dozen Bridgestone Tour B RX.


    Mavrik Driver 10.5* Recoil ES440 F2

    Mavrik 3w Recoil ES440 F2

    Mavrik 5w Recoil ES440 F2

    Mavrik 4h Recoil ES Smacwrap 760 F2

    Callaway Apex CF19's 5i - PW Recoil 760 F2

    Callaway MD5 48* - 54* Project X Catalyst 80

    Callaway Chrome Soft 2020

    Stroke Lab One

  • mattavery727mattavery727 Members  244WRX Points: 72Handicap: 10Posts: 244 Fairways
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    Courses are still open, but still buying.

    bought 5 dozen tp5x practice balls

    Diamana D+ LTD 70TX

    adilia Rogue 125 70 TX

    titleist ts2 driver

    hopefully one of those shafts is the one in the new driver.


    Lefty WITB

    TS2 8.5 with Aldila Rogue 125 70TX

    TS2 15.75 Diamana BF 80TX

    3 Iron bent to 18 - Srixon Z585 Modus 120x

    4-5 Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Project X 6.5

    6-PW Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Project X 6.5

    50,54,58: Titleist SM7 Project X 6.5

    2020 Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2


    Ogio Alpha Convoy RTC Stand Bag

  • kmay__kmay__ niagara, ontario, canada. Members  513WRX Points: 322Posts: 513 Golden Tee
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    Nothings changed for me as an "essential" tradesperson. But I have scored some decent deals in the last week thru local classifieds, whole case of corporate logo Noodles for a song, and a TM stand bag brand new for 25 bucks.

    Callaway Rogue 10.5*
    Cobra Baffler 16*
    PING G30 4h 22*
    TM R11 5-PW (Mizuno MP-4 for fun)
    Mizuno MP-T5 50*, 54*
    PM Grind 60*
    Cleveland HB #6 center shaft 
  • JoeFrigoJoeFrigo Members  476WRX Points: 195Handicap: 6.4Posts: 476 Greens
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    Bought my mat and net from the same place. Mat shipped yesterday and arrives Monday but no word on the net. Ill give it through the weekend and if no shipment ill see if I can cancel and just pick up a net through Golf Galaxy instead...... I was lookin at more of a budget monitor. Debating between the Ernest sports es14, the new Ernest B1, or SC300

    So many mixed reviews on those $500-$600 range I wonder if its just a waste of money. Spin isn't 100% necessary but I definitely want it. Mainly I want club speed, ball speed, and carry


    TM SIM Max 9* Ventus Black 60x
    TM SIM 3w 16* Tensei Pro Orange 80tx
    TM P790 UDI Tensei Pro Orange 90tx
    Mizuno MP 20 MMC 4 - P KBS C-Taper Lite 115x black
    Mizuno T20 52,56,60 KBS C-Taper Lite 115x black
    SWAG Savage Tour Proto..EVNROLL ER2..Bettinardi Limited QB 8 Flymill

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  • lakecowboylakecowboy Edmond, OKMembers, Paid BST  327WRX Points: 182Handicap: 9Posts: 327 Greens
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    SIM Rocket 3 wood - PX Green Smoke 6.5 shaft

    Nike Air Max 1G shoes

    Looking at pulling the trigger on a Vessel stand bag for my pushcart days and destination golf trips.

    • Callaway Mavrik SZ 9* - Aldila Rogue White MSI 130 70X -1/2"
    • Taylormade SIM Rocket 14* - PX Hzrdus Smoke Green 6.5 70g -1/4"
    • PXG 0317X 17* - Fuji PRO 2.0 8HB Stiff
    • PXG Gen 2 0311P 3-4 - KBS C-Taper Lite 115g X-Stiff +1"
    • PXG Gen 3 0311T 5-GW - KBS C-Taper Lite 115g X-Stiff +1"
    • PXG Forged 54 - KBS C-Taper Lite 115g X-Stiff +1", PXG Sugar Daddy 58 - KBS C-Taper Lite 115g X-Stiff +1"
    • Taylormade MySpider X - 36.00" 3* Loft 71* Lie
  • the bishopthe bishop Members  3927WRX Points: 941Posts: 3,927 Titanium Tees
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    Stay safe doc. For me I ordered a 3W but have not received it yet. That will probably be it for a while. Courses in my area still open with the now standard precautions in place.

    W/S D7 10.5*
    W/S D7 15*
    W/S D7 19*/22*
    W/S FG62 5-P
    W/S Staff Model 52/56/60
    Newport Pro Platinum
  • Cruisin1966Cruisin1966 Calgary, ABClubWRX  1129WRX Points: 313Handicap: 8.8Posts: 1,129 ClubWRX
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    Looks like my 'Stay Home Premium Golf Net 3.0' may have shipped. Nothing on the Fiberbuilt mat yet. I went overboard on the mat because of my wrist/elbow issues. I'm also considering adding some of the same material TXG uses to the hitting area (EZ TEE Hybrid Plus). With it snowing again here, and with Canada (and dare I say the US), not reaching the height of this global event for at least another month, the mat will be uber important for the next 6-8 weeks


    **Retro Bag**
    Driver: Ping G LS Tec 9º
    Fairway: Titleist 915F 3W 15º
    Hybrid: Cobra Baffler Pro 2H 18º
    Irons: Taylormade RAC Forged CB/TP 3-PW
    Wedges: Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP 52º; Nike VR Pro Forged Brushed Oxide Raw 58º
    Putter: Cleveland Huntington Beach 1

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  • jmkenn0jmkenn0 Members  803WRX Points: 150Posts: 803 Golden Tee
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    • Proputt system before everything hit, that's been a lifesaver.
    • Sim 9* right as the news started to break, happy so far (we are still allowed to play)
    • So happy with the Sim got the Sim 3w Ti, just came today
    • balls, really need to check on those as I ordered a while ago :)

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