Open, Closed, or Square face Driver?

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I've been reading on some of the posts in the forum about different face angles for drivers. Just wondering what everyone prefers and is it more about promoting a certain flight or reducing the chance of a undesired flight?



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    For Drivers, I couldn't care less. I prefer to aim the clubface and FA doesn't matter if you do that.

    On fairway woods though, I prefer an open face angle so that the trailing part of the sole of the clubhead does not contact the ground when playing off tight lies or when I'm wanting to fade the ball.


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    This is completely player dependent.

    Some golfers, when given a closed faced club, will get put off by it (react to it negatively) and will start making an even more slice producing swing. They will hate it.

    Other golfers will "allow" the more closed face to start the ball a little bit more left for them and will love it.

    The same goes for stiffer shafts, heavier shafts, offset, and virtually every single other component of club fitting. Sure, there are some very good guidelines to go by. But in the end, you have to try a little bit of everything to determine what you like and how you react to different things.

    Also, you can fit to mitigate a miss, or you can fit to accentuate a miss, thus making sure the golfer HAS to make the correct in swing movements, which hopefully will create some commitment on the golfer's part. It's a ballsy move by a fitter or pro, but its something I have done. Take a slicer and open his driver up so much that it slices off the face of the earth if they don't commit to an inside path and better release. Now, I wouldn't suggest they go out and play in the Club Championship with it set like that, but for learning, it can be one tool to utilize.

    As always, your mileage may vary here. Try out an adjustable driver and see where you like it.

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    Square to slightly open is preferred.... anything with a draw bias is a no go.

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    I happen to like a slightly closed face. I also happen to like to play a draw.

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    I've always preferred clubs square at address and make adjustments from there


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    Need square to open face and no draw bias.Having one fade bias Fairway is very useful for me.Smooth swing needs Smooth shafts.

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    I hate closed face clubs. I had a Titleist 3 wood that was closed face and I would always square the face at address first and then grip the club. Now I only buy clubs with square faces.

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    Open . Severe dislike for closed face clubs. Looks unnatural.

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    2-3* open on 3W and 2-3* open and 2* flat on driver. Goal is to play a straight to slight fade and eliminate the lefts.

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    Has to be square for me. Open or closed just plays with my mind.

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    My preference is slight open face with driver and 3w...

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    I have a tendency to grip strong with my woods so for that reason an open face usually has a pretty straight ball flight for me.

    I tend to hook closed faced clubs.

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    I prefer square. My normal driver flight is a slight fade, so I try to start the ball on the left side of the fairway and let it fade back to the middle or to the right side of the fairway. With a closed face driver, I get pulls and with an open face driver my fade becomes a slice.

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    It's personal preference. For me, it's square. That way, if the club is not behaving properly I can only blame myself, not the club.

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    slightly open face works best for me. Square is face is ok, closed doesn't work.


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    I despise closed face clubs - can tolerate square, but much prefer an open face angle by 2* or more so I can release as hard as I want without fear of going left. With a square face I still feel the need to hold off the club through impact to avoid going left. Closed face angle is just a non-starter, it wont be found in my bag.

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    This actually helped me out A TON. So much now that I actually prefer a slightly opened face angle because a closed face angle promotes a more out-to-in swing path for me now.

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    Sometimes a square clubface can look slightly open to me, IDK, but either way I prefer a square clubface to on that is slightly open.

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    I recently bought the Taylormade SIM Max in a 9 degree loft and lofted it up to 10 so it would be a bit more closed. I liked the results I was getting.

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    I used to prefer a closed face and it was a great sort of training aid for me. As a junior I would roll the club face very open in the backswing which created the need for a lot of rotation coming down to get it back to square. As someone with really fast hips this meant a right miss was common because I didn't have enough time to square the club. A closed face helped with this and gave me confidence. Fast forward to late teens/early twenties and I had eliminated the excessive club face opening in the backswing, but still struggled with the old pattern of the aggressive release to square the club face in the downswing. Ironically, the closed club face helped me here too because it basically trained me to calm that flippy release, otherwise the ball would always go hard left. That led to a few years of a more upright swing with a neutral to closed club face and a hard turn hitting a hold off fade/power fade, where the closed club face helped get that "hold off" feeling. But that became one extreme that was the opposite of where I was as a junior, and as I worked to neutralize all of that, I slowly started to favor a more neutral to slightly open club face with the driver and an open face with the 3w and 5w.

    The important thing about all that mess, to echo what @Dan Drake said above, is that its specific to ME. At any point a long that way it could have easily been opposite for someone else. And also the point about intentionally setting up the club to make your miss WORSE was something that worked as it did force me to fix a swing flaw. Figuring out whether you then need to or want to change away from that is another tricky issue.

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    Square for me every time. I like to know that if a shot is going left or right too much that it was because of me and not the way that the club is set up. If I were a choice between open and closed, it would be open. I can deal with the ball going right but hate to see it going left.

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    Open. Having grown up with wooden clubs (most of which were made 2 degrees open as standard), even square looks closed to me.

    I can square or close open faced clubs for shotmaking purposes, but I have a difficult time opening square or closed face clubs. Same as with wedges, where my preference is to start with a 60 degree and hood or close it as necessary. I don't play a lot of open faced pitches because I'm just not very good at it.

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    Open fo sho.... anything with a closed/ draw bias is a no go.


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