Good 4/5 Hybrids for sub $100 from the last few seasons?

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I need to find a 4 or 5 hybrid for my dad and don't want to spend more than $100. Which models from the last few seasons have stood out to you?



  • Tim SherwoodTim Sherwood Members  421WRX Points: 139Handicap: HighPosts: 421 Greens
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    Srixon h45/h65. Don't know where you're based but I got a h45 and an f45 a couple of years ago for £60 each (demo clubs) and they are the best hybrid and woods I've ever used. A month ago I picked up a h65 and an f65 for £160 for the pair, both still in their wrappers. Srixon is insanely underpriced here in the UK.

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    Cobra F6.

    Cobra F9
    Ping G410 W
    Callaway Apex 3h 4h 
    Srixon Z785 6-PW
    Ping Glide 2.0 50
    Taylormade MG2 54, Hi-toe 58
    Toulon San Francisco Putter

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    I bought a titleist 818 h1 25 degree and a 816 h1 27 degree for £100 and £50 respectively. 818 was like new the 816 was a bit more used but still acceptable.


    Taylormade SLDR S 14*

    Titleist 917F2 20*

    Titleist 818H1 25*

    Titleist 816H1 27*

    Ping G25 6-PW

    Cleveland RTX 3 50* & 54*

    Titleist Vokey SM6 58*

    Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport

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    I would suggest the Cobra F7 4/5 hybrid. It's adjustable and seems less susceptible to hooks that other hybrids that I have used.

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    I really like the old Cobra hybrids from years ago. DWS, Baffler, etc.

    I just picked up a 4 hybrid for $26. And I buy the ones with the Nippon GH950 steel shaft. Easily the most consistent club in my bag.

    Cobra King LTD, Diamana Blueboard stiff flex
    Ping G400 5 wood, stock stiff
    Cobra DWS 4 hybrid, stock stiff Nippon steel shaft
    Titleist AP1, 5-AW, Dynalite XP R300
    Vokey SM7 56M
    Vokey SM7 60M
    Odyssey #2 White Hot
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    G25 23* hybrid is perfection.

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    It is embarrassing to admit, but I've gone to all Tommy Armour Atomics for driver/wood/hybrids. Surprisingly good, with nice EvenFlow Red shafts.

    $59.99 now for the hybrids.

  • wgpincwgpinc Members  49WRX Points: 46Handicap: 15Posts: 49 Bunkers
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    Callaway X2 Hot. I like mine a lot.

  • LukeDonaldsTigerLukeDonaldsTiger Members  345WRX Points: 150Handicap: 19Posts: 345 Greens
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    I 2nd the Srixon H65 and can also recommend Nike Vapor Fly. Feels and sounds great and is easy to hit well.


    WITB 2020:

    Mizuno JPX 900 driver/3W

    Titleist 910F alt. 3W

    Mizuno JPX 850 5W

    Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli-Hi 2-iron

    Srixon H45 19° Hybrid

    Mizuno MP-H5 3i

    Mizuno MP-15 irons (4/5/6)

    Mizuno MP-33 irons (7-PW)

    Mizuno S5/T20 wedges (52°/56°/60°)

    Mizuno MP-T105 putter

    INESIS Tour 900 ball

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    Good advice here. Both great clubs. Just switched from 816 to 818. Slightly prefer the 818 cosmetically and a tad more forgiving but could still happily play 816.

    Titleist TS3 9.5 deg, Hazardus Smoke 60
    Titleist TS3 15 deg, Hazardus Smoke 70
    Titleist 818h1 19 deg, Fuji Atmos
    Titleist 818h1 23 deg Fuji Atmos
    Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro 5-PW, Nippon Modus 105x
    Mizuno JPX 919 Forged GW, Nippon Modus 105x
    Mizuno S18, 54 deg  Nippon Modus 120s
    Titleist Vokey SM6 60 deg K, Nippon Modus 120s
    SC Golo 5 / SC Notchback
    Titleist AVX
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    Ping Anser

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  • Whit1969Whit1969 Members  1124WRX Points: 161Posts: 1,124 Platinum Tees
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    Titleist 818 hands down. Do some searching and you can find them at $100 or less.

    Taylormade 2016 M2 PX Evenflow Blue 65
    Callaway Rogue 3 wood PX Evenflow Blue 75
    Titleist 915H 2 Hybrid Diamana S+ 70
    Mizuno JPX 900 Forged 4-GW PX LZ 5.5
    Vokey SM6 54 & 58
    Odyssey Protype ix milled #1

  • AG12AG12 Members  2093WRX Points: 1,057Handicap: 10Posts: 2,093 Platinum Tees
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    Another vote for 818. Can be had for $100 or less gently used

    Driver: Titleist TS2 9.5* Tensei Pro White 60
    4W: PING G410 16.5* Diamana D+ Limited 70
    4HY: PING G410 21* Accra FX 300H
    Irons: PING G410 5-UW Project X LZ 120
    Wedges: Bettinardi HLX 3.0 50/54/58 S200
    Putter: Toulon Las Vegas 
    Ball: Titleist ProV1x #12
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    Ping, Cobra, Cally are where I would look. Easier to launch.

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  • BridgesBridges Members  109WRX Points: 68Handicap: 15Posts: 109 Fairways
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    Honma hybrids do not get much love but they are fantastic and cheap.

  • Jgilla19Jgilla19 Members  5WRX Points: 7Posts: 5 Bunkers
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    Exact opposite for me, it was unplayable... I love the LTD driver, and the F6 3 wood. For me looks weird and feels weird.

    Adams Idea super is an oldy but a goody. Been abgging mine since (2012-13). Just picked up a 20* got it delivered off eBay for under $45. It's an old club so may be losing some advantages, they launch high, and I don't lose them left.

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  • MyherobobhopeMyherobobhope hey there, blimpy boy. Flying through the sky so fancy free. Members  2899WRX Points: 612Posts: 2,899 Titanium Tees
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    If you are willing to go over $100 slightly, I really like my sub70.


    As of 3/5/20
    9.5 Cobra LTD Pro with Aldila Blue X
    13 Degree Adams Speedline with Aldila Alpha X
    18 Degree Adams A12 with Proforce X
    6-PW Adams CMB with Project X 6.0
    4 iron / utility Sub 70 699 with Proforce 85 gram X
    50, 54, 58 Vokeys
    2 Ball Putter
    13/14 completed for now.

  • Bobb3rdownBobb3rdown Bothell, WAMembers  762WRX Points: 210Posts: 762 Golden Tee
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    adams pro mini 23 has been a phenomenal club for me.

    Mizuno St190 9.5
    Callaway Rouge Sub Zero 15
    Cobra F6 Baffler 18.5
    Adams Pro Mini 23
    Bridgestone Tour B X-CB 5-pw 
    Vokey Sm7 50.12, Sm7 56.10, Sm6 62.08
    Maltby Ptm-4
    2018 Players 5 Stand Bag
    Srixon Z Star
  • WristySwingWristySwing Members  839WRX Points: 480Posts: 839 Golden Tee
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    Cobra Baffler/Baffler XL/F-Max. Offset, high launch, rail sole. Perfect hybrid for a lot of people. The Cleveland Launcher hybrid-irons from the a couple of years ago you should be able to find for pretty cheap as well.


    Taylormade SIM 9* - HZRDUS Smoke Green 65 | Callaway Mavrik SZ 13.5* and 18* - Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 75 | Ping G410 20.5* and 24.5* Hybrids - Project X Even Flow Black 85 | Mizuno MP-20 HMB 5-PW (2* weak) - KBS $-Taper 120 | Vokey SM8 Raw 54.12D & 60.06 Low Bounce K Raw - Project X LZ 6.5 | Bettinardi BB Zero Custom - Stability | Tour Velvet Midsize Cord | Srixon Z-Star Xv Yellow

  • ChipNRunChipNRun Members  2282WRX Points: 524Posts: 2,282 Platinum Tees
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    I would say look at the Cobra FlyZ from 2015. You mention "4 or 5H," this adjustable model bridges the gap.

    Used market varies from about $50 for "gently used," up to $99 if you find one with cellophane still on head.

    The model features 2-3H (16-19°) / 3-4H (19-22°) / 4-5H (22-25°). The lofts overlap, adjustable with the MyFly8 hosel assembly. I originally played the 3-4H as a 4H, but then lofted it down to 3H 19° and play the 4-5H as a 4H lofted down to 22°. This gives me a slight fade out of a square stance - a handy option since my stock shot is a draw. And, I can draw the Hs out of a closed stance.

    I carry my 4H year round, and sub in my 3H for the 7W in cold weather when the winds are higher and the rough thinner.

    Stock shaft was the Matrix VLCT Altus; the shaft is a bit heavier than you find on most basic hybrids - I play VLCT 73-gram senior flex (rest of my bag is R-flex.) I can feel head at the top, but still feel a lively pop at impact. Other shafts also are available.

    Further the model features a SmartPad on the sole: this keeps the club level (won't rock upright or flat) when you change the loft.

    For aesthetics, FlyZ offers a designer's touch on head color: white, black, blue, green orange and red finishes.

    This video is fairly straight-forward on what the FlyZ model offers:

    What's In The Bag *...

    Driver: Calla XR16 Pro 10.5° (set open) / Fuji Evolution II TS Speeder 665 R-flex 63 gr.
    FWs: Tour Edge XRail 4W + 7W / GraphiteDesign G60 R-flex 60 gr.
    or Calla Alpha 815, set 16° + 20° / Fuji Motore Speeder 665 R-flex 62 gr.
    Hybrid: Cobra FlyZ 3H 19° + 4H 22° / Matrix VLCT Altus Lite flex 73 gr.
    Irons: Tour Edge CB Pro Tungsten 4i - PW** / KBS Tour 90 R-flex 101 gr.
           4i refitted with SteelFiber 780 HLS Hybrid shaft R Flex 75 gr.
    Wedge: Calla MD3 48°/8.SS + 54°/12.WS + MD.PM 60°/10  | KBS Tour R-flex 110 gr.  | Note: MD4 58°/8.C-grind may replace MD/PM
    Putter: Ping Sigma G Tyne (face-balanced) / 34" w. Ping Pistol PP60 grip (stock)
    Bag: Sun Mountain Three 5 stand bag
    Ball: Calla SuperHot - orange
    * Either 7W or 3H left out, depending on course and season.
    ** Wedges: 46°and 48°are competing for bag space.
  • ephmenephmen Members  337WRX Points: 117Posts: 337 Greens
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    YES!! Just started bagging XP-1 hybrids and they beat literally every other hybrid in my fitting. G410 was closest runner up. I am sure older models perform great as well. I was shocked at how great they are. Never even considered heading into the fitting.

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  • P ManP Man Members  17WRX Points: 62Posts: 17 Bunkers
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    The Pro Mini 23 and 26 degrees are the most favorite and oldest clubs in my bag. All my other clubs are relatively new.

  • jonradusjonradus Members  93WRX Points: 77Posts: 93 Fairways
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    Adams red hybrids are really good and they’re cheap. I recommend them.

  • collje26collje26 Members  766WRX Points: 136Handicap: zeroPosts: 766 Golden Tee
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    Ping G25, or Ping Anser.

    Ping G410 LST 9 Hzrdus Hulk 70tx
    Ping G410 LST 14.5 Atmos black 8tx
    Ping G 17.5 Rombax P95x
    Ping i500 3/4 PX LZ 6.5
    Ping Blueprint 5-P PX LZ 6.5
    Ping Glide Forged 54/60 Tour Issue S400
    Ping TR1966 Anser WRX
  • sheldonjhackersheldonjhacker Members  3800WRX Points: 203Posts: 3,800 Titanium Tees
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    For those who have played different hybrid shafts...How do the Project X Evenflow Blue and the Mitsubishi Tensi Pro Blue compare ? Thanks

  • carcharodon1977carcharodon1977 Edmonton, AlbertaMembers  102WRX Points: 31Handicap: 16.9Posts: 102 Fairways
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    Cleveland CG Black were phenomenal and I regret selling them every time someone asks about Hybrids


    Callaway XR 16 ProPing G410 Plus

    Cobra F7 (3/4 Wood) Cobra F7 (5/6 Wood)

    Dynacaft 18* Driving Iron Maltby 17* FDI Driving Iron

    Maltby KE4-Tour TC 4 Hybrid / 5 Hybrid Maltby TS-1 6-Pw / Cobra Forged Tec Black 4-Pw

    TaylorMade Ghost Spider SOdyssey Stroke Lab V-Line CS

    Callaway MD3 50* 54* Maltby M-Series +  50* 56*

    Costco Kirkland 4 piece (KSig)

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  • derekanselmoderekanselmo Members  7WRX Points: 51Posts: 7 Bunkers
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    I have been gaming the old Nickent 6DT's for almost a decade now. I got them new for 50% off after they went bankrupt but before Dick's bought them and churned out the garbage clubs with the Nickent badge and ruined their investment.

    Real voodoo shafts. Every year I test new hybrids and still can't find anything I hit better. About 30 bucks on ebay now. It would be hard to find a better value IMO.

  • natehnateh Members  1WRX Points: 5Posts: 1 Starters
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    Everything in my bag is 2018 or newer... Except my Adams Pro hybrid. Cant shake it, and they're sub $50.

  • Dave1978no10Dave1978no10 Members  8WRX Points: 40Handicap: 12Posts: 8 Bunkers
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    Still using Cleveland Halo , cant get it out of the bag

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  • 3eagles183eagles18 Members  921WRX Points: 111Posts: 921 Golden Tee
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    Callaway Big Bertha 2019 from Callaway Preowned. Brand new with OEM headcover, adjustable, and Recoil shaft. Bought two for $103 each.


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