Driving irons



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    I also would recommend the Srixon U85 but make sure you have the right shaft. I put a Recoil 95 in mine which is what I have in my irons and it made a tremendous amount of difference. I also used to play the Bridgestone Airmuscle which I thought was a fantastic driving iron.

    Srixon Z785 10.5 Miyazaki Kaula Kori 6 Stiff
    Exotics EX10 Beta 17  Graphite Design AD50 Stiff
    Srixon U85 23 Recoil 95 F4
    Bridgestone J15 CB 5-PW Recoil 95 F3 Hard stepped 1X
    Bridgestone J15 52 Recoil 95 F3 Hard Stepped 1X
    Bridgestone J15 56 Aldila TGI 85
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    Srixon all the way with a steelfiber i95s


    10 Club Modern Minimalist Set-Up (trackman gap fitting, 15 yard gaps up top, 25 yard gaps down low)

    Srixon Black Sunday/ Stick bags (looking for the red one still!! PM if you want to sell!)

    Srixon 565 9.5 (goes in both bags) and a Yeti full of bourbon & Ice (split/ combo set-up- forgiveness where I need it and playability where I want it)

    Evens (even day): Titleist 915 F 15*- Titleist 818 H2 19*- Srixon u65 4-23*- Srixon 565 6-31*- Srixon 765 8-38*- Srixon 965 PW-46*

    Cleveland RTX-3 Tour Raw 52, 60, Cleveland TA Milled 2

    Odds (odd day): Titleist 915 F 13.5*- Titleist 818 H2 17*- Srixon u65 3-20*- Srixon 565 5-27*- Srixon 765 7-34*- Srixon 965 9-42*

    Cleveland RTX-3 Tour Raw 50, 60, Cleveland TA Milled 2

    Glove/ Ball: Srixon Red Z/ Srixon Z-Star Tour Yellow

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    Once I'm willing to spend the money again, I'm totally buying a full bag of their irons... I had originally ordered a 5 iron, but ended up getting a 4 so I could just build out the rest of the set.


    As of 3/5/20
    9.5 Cobra LTD Pro with Aldila Blue X
    13 Degree Adams Speedline with Aldila Alpha X
    18 Degree Adams A12 with Proforce X
    6-PW Adams CMB with Project X 6.0
    4 iron / utility Sub 70 699 with Proforce 85 gram X
    50, 54, 58 Vokeys
    2 Ball Putter
    13/14 completed for now.

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    Heard great things about the Dynacraft Driving Iron so I recently bought an 18*, because why not at ~$20 shipped: https://www.hirekogolf.com/dynacraft-driving-iron-clubhead.html

    Paired it with an 85g Aldila Tour Green I had from a hybrid pull and while I haven't hit it yet, can't wait to test it out this Friday -- it feels dangerous!


    9.5* TaylorMade M2 (2016) | Graphite Design AD-IZ 6s
    13.5* Callaway Rogue SZ | Proforce V2 7s
    21* Titleist 818 H1 | Atmos Blue TS 8s
    24* Titleist 915H | Nippon N.S. Pro 1050s
    5-PW Maltby DBM | FST 115s (5-7), FST 125s (8-PW)
    51* Maltby MMB17, 54* & 58* Callaway MD4 raw
    34.5" Toulon Long Island

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    I like a driving iron that looks more like my regular irons - not big or clunky and with less offset than most. Therefore, I'm a Big fan of the Callaway X Forged UT. I carry the 22° and it is an awesome club. Can hit it off the tee, fairway AND out of the rough. Can hit it stock, high-ish, low, with a fade or draw. It's just a great tool!

    TaylorMade M5 10.5° /  Project X HZRDUS Smoke 70
    Cobra King F9 Baffler Speedback 14.5° / Project X HZRDUS Smoke 70
    TaylorMade  R15 3/18° Rescue/ Aldila Rouge Tour Silver Hyb
    Callaway X Forged Utility 22° /  Aerotech SteelFiber fc 90cw
    Cobra KING Forged ONE Length 5-PW / KBS FLT S
    Edison 51° Wedge / KBS Tour S
    Mizuno T20 56° Wedge / DG Tour Issue S400
    Cobra KING PUR 60° Wedge / KBS FLT S

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    The 2019 P790 UDI is my favorite of the current offerings. Excellent ball speed, low launch, very low spin. And the best looking of the bunch for my eye - not much offset, decently thin sole and topline, no' junk in the trunk' showing behind the topline at address.

    But its definitely designed primarily as a tee weapon. Plenty of the other offerings mentioned are just as fast while being more forgiving and/or more versatile from the fairway/rough. But almost all of them also launched meaningfully higher for me.

    It's a golden age for DI's and utility irons! Every manufacturer has a pretty strong option, not to mention that many player's distance and game imporvement irons can be built into a darn good DI. Shaft plays a big factor - try to hit multiple if you can to see what fits your need!

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    PING G410 LST 14.5° | Accra TZ6 85 M5
    Titleist 818 H2 17° | Atmos Black 9X
    Titleist 818 H2 23° | HZRDUS Black 105 6.5
    Mizuno JPX 919 Tour 4,6-P | Modus3 120TX
    Callaway Mack Daddy Forged 50°, 55°, 60° | Dynamic Gold TI S400
    Bettinardi Tour Minovai

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    Pxg gen2 is a good one for me with the MMT 105xt shaft

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    Buliding this for my set today..

    Which will match my current gamer


    Driver: Ping G400 Max 9.5* Fubuki Alpha 70

    FW: Ping G400 16.5* Fubuki Ax 75

    Hybrid: Ping G400 19* Fubuki Ax 400

    DI: Srixon U65 22* Steelfiber 95

    Irons: Srixon 565/765 4-9 Steelfibers 110

    Wedges: Cleveland RTX 4 48*, 52*, 56*, 60* Steelfiber 125

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    I just picked up an HMB 3i and 4i with Tour AD DI utility 95x shaft... ill let you know how they work for me once I can actually hit them. Ive got the new 790 UDI with a Tensei Pro Orange 90x so and its a speed monster and very low spin. Off the tee its great and its rare I ever need it off the fairway

    Im hoping the 3i can replace the 790 to give me some more versatility. Im going to try and play the back tees more often this year and the 3i could see a lot more use in to par 5s


    TM SIM Max 9* Ventus Black 60x
    TM SIM 3w 16* Tensei Pro Orange 80tx
    TM P790 UDI Tensei Pro Orange 90tx
    Mizuno MP 20 MMC 4 - P KBS C-Taper Lite 115x black
    Mizuno T20 52,56,60 KBS C-Taper Lite 115x black
    SWAG Savage Tour Proto..EVNROLL ER2..Bettinardi Limited QB 8 Flymill

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    I tried so many hybrids over the years, best luck with Adams but like many others experience too often I fought the lefts so abandoned hybrids a few years ago. I've carried an original Cobra King Utility iron since the model came out. It's so good, I play at 20.5 degrees with Chrome Elements shaft (8F4 I think, lol). Flies high, soft ball flight, for me it's the perfect ~190-95 club. Automatic off the tee, usually :) and solid off the deck as well. The Cobra is the perfect transition between my F8 3 wood and Mizzy HMB 5 iron.

    Cobra F9 9, Fujikura Atmos 6s 10.0
    Cobra F8 3 with Aldila NV Blue 70 S 15.5
    Cobra King Utility 20.5 Elements Chrome S 20.5
    Mizuno MP 20 HMB 5-6, MMC 7-8, MP 9-P KBS C-taper Lite R
    Scratch 1018 53 / Chikara 1 dot (51 degree)
    Scratch 1018 KBS 56
    Nike Engage Toe Sweep 60
    Yes! Mollie with Sense R grip

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    We don't sell a ton of Wilson, but the Staff Utility has been VERY popular. This one is very consistent and pretty hot off the face. For the money, it's hard to beat.

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    G410 3, 5 & 9 Woods - Accra FX 2.0
    G410 4-5 Hybrids - Accra 80i
    G410 6-UW - Accra 80i
    Glide 3.0 54WS, 58WS Accra 80i
    PING Bruzer
    PING Vault 2.0 Craz-E **Backup**

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    There is a reason why Srixon's U series of driving irons have been the most played on tour for the last few years. Perfect balance of ball speed, launch parameters, and size (not too big, not too small). Good off the tee, good off the deck. Nothing to dislike.

    Others offer better ball speeds or may be easier to launch, but the u45/64/85 just does it all very well.

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    Been very pleased with my Ping Crossover 4i. Not quite driving distance, but close (~235). I have a Tensei 80 hybrid stiff shaft on it. Hits well off the deck or a low tee.

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    They are pretty bulky compared to some of the competitors. But they still look pretty nice. But the size drove me away from them.

    I have a Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli Hi (what a name) 2i (16.5*) and it’s a one trick pony in my hands. Only really effective off the tee. Even then, the sweet spot could be bigger. Some shots feel fine but just don’t cover the distance.

    Now experimenting with an oldie that fits my MP-15/33 combo set: MP-H5 3i. I have an Aldila Tour Green hybrid shaft coming my way and we’ll see how that works. With the current S300, it feels nice but is just not that explosive.


    WITB 2020:

    Mizuno JPX 900 driver/3W

    Titleist 910F alt. 3W

    Mizuno JPX 850 5W

    Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli-Hi 2-iron

    Srixon H45 19° Hybrid

    Mizuno MP-H5 3i

    Mizuno MP-15 irons (4/5/6)

    Mizuno MP-33 irons (7-PW)

    Mizuno S5/T20 wedges (52°/56°/60°)

    Mizuno MP-T105 putter

    INESIS Tour 900 ball

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    Titleist TMB and TM Gapr Lo


    Driver: PING g410 plus 9* with even flow black 75x

    Fairway: PING g410 16.5* Tensei orange 70x

    Hybrid: PING g410 19* Tensei blue 85x

    4iron: PING iblade Project x lz 6.5

    5-PW : PING blueprint Project X lz 6.5

    Wedges: PING glide forged 50/54/58 Project x lz 6.0

    Putter: Odyssey stroke lab

    Ball: PROV1

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    Has anyone gotten rid of their 3/5 wood for a driving iron? I’ve never played fairway woods well, and have a gap between my 3 iron (21 degree loft) and driver. I’d really like to try a titleist driving iron out. Do most people go with graphite shaft?

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    I like my driving 4 iron more than my regular 4 iron because mishits aren't punished as much. It's a touch easier to for me to hit lower flights with the driving 4 over a 4 hybrid, too.

    There's nothing in the rule book that says you can't play drunk.
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    U-500 for low launch and spin, clean look and the LOWEST offset. Nice feel, too. I love mine, and I much prefer it to the P790 and the TMB, both of which I have gamed.

    I can't say the same for the U-510, however. Chunky, loud and cumbersome. And small sweet spot despite the larger head size.

    Titleist TS3  1W / 3W / 5W  (Hzrdus Yellow HC)
    Mizuno MP-20 HMB  2I / 4I (Nippon Modus3 Tour 120)
    Mizuno MP-20 MB  5I - PW (Nippon Modus3 Tour 120)
    Titleist SM8  53-11 / 58-08 (Nippon Modus3 Tour 120)
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    Please report back when you get a chance to hit it.

    2016 Taylormade M2 w/YS-6+
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    Adams CB3 4 and 5 with Aldila RIP Tour 115 
    Adams CB1 6 and 7 with Aldila RIP Tour 115 
    Adams Pro Black MB 8-PW with Aldila RIP Tour 115
    Vokey Wedgeworks SM4 52M with Aldila RIP Tour 115
    Vokey SM4 56M-11 with Aldila RIP Tour 115
    Vokey SM2 60M-04 with Aldila RIP Tour 115
    Odyssey Black Series Tour Design #5
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    Loving all of the discussion. Getting cabin fever not being able to go out and do much. Itching to get to a fitter and test some clubs. Keep it coming!

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    I have the 716 T-MB and love it (more than the 718, due to looks mainly and it seems to not fly as high on a GC Quad anyways)

    What was it about the U-500 you liked more? You said it’s low launch, low spin for you, is that in comparison to the T-Mb? I found the P790 to be pretty low spin, but that wasn’t needed for me, because I carry a hybrid. I was more interested in gapping, shaping, and flighting.

    if I were looking for a straight and long driving iron, the P790 would have been a good fit, but I was seeking more versatility.


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    I like the feel a lot better with the U-500 and the look at address. It pairs perfectly with the Project X smoke shaft. U-500 is also lower launching and spinning for me, especially over the TMB. P790, which also had the Project X shaft, was similar. I hit a 716 TMB with a steel shaft (DGS300) and it was very spinny, and I owned the 718 TMB but really hated it. The feel was never satisfying even on good strikes. But to be fair, I never liked either of the two shafts I had in that club either (PX LZ and Accra TZX).

    If you're looking for more versatility, then hybrid makes a lot of sense. More forgiving for sure. But I have never been effecive with them.

    Titleist TS3  1W / 3W / 5W  (Hzrdus Yellow HC)
    Mizuno MP-20 HMB  2I / 4I (Nippon Modus3 Tour 120)
    Mizuno MP-20 MB  5I - PW (Nippon Modus3 Tour 120)
    Titleist SM8  53-11 / 58-08 (Nippon Modus3 Tour 120)
    Titleist Special Select Flowback 5.5 | ProV1x #68
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    Fair enough 👍

    looks at address can inspire confidence and you got to have the right shaft combo for your swing!

    I played the DGX100 for the past 20+ years and found they spin more than the PX shafts for me.


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    I have a 21* Wilson Staff with an EvenFlow Blue 6.0. I love it. I’m mad it’s stuck inside of a locked bag room at my course.

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    From reading this thread, sounds like shaft is huge part of club selection. How did you guys decide from going steel or graphite in these DIs? I got my Adams 2 hybrid stolen and am looking for a good replacement. I think a Srixon or TM DI would be a good fit for my game. Plus I like the fact I can bend them. But trying to decide between steel or graphite.

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    Lots of great options out there and ive tested them all. The Callaway Xforged UT is my favorite. I hotmelted mine in my shop and it feels like a true forged iron now instead of a hollow bodied iron which IMO feel awful.

    Driver     -     Cobra SZ Xtreme 9* w/ Tensei Orange 70TX
    3W         -     Cobra SZ Big Tour 3 / Shaft testing right now
    Utility     -     Callaway Xforged UT 21* & 24* / Mitsubishi MMT 125TX
    Irons      -      Honma 737V / Mitsubishi MMT 125TX
    Wedges -      Callaway MD5 50S, 54S, MD4 60C
    Putter    -      Odyssey Versa 6
    Ball        -      Srixon Zstar XV

    WITB & Content - 

    On -, @Jminis13

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    I'm playing around with an MP18 MMC Fly-Hi 2 iron. It came with a C-Taper Light 115x that is closer to my iron shafts (X100) than hybrid shafts (Tensei Pro White 90S). I like the C-Taper, as long as I keep my swing speed up. That being said, I'm very happy with the Pro White, and might try a Pro White 90X in the DI.

    I think the real answer to your question depends on how you intend to use them. I want to be able to shape shots with my hybrid (hence the 90S), but with the DI I'm looking for a low-running shot that wont go left.


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    Titleist 818H2 21* Tensei Pro White 90X

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    Mizuno S18 50* 54* 58* Dynamic Gold S400

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    Same deal with mine for the same reasons. How much hotmelt did you end up adding?

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    Callaway X-Forged UT 23* Brunswick Precision Rifle FCM 7.0
    Bridgestone J40 DPC 5i-7i 27*- 35* Brunswick Precision Rifle FCM 7.0
    Bridgestone J40 CB 8i-PW 39*- 48* Brunswick Precision Rifle FCM 7.0
    Vokey Mild Raw 8620 54* Brunswick Precision Rifle FCM 7.0
    Vokey SM6 58* Oil Can Low Bounce K-Grind Brunswick Precision Rifle FCM 7.0
    Vokey Special 61* Black Oxide V-Grind Brunswick Precision Rifle FCM 7.0
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    I didn't read through every post, but would somebody please explain to me why someone would use a driving iron over a hybrid? It just seems like a hybrid would be easier to hit.

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    Cleaner look. Shorter shaft. More workability. MUCH easier to hit low and with less spin. Less tendency to go left (vs. hybrid). Generally cheaper. One less head cover to worry about. : )

    Titleist TS3  1W / 3W / 5W  (Hzrdus Yellow HC)
    Mizuno MP-20 HMB  2I / 4I (Nippon Modus3 Tour 120)
    Mizuno MP-20 MB  5I - PW (Nippon Modus3 Tour 120)
    Titleist SM8  53-11 / 58-08 (Nippon Modus3 Tour 120)
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