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Legit Check Scotty Cameron T22 Teryllium Newport II (35”)

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Looking to see if this ones fake, noticed a few inconsistencies and wanted to double check. It’s my first Scotty so I want to be sure it’s legitimate. Shaft band, grip and sole of the putter all look good when compared to one I know is real so I didn’t bother adding those.

Notice the sub-par epoxy application/clean-up in the cavity

Also what looks like some tarnishing that won’t come out, looks like someone’s oily fingerprints were left uncleaned for a long period maybe?

Included a few more photos for authenticity, noticed some off stitching on the TeI3 border as well. Thanks in advance for any assistance everyone 😁



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    Forgot to mention, seller has proof of purchase apparently but I still haven’t seen it..

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    Looks legit to me

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    Might get more in the deal or no deal forum on this.

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