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910 D3 vs current offerings

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9ironiscash9ironiscash Members  758WRX Points: 108Posts: 758 Golden Tee
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Can anyone comment on how the 910 d3 would stack up vs current offerings if they have/had owned the Titleist? I’m looking for a low spin driver with some forgiveness- leaning towards g410 LST, but can get a good deal on the 910. Any comparisons would be appreciated.



  • ctonrctonr Members  267WRX Points: 96Posts: 267 Greens
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    Center hits with the 910 will be right there with the new models - maybe lose 5-7 yds. Off center hits is where the newer drivers, especially the G410 LST, will outperform the 910.

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  • JustsomeguyJustsomeguy Members  1369WRX Points: 319Handicap: 15Posts: 1,369 Platinum Tees
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    I played 910d2 and 910d3. Longest drive I've ever hit was w the d2. Freak thing in retrospect.

    When Callaway came out w the Epic and Epic SZ for some players, that seemed to be the performance line. Anything pre-epic wasn't as hot or forgiving, anything post epic has been another 5-10 yards depending on setup.

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    Replaced my D3 with the Big Bertha Alpha in my sig.

    My experience is that the D3, feels great but spins slightly higher than any other driver head I’ve played in recent years. In normal play for me this wasn’t typically a problem until I wanted to get a little more out of it a stepped on it a bit. Control became an issue because of the spin and it became a bit erratic. You could put that down to operator error or the shaft/head combination.

    With the Alpha, I found that I could step on it with no loss of control, so I have ended up ‘stepping on it’ for my stock shot and gained a few yards in the process. Whether I would gain anything further from newer drivers is debatable but I am more than happy with my current set up.

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  • shanxshanx Members  936WRX Points: 253Posts: 936 Golden Tee
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    Had a 910 D3 in the bag for a bit, dunno, just seemed like a "dud" to me. Not forgiving or long, I put the 905R back in the bag, and that just performed better for me.

    I just got a TS2, much more forgiving and longer than both. Banana slices turned into "power fades", the ball really zips off the face..

  • CDMCDM Members  2096WRX Points: 304Posts: 2,096 Platinum Tees
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    If you like Titleist the TS2 or TS3 are excellent. They are better across the board then the 910, though I will say the 910 and 905R are still some of the better drivers made, just not up to current drivers tech given the changes.

  • sanjaygolfsanjaygolf Members  1388WRX Points: 81Posts: 1,388 Platinum Tees
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    If you miss towards the toe then the G410 is going to be waaaayyyyy more forgiving. Center hits would still favor the Ping since newer drivers are more effecient but it's not as though you couldn't get good results from the Titleist.

    But you mentioned looking at the 910 because you could get a deal. I cant imagine paying more than $50 for a club that is 10 years old. The Ping will at least be $250, so if money is an issue then the 910 would be more than serviceable.

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  • gwelfgulfergwelfgulfer OnteribleMembers  562WRX Points: 342Handicap: 5-25Posts: 562 Golden Tee
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    As mentioned earlier, the 910 will be close but will still be giving up yardage to newer, lower spinning options (if that suits your swing/needs). I still have mine, for no real reason, but found it was shorter 4 years ago when going head to head with the M1/M2 by 5+ yards on even strikes.


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  • mjbrownmjbrown Members  5WRX Points: 6Handicap: .7Posts: 5 Bunkers
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    TS3 will out preform for sure. Lower spinal with better ball speed.

  • golfpros1golfpros1 Members  7999WRX Points: 390Handicap: 0.2Posts: 7,999 Titanium Tees
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    You could make the argument that a 910 was just as good or better than the 913 and 915, but the TS2/TS3 drivers out now are different animals and IMO will outperform the older stuff. Of course, it always comes down to fit, but I think you'd prefer the new stuff.

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    If you like seeing where you mr ball landed in front of where your ball is sitting then the 910 D3 is for you. All joking aside that thing can hit bombs. If you catch it on the heal it will be a high spinny fade that goes nowhere. Probably 30-40 yards loss in distance compared to the same miss on a newer driver. If you are a PGA pro than who cares yr awesome and not asking this question lol get a new driver.

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  • Jimjam651Jimjam651 Members  188WRX Points: 130Posts: 188 Fairways
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    I went for a fitting last year and honestly there were no ball speed gains with the TS 2 or 3, I was disappointed.

    The only driver I slightly gained ball speed with was the Ping G400 & the G400 Max


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  • BTPBTP Born a Scamblin' Man Members  1241WRX Points: 99Posts: 1,241 Platinum Tees
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    I still game 910D2, have (2) in fact. One with AD DI 6s and a speeder 757 -- which one I use depends on weather conditions and course lay-out.

    Personally, I try not to stray away from clubs that I know works and has a good feel. I didn't always have this mentality. I got fitted for the 910D2 back when they were released and loved it, but then I wanted something more because I thought, wow if this is the technology I've got to try it out with other brands. Long story short and hundreds of $ later and years later, I go back to playing the 910D2, been using it the last 5-7 years or so.

    Occasionally I'll demo some of the new releases but never get that much difference in numbers. As others have alluded to, maybe 5-7 yards difference on good strikes. I've hit Callaway's Epic line, tried the TS2/3 but they don't feel like the 910 line does. I sacrifice feel and trust where the ball can end up on off center hits in comparison to a newer driver that may go farther and really jump off the face but have no idea where it's going half the time.

    Maybe give a few different shaft options a try with your D3. I found the combos that work for me. My consistent gamer is the D2 with the AD DI cut down to play at about 44", little bit of hot melt in the head.

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  • davep043davep043 Members  5315WRX Points: 2,493Handicap: 6.3Posts: 5,315 Titanium Tees
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    I used a 910 D3 for a bunch of years, replaced it with a Rogue Subzero with a YS-Six shaft. I didn't see ball speed gains, but the new driver spins a lot less (<3000 vs. 4000 for the 910), so overall distance is up.


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  • DREWZER300DREWZER300 Members  101WRX Points: 75Handicap: 0.6Posts: 101 Fairways
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    I just recently switch back to my 910 D3 after using a Taylormade SIM for the last few months and a M5 last season. Sound and feel are 10x better, and distance wise I see very little difference on the course.

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  • EDT501EDT501 Members  33WRX Points: 81Posts: 33 Bunkers
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    I just made the switch from a 910D3 to a TS3. On well struck shots, I don’t think there is much between them. On mis-hits, even minor ones, the TS3 far out-performs my 910. There is no doubt that the Ping you are looking at will be the more forgiving club, but if the 910 makes more sense for your current situation, go for it. It is still a great feeling/sounding club that can perform well.

  • Whit1969Whit1969 Members  1143WRX Points: 168Posts: 1,143 Platinum Tees
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    Played the 910D3 for years, however the forgiveness and lower spin on the 2016 M2 was a game changer for me and I haven’t looked back. The 910D3 is a great driver but just spun a little too much for me. I have not hit any of the TS models so can’t offer in opinion on them.

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  • agolf1agolf1 Members  2064WRX Points: 1,239Posts: 2,064 Platinum Tees
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    I had a 910 D3 and D2 for quite a while. Echo what others have said - it all comes down to fit / strike but most likely the newer models will be ~5 (maybe 10) yards longer across the face on average. If the 910 D3 is a good fit for you swing and you can strike it above the center line there won't be that much difference on well hit shots. But on average/for many, the newer models will be an improvement.

    Adam Scott played with a 910 D3 a year ago or two. He didn't keep the club in the bag very long, but I don't think he would play it at all if it was giving up so much yardage that it was essentially the same as his 3-wood...

    You may be able to pickup at TS3 pretty cheap fairly soon. Again, it's all fit / personal preference but I may prefer that to a PING LST...

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