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Monty says a new tour ball is needed to counter Bryson DeChambeau's crazy distance

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Haters gonna hate.

I love this where Monty is having a meltdown over Langer's "slow" play. LOL! Langer is still winning on the Champions Tour - Bernhard is the one guy who can cheat Father Time.

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    Relax Monty.

    Guys have been able to carry 330 since JB and Bubba. Rory and DJ and a bet quite a few Korn Ferry guys can as well.

    But they all dial it back to be able to score.

    Let’s see if Bryson can actually dominate courses and scores like TW did before we start Bryson proofing.

    Right now BD is 3 shots back and one of 13 guys, some big hitters, some not, who are at -10 or better.

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    Mrs. Doubtfire throwing a fit. Guy is such a ?!$$&

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    I see, so as soon as DeChambeau starts hitting it the furthest, it's time to change the rules.

    Seems people love to pile on against Bryson.

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    Did Monty complain when TW was 50 yards past him on every drive on Saturday at the '97 Masters ?

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    Yeah this is exactly what I always argue...why distance? Isn’t the mark of an elite player to possess skill in all aspects of the game? If distance was really a problem, long drivers would be on tour. But they’re not. You can bomb it, but if want to be in contention, you still have to have an iron game, wedge, and putter - Ie, the total package - to win.

    So why is distance always brought up? Why not eliminate bunkers? They are supposed to be a hazard, but guys will intentionally hit into them. What about putting? There are some really good putters out there...why not eliminate being able to mark your ball to lift and clean?

    Not to mention the obvious - distance rollbacks won’t just affect the longest hitters. They’ll still be longer than the short hitters.

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    he's right. The ball goes too far, make it spin more and see how they get on.

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    Bryson hit from 120 for his 3rd shot on the 627 par 5 just now. That’s 500 yards for 2 shots at 250 yards a shot. 250 is not overpowering golf courses.

    and his wedge shot was 25 feet away from the hole. Courses are not in danger

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    Here's what I don't get about all this. Winning scores are not extraordinarily low. We're not seeing guys getting to -35 every weekend. Rory's scoring average of 69.057 was good enough to be #1 last year. The furthest back the PGA site goes for scoring average is 1980 when Lee Trevino was #1 with ... 69.732. Barely half a stroke difference.

    Sure, courses are longer now than in 1980 and thus the game is played a bit differently ... but all sports change and evolve over time.

    I could understand the argument if the huge hitters were just shredding courses every week ... but they're not. Like someone else said, they still have to hit greens, still have to get up and down, still have to make putts.

    Relax, Monty.


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    Let's penalize the entire pool of players because of one guy, yeah makes total sense. When will we everbheary the end of this stuff...

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    I like the way you said it better than I did! Mrs. Doubtfire is angry with envy.

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    Maybe if Monty had spent more time in the gym instead of the pub eating and drinking. He gets mad at Berhard Langer who is a smaller wiry guy who is very fit and works out a lot. Langer is 62 or 63 and is still about 285 carry off the tee.

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    Hey, let's not get so crazy that it distracts us from criticizing Tour snails for their pace of play. What is this place coming to??



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    no because TW had a 43 inch steel shaft with a titleist professional ball..monty had the graphite shafts

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    Can't they just grow the grass longer and put the brakes on distance that way?

    In the 1970s the Chicago White Sox had some real speedsters on their team. They grew out the infield grass so that if you hit a slow roller, the batter may be able to beat it out with an infield hit.

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    Can they make a modern ball that curves like balatas of old? Maybe all balls go through some kind of spin and curve test....hit it straight...300 or 350 ..who cares ..hit it on the heel or toe or put on a bad swing? 60 yards left or right for a big hitter.

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    Yes, correct. And, Jack Nicklaus has long talked about the need for a dialed-back tour ball to bring courses back into play.

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    Chett Lemon! Man, I was so into baseball as a kid.

    I remember, even though I’m from NY, I got this hat. I don’t even remember why, I think I just liked how it looked. Used to annoy people but it was dope!

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    Langer is slow though.

    Monty is a guy who doesn't really practice and plays quickly.

    I watched the 1985 Masters and even back then commentators were calling Langer slow.

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    A simple solution... Make every golf course, regardless of length, set up like US Open.... Those 340 yard drives mean nothing in 4-5 inch rough.

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    I remember when we laughed at Bryon trying to bulk up. You have to hand it to him, when he does something, he does it and it works. Most here thought he was a flash in the pan after his Masters debut as an AM. That he would never be anything on tour. He is here to stay and I'm glad. He's a nice kid and fun to watch.

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    I'd like to start a discussion about muscleback forged irons vs SGI irons. That's the real issue.

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