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Low Trajectory - is it a problem?



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    You're correct, feel can affect ones swing, especially if it's not grooved. But when a swing is grooved, like mine, feel becomes trained even trustworthy and repeatable.

    I am a feel player as opposed to mechanical. To me, I see the shot, assess, address the ball and then execute the subtilties needed in my mechanics to get the desired shot result, and don't always use yardage in the process. I was a 700 meter shooter in my youth so estimating yardage with my eyes is kinda second nature. If I see a slight fade is needed to access a pin, I don't directly think about exact face angle needed for a baby fade, just sense the shot result and execute without identifying individual mechanical details. A friend is a good golfer as well but mechanical about every aspect of his game. He gets bogged down by it too.

    Sunday during my round on a dog-leg right hole I saw the desired fade around the tree line to access the green, pulled 3i and executed the shot without details. Also, had a little pitch to a back pin. I stood there looked at the tilted back/front green, and pin in the back right quadrant and bunker 6' to the right. Without measuring distance instinct had me pull PW and executed a less than half swing shot, ball hit checked, bounced once and trickled up to 6" right of the pin. There was no conscious thought process involved, just felt the desired shot.

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    I like the post with the Trackman height numbers. As a 75 MPH guy, I doubt if I get 26 yards height from my 6 iron. That's a pretty tall tree. And, I hit it higher than similar speed guys I play with. So I think that most of us in that speed range just don't get enough height. A few times in the threads about hot irons and jacked lofts, I have moaned that I want to see hot irons with 30 degree 6 irons. I'd be getting out the credit card. My answer to how high should I be hitting it is, "Higher!"

    There is an article/video on the WRX main page saying that angle of descent is the most important iron fitting factor. I agree. And they want to see 50 degrees coming down. That's steep. Again, that's not realistic for a slower swinger, I don't think. We could do it with utility woods, but probably lose accuracy.

    For driver, Ian Fraser of TXG says your optimum driver height in feet should equal your 5 iron swing speed.

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    I reckon it is harder for a fast swinger to play regular shafts than for an average swinger to play stiff shafts. Just because a shaft is stiff doesn't mean it automatically launches low. Weight may be more of an influence.

    Keep at it abd hopefully it improves. I switched from a 9.5o driver with 60gr shaft to same lofted driver with 85gr shaft. Took me months before I got some good loft abd distance out of that one. Just needed to get used to it.

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    Thanks everyone for the considerable feedback. I sincerely do appreciate the voices.


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