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Wedges. Curious to know what you're gaming.

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I'm certain this has come up elsewhere, but I was wondering what all of you are playing with. Please respond to any/all of the questions below:

  • How many wedges do you carry?
  • What are their lofts and bounces?
  • Which one gets the most duty and why?
  • What types of wedges do you use (finish, maker, etc.)?

  • Driver: TaylorMade M2 (2016) 9.5
  • 3W: TaylorMade V Steel 15
  • 3H: TaylorMade M3 19
  • Irons: Titleist 718 AP1 (4-W)
  • Wedges: Vokey SM7 54, TaylorMade Hi-Toe 60
  • Putter: TaylorMade TP Black Copper Ardmore 2


  • Warrior42111Warrior42111 FloridaMembers  515WRX Points: 298Handicap: 19Posts: 515 Golden Tee
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    PW -43* Callaway Apex 19

    GW - 48* RTX 4 - 8* Bounce

    SW - 54* RTX 4 - 10* Bounce

    LW - 60* RTX 4 - 3* Bounce

    Probably use the SW the most, as it is the most versatile, full shots, chips, pitches, normal bunker play etc. The GW is really just an extension of the irons and some chip and run. LW is just for the tight lies


    Taylormade M6 10.5| Project X Even Flow Black X 6.5
    Taylormade M4 Tour 15 * |Mitsubishi Tensei CK White 70 X
    Ping G400 18
    | PING Alta CB 65 Stiff
    Titleist 818 H1 20.5| Fujikura Atmos Blue 8X
    Callaway Apex 19 5-PW | Nippon Modus Tour 3 120 X
    Clevelans RTX4 48
    / 54* / 60* |
    Odyssey Stroke Lab, Toulon Memphis 34"

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    Ooh, I'll be following this thread.

    I play -

    --Cleveland RTX-3 52/10, satin

    --Cleveland RTX-3 56/11, satin

    --Callaway PM Grind 19, 60/12, satin

    I primarily use the 56 for shots from 40-105, and most standard greenside chipping and pitching. I realized I never hit 60 before I got my PM Grind 60, as I was comfortable with my 56 and only used the additional loft when needed - so, I got the specialty 60 for help elevating the ball around the greens and out of the bunkers. I'm finding I can hit the low spinner with it too, a shot I didn't really have before. That was a nice bonus.

    I only use my 52 if I'm between 106-115. It's basically just another iron. My 9/PW/AW are 38/43/48 so my wedge yardages are pretty tight. If I switch irons, which I'm looking to do soon, I'm hoping the PW/AW will be around 45/50 (or I'll just get them bent to near that, lol) so I can drop a wedge and have a 54 or 55 instead of the 52/56. I just don't use the 52 enough, but with my AW going ~125 I can't justify dropping it and having a 20 yard gap.

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    Ping G400 Max, 9°, Tour 65 Stiff -- Titleist TS2, 15°, Project X Hzrdus Stiff -- Titleist 818H1, 19°, Project X Even Flow 85 stiff -- Taylormade Sim Max, 5-AW, KBS 85, stiff -- Cleveland RTX-3, 52° & 56°-- Callaway PM Grind 19, 60° -- Ping Ketsch Mid, 33" -- Srixon Z Star

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    I ended up with Titleist Vokeys after happily playing many other popular brands like Nike, Mizuno and Cleveland. All brands are great. I go for max bounce due to the soft & lush conditions where I live (Southeast).

    52.12 (F) / 56.14 (F) / 60.10 (S)

    I believe an extra wedge is more useful than an extra long club. I'd rather ditch a long club that's never hit than pull a wedge I'm much more likely to need and much more likely to stick close. Common sense says to favor the wedge in that case.

    I use my 60 the most. A full shot goes about 100-yds with shorter shots being quite easy to manufacture. My 60 is also my primary club for chipping, pitching and bunker play.

    For what it's worth, I don't know many low-handicap golfers who don't do the 4-wedge thing. It's pretty common these days considering how much technology and versatility can be found in long irons, driving irons, hybrids and fairways. Almost everyone seems to agree that 4 wedges is better for scoring. However, it's worth saying that simply putting more wedges in the bag will not make you an effective user of those clubs. You have to dedicate some time to figuring out when and where each one will offer you some benefit.

    But most likely, you'll find short irons and wedges to justify their presence much more than having the full complement of long clubs. Usually you get long clubs that are either redundant or rarely used. So they can be be combined (or pulled out entirely). Since I have a 2i, 3i, and 4i, I'll usually pull one of those out based on what tees I'm going to play. Those irons won't all be needed on the same day. Experience tells me which one is most useless on a given day.

    But to me, wedges are as valuable as short irons, probably even more so. Would you consider pulling a short iron? Heck no! So why would you pull a wedge, especially when a good wedge shot can turn a 3 into a 2! You ain't making a lot of birdies off those long irons!

    Driver: M3 w. Tensei CK Pro Org.
    Fairway: M6 (3w)
    Dr-Iron: 718 T-MB (2)
    Irons: 716 CB (3-Pw)
    Wedges: SM6 52-F / 56-F / 60-S
    Putter: Newport 2 Select
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    I used to have a Cleveland 60* and now have a Hi-Toe and I really like it. So much online says to stay away from 60* wedges, that they can get you in trouble and they’re hard to hit... I actually think they’re easier to hit nice and full rather than checking up on a 56*.

    • Driver: TaylorMade M2 (2016) 9.5
    • 3W: TaylorMade V Steel 15
    • 3H: TaylorMade M3 19
    • Irons: Titleist 718 AP1 (4-W)
    • Wedges: Vokey SM7 54, TaylorMade Hi-Toe 60
    • Putter: TaylorMade TP Black Copper Ardmore 2
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    MD5 wedges in chrome finish. 50S, 54S., 60X. I play full and partial shots with the 50 and 54. 54 gets most of the under 100 yard pitching and around the green chipping duty. I like to play with the bounce on the 60X for more delicate shots. I generally use the 60x for greenside bunkers.

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    Vokey 46.10 F

    Vokey 50.08 F

    Vokey 54.12 S

    Vokey 60.08 M

    All Raw, s400 and the same length.

    46 - was an experiment that I'm not entirely sold on yet... I like it more for 3/4 shots, but I'm still getting it dialed in. It doesn't seem to go as far as my set PW and I have a 9i to PW gap. I'm probably going to bend it to 45* tbh.

    50 - use it much like the 46. Full and 3/4 shots. I use this for a more bump and run style chip from around the greens.

    54 - this is the heavy lifter for shots from 100 in, I will try my best to never hit a full swing with this club which comes in around 110. This hands most of the bunker duty.

    60 - pitch shots from 60/65 yrds in where I don't have the runway for the 54. Bunker shots when I need to get it up and the 54 won't do. Basically whatever the 54 does, but when I have less green to work with.

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  • BookerBooker Members  817WRX Points: 108Posts: 817 Golden Tee
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    I play a R9 B stamp pw 47°covers 140ish

    Ping eye 2 W which is 50.5° 110-130

    Ping eye 2 S 57.5° covers 105 and under.

    I really like hitting a 3/4 50 instead of a 54 or 53 to flight the ball.

  • ChipNRunChipNRun Members  2417WRX Points: 591Posts: 2,417 Platinum Tees
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    Two years ago I went from four to three wedges.

    First season, I played:

    • MD3 in 48°/8 full shot 95 yards.
    • MD3 in 54*/12 full shot 82 yards.
    • MD-PM in 60*/10, about 40 yards on 1/2 shot. // This year 60* out in favor of more stable MD4 58*/8 C-grind, flies 54 on 3/4 shot.

    Inside 20 yards, I go on feel with either 7i chip-and-run or 58* cut shot (I avoid lobs).

    For partial shots the distance determines which wedge I choose. Also... I include the 9i for 3/4 and half shots in my wedge matrix to cover a couple of yardage boxes.

    Right now I have three Callaway. From about 2012 to 2016 I had Callaway set 46° PW and 50/54/58 in Cleveland CG14. I also like the Ping Glide wedges, would probably switch to them if I went with Ping irons.

    As far as Vokey, I greatly admire the technology and range of head options. That said, the Vs have always felt strange to me.

    What's In The Bag *...

    Driver: Calla XR16 Pro 10.5° (set open) / Fuji Evolution II TS Speeder 665 R-flex 63 gr.
    FWs: Tour Edge XRail 4W + 7W / GraphiteDesign G60 R-flex 60 gr.
    or Calla Alpha 815, set 16° + 20° / Fuji Motore Speeder 665 R-flex 62 gr.
    Hybrid: Cobra FlyZ 3H 19° + 4H 22° / Matrix VLCT Altus Lite flex 73 gr.
    Irons: Tour Edge CB Pro Tungsten 4i - PW** / KBS Tour 90 R-flex 101 gr.
           4i refitted with SteelFiber 780 HLS Hybrid shaft R Flex 75 gr.
    Wedge: Calla MD3 48°/8.SS + 54°/12.WS + MD.PM 60°/10  | KBS Tour R-flex 110 gr.  | Note: MD4 58°/8.C-grind may replace MD/PM
    Putter: Ping Sigma G Tyne (face-balanced) / 34" w. Ping Pistol PP60 grip (stock)
    Bag: Sun Mountain Three 5 stand bag
    Ball: Calla SuperHot - orange
    * Either 7W or 3H left out, depending on course and season.
    ** Wedges: 46°and 48°are competing for bag space.
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    I’ve always preferred a PW, SW and LW system.

    This year, I jumped on the trend on going to 120 grams shaft wedges and it worked out well. My iron shafts are 114 grams.

    I prefer 10–12 degrees of bounce in my lofted wedges and open them up around the greens to expose the effective bounce out of the rough and bunkers.

    Im not a fan of the GW because I find it redundant. I normally go to a SW, LW and PW in that order for around the greens. I practice a lot of 3/4 PW with control so a GW is pointless in my game.

    I use to be OCD on the proper “loft spacing” but now I go by carry yardage. Today’s technology is experimental on the short and long iron side.

    Hence for me:

    PW 45*-13*

    SW 54*-11*


    Mizuno ST200 Diamana Blue 7.5*
    Epic SZ Strong 3 Wood, 12.5*
    Ping G410 Crossover 17* Tour Shaft
    Ping i210 (3-PW), Px LZ 6.0
    Wilson Staff Model 54* SW and 58* LW
    Odyssey RX9 Putter
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    • Depends on the course for how many I carry. Short courses I will carry 4, long 3. Will load bag based on typical distance to hole.
    • lofts are 50/12, 54/10, 59/9, 64/12
    • most duty isn’t 54 as its versatile and has the needed bounce for sand
    • 50/12 is vokey SM8 black, 54/58 are MG2 taylormade in black, 64 is TM Hightoe in copper

  • BenHoganSlam1953BenHoganSlam1953 Professional Hacker Members  1942WRX Points: 101Handicap: 10.4Posts: 1,942 Platinum Tees
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    I have three SM5s: 50/12 (F grind), 54/14 (F grind), and 58/8 (M grind) ... my 54 is when there is lots of soft sand, as well as, soft or fluffly lies - whereas my 58 is for less sand (or when the conditions of the bunker are iffy) and hardpan conditions.

    MP-650 Driver (10.5)
    MP-650 FW (13.5, 18), G10 HY (21, 24)
    MP-32 5i - 9i, Vokey SM5 50, 54 (F), 58 (M)
    Rife Aussie
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  • RoejyeRoejye Members  93WRX Points: 55Handicap: 18Posts: 93 Fairways
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    I basically play with 6 wedges, I just got a new to me set of Cleveland 588 mts that has a pw and dw. I also have a 52°, 56°, and 60° set of wedges from warrior custom golf that my dad gave me, and I purchased a Cleveland 588 rtx cb 2.0 56° off of the bay at the beginning of the season. The Cleveland rtx is the heavy lifter, I would say 85% of my chips. I got the black finish and it's only been a couple months and the bottom is quite worn. I really should clean up my bag, I rarely use the 52° and 56° from warrior.

  • Kblair9325Kblair9325 Members  9WRX Points: 13Posts: 9 Bunkers
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    T100s - 48





  • EphemerlolEphemerlol Members  10WRX Points: 9Posts: 10 Bunkers
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    I play 4 wedges.

    46* Ping s55 - KBS tour 120 (used mostly for full shots, but also for running the ball up to the green)

    50* Ping Glide SS (52* bent two strong), 10* bounce. - KBS tour 120 (Primarily for full shots, some short chipping closer to the green)

    54* Ping Glide SS 12* bounce. KBS tour 130 soft stepped. (This club does the bulk of the work in basic chipping and pitching)

    58* Ping Glide ES 8* bounce. KBS tour 130 soft stepped. (This is my go to sand club and generally what I use to get out of trouble.)

  • MinimalistGCMinimalistGC Members  63WRX Points: 87Posts: 63 Bunkers
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    Besides my 716 AP2 PW at 46*

    1) 56* 11 bounce M grind SM4

    913 D2
    u510 4i
    716 AP2 6i,8i,PW
    SM4 56*
    09 SC California Monterey
    ProV1, Snell MTB, or Kirklands
    All in a Jones Original 

    Golf Instagram:
  • LaymanMLaymanM Cincinnati, OHMembers  2246WRX Points: 322Handicap: 7Posts: 2,246 Platinum Tees
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    Bridgestone J15 52/56/60. Wish I could find a brand new set of these!

    Taylormade M6
    Callaway Steelhead XR 4+
    Mizuno MP-18 mb 4-PW
    Titliest SM7 50f, 54s, 58d
    SC Phantom X 5.5
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  • greenwavegolfergreenwavegolfer Members  238WRX Points: 104Handicap: 2.7Posts: 238 Fairways
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    PW: Z-Forged stock PW

    50º: RTX4 Black Satin, 10º/Mid

    54º: RTX4 Black Satin, 10º/Mid

    60º: RTX4 Black Satin, 9º/Mid

    The 60º is my club inside of 50 yards, most chips and bunker shots. 54º covers mostly 60-115 (some overlap depending on shot needs) with some chipping and bunker shots where I don't want to hit the 60º. 50º is 100-130ish.


    Ping G400 LST 10º (Playing 9º) Accra TZ5 65 M4
    Ping G410 LST 3W (14.5° standard setting) PX Evenflow Black 85 6.5
    Titleist T-MB 2i (17º) Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 95X (swap 2i and 3W in and out)
    Srixon Z-785 3i/4i Nippon Modus Tour 120X
    Srixon Z-Forged 5i-PW Nippon Modus Tour 120X
    Cleveland RTX4 Black Stealth 50º, 54º Nippon Modus Tour 120X, 60º Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400
    Ping Sigma 2 Tyne
  • b.mattayb.mattay New WRX'er Members  680WRX Points: 153Handicap: +2Posts: 680 Golden Tee
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    S56 PW-47 degrees

    Gorge GW-51 degrees, 13 bounce, SS Grind

    Gorge SW-56 degrees, 13 bounce, SS Grind

    Gorge LW-60 degrees, 6 bounce (more from leading edge to center), TS Grind

    Lob wedge gets the most play because most greenside shots require it.

    M5 (7.5, Tensei CK Pro White 70TX, Z-Cord Std, +1 Wrap)

    M5 (13.75, Tensei CK Pro White 70TX, Z-Cord, +1 Wrap)

    DHy Pro (18, DG 105X, Z-Cord, +1 Wrap)

    i200 (4i, PX 7.0, Z-Cord, +1 Wrap, Black Dot) 

    S56 (5-PW, PX 7.0, Z-Cord, +1 Wrap, Black Dot)

    Gorge Tour (51SS, 56SS, 60TS, X100, Z-Cord, +1 Wrap, Black Dot)

    White Hot Rossie (34.5 inches, Garsen Ultimate) 

    Srixon Z-Star XV 
  • sociojejesociojeje Members  87WRX Points: 49Posts: 87 Fairways
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    Used to use RC Dual Bite 50 56 and 60. Now, RC Dual Bite 50, PM Grind 19 56 and 60. For fluffy lies and bunkers, I use 56. Otherwise, mostly use 60 within 50 yard. Only use 50 for half shot for 80-100 yards.

  • FlorisFloris Members  558WRX Points: 67Handicap: 5.2 (EURO)Posts: 558 Golden Tee
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    I play with a 4-wedge setup:

    Mizuno JPX 919 tour: 48º, 6º, 1º flat, standard length

    Mizuno T20 raw: 52º, 9º, 0.5º flat, standard length

    Mizuno T20 raw: 56, 14º, 0,5º flat, standard length

    Mizuno T20 raw: 60º, 6º, 0,5 flat, standard length

    I've chosen the Mizuno T20 as they give me a little more spin and lower flight than any other wedge I tried.

    The 56º is the one I use most as I like chipping with it.

    TaylorMade SIM 9º | Oban Kiyoshi White 4-flex
    TaylorMade SIM Max 3-15º | HZRDUS Smoke Green 6.5
    TaylorMade SIM Max 5-18º | HZRDUS Smoke Green 6.5
    Mizuno 919 Forged 4-6 (2º weak) | PX 6.0
    Mizuno 919 Tour 7-P (2º weak) | PX 6.0
    Mizuno T20 52º/4º, 56º/14º, 60º/6º | PX 6.0
    Scotty Cameron Futura X5w with SuperStroke PistolGT 2.0 CB
    Titleist ProV1x 2020
    Arccos 360
    Clickgear B3 / Mizuno BR-D3 Blue/Grey/White or Titleist StaDry Black/Grey/Orange-ish
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  • hagimihalehagimihale Members  233WRX Points: 139Posts: 233 Fairways
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    PW: Mizuno MP-54 48*

    GW: Mizuno S18 50* 8 bounce

    SW: Mizuno S18 54* 12 bounce

    LW: Mizuno S18 58* 10 bounce

    Lately my PW and SW get the most activity around the greens. Courses here in FL are now wet due to rain season, and my PW gets through the crap (especially tight/wet lies) best.

    SW is the most versatile, so when things dry up that will likely be my go-to club.

    GW tends to be in my hands for the partial shots from 50-100yds, its becoming a real scoring weapon.


    Titleist TS4 9.5*, Diamana DF 60X || Titleist Tour Issue 917D2 11*, Aldila Tour Green 65 TS

    Titleist 915F 15*, Diamana W-series 80S

    Titleist 818H2 18* Tensei Pro White 90S

    Titleist 818H2 21* Tensei Pro White 90X

    Mizuno MP-54 4i, 6i-PW, Dynamic Gold X100

    Mizuno S18 50* 54* Dynamic Gold S400

    Scotty Cameron Select Fastback

  • JarCar14JarCar14 Members  16WRX Points: 32Handicap: 12ishPosts: 16 Bunkers
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    PW: Apex CF 16 - 45

    GW: Apex Pro 16 - 50

    SW: MD4 Chrome - 54 / 10 bounce

    LW: MD PM Tour Grey - 60 / 10 bounce

    Full shots only with PW, GW full shots 90% of the time. Use 54 around the green for most anything around the greens that isn't short-sided/no green to work with or in a bunker. 60 for those two purposes.


    Taylormade SIM 10.5* w/ PX Hzrdus Smoke Green 70x

    Callaway Epic Flash 15* w/ PX Hzrdus Smoke Black 70x

    Mizuno CLK 2020 19* w/ Mitsubishi Tensei White 90Tx

    Mizuno JPX Forged 919 4 - GW w/ KBS $ Taper 130x

    Callaway MD4 Chrome 54/10*

    Callaway PM Grind 19 58/12*

    Taylormade Spider Tour Black 34"

  • benthegolferbenthegolfer Members  1559WRX Points: 136Posts: 1,559 Platinum Tees
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    AP2 PW at 47

    Vokey SM7 52.08F

    Vokey SM7 56.10S

    Vokey SM8 60.10S


    Titleist TS3 8.5 Project X Evenflow T1100 65 6.0
    Titleist TS3 15 Project X Evenflow T1100 75 6.0
    Titleist T-MB 718 3 Iron Project X 6.5
    Titleist AP2 718 4-PW KBS C TAPER 125 S+
    Titleist Vokey SM7 52.08F KBS 610 Wedge 125
    Titleist Vokey SM7 56.10S KBS 610 Wedge 125
    Titleist Vokey SM8 60.10S Dynamic Gold S200
    Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2

  • fastswingerfastswinger Members  18WRX Points: 50Posts: 18 Bunkers
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    Four wedge setup here:

    PW (46): Mizuno T7 blue, 8º

    50º: RTX4 Black Satin, 10º/Mid

    54º: RTX4 Raw, 10º/Mid

    58º: RTX4 chrome, low

    All different colors so I never hit the wrong one by mistake 😬

    Was a vokey guy, but this is the first year with Cleveland in a decade or so. I'm happy with them.

  • MyherobobhopeMyherobobhope hey there, blimpy boy. Flying through the sky so fancy free. Members  3235WRX Points: 841Handicap: 6Posts: 3,235 Titanium Tees
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    I picked up new SM6s this year on the cheap, and have been using them... I have a 50 degree SM7, and then 54 and 58 in SM6.

    50 - SM7, Silver finish, S300 shaft. Standard grind and bounce (I think F and 8?). This is more an approach shot club than it is an around the green club, though I will use it for long runners.

    54 - SM6 Steel Gray Finish, regular shaft. 12 degrees of bounce, F grind... this was bought to be my workhorse... but it's been replaced. I use this for 100-50 yard shots primarily, with the occasional chip around the green. Mostly when I want some roll but need to carry something.

    58 - SM6 K grind 12 degrees of bounce. I don't know what happened, but I love this wedge around the green... It was supposed to be a specialty club for tight pins and when I need to moonball something, but I get along great with the grind and the bounce for whatever reason, and it's just a straight up workhorse around the green. It's become my default for sand shots, chips out of the rough and pitches under 20 yards... It's probably my favorite wedge I've ever owned (yet I've left it on the course twice now)


    As of 6/5/20
    9.5 Cobra LTD Pro with Aldila Silver 110 X
    13 Degree Adams Speedline with Aldila Alpha X
    18 Degree Adams A12 with Proforce X
    6-PW Adams CMB with Project X 6.0
    5 iron Sub70 639 CB with S400
    4 iron / utility Sub 70 699 with Proforce 85 gram X
    50, 54, 60 Vokeys
    Tank Counter Balance #7
    Driver and Putter are set for now. Wedges are safe for time being.

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  • wam78wam78 Members  764WRX Points: 245Handicap: NAPosts: 764 Golden Tee
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    Still my fav wedges I ever played. Best feeling too. Just wish they had more grind options. The newest ones, biting rail tech, look awesome at address just too much branding in the cavity and sole.

    Ts3 8.5* Fujikura Motore Speeder vc 6.2 
    Ts3 15* Diamana S+ LTD Blueboard 70s tipped .5"
    U500 2 Iron Hzrdus Smoke 6.5
    Bridgestone Tour B JGR h2 4i Modus 120s 
    Bridgestone Tour B X-CB 5-pw Modus 120s
    SM8 Raw 50F, 54S bent to 53, 58S Modus 125 Wedge
    Toulon Las Vegas  KBS CT Tour Matte, Iomic I-Classic Mid Black 
    Bridgestone Tour B XS
  • lefty1978lefty1978 Charlotte, NCMembers  683WRX Points: 417Handicap: 8.7Posts: 683 Golden Tee
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    46°/6° Mizuno S18, dg s300. It's my pitching wedge as I didn't care for the 919 forged set wedge. Full shot club.

    52°/9° Mizuno S18, dg s300. It's a Gap wedge, nothing fancy. Typically used for full shots. Good on partial and knockdown shots, sometimes out of bunkers.

    58°/11° Vokey SM5 K grind, dg s200. Great bunker wedge, my home course has soft sand. Also great in heavy wet soils. I use anywhere inside of 80 yards or around the green. I love the weight and shorter stock length of this club.

    62°/8° Vokey SM5 T grind, dg s200. Used primarily around the green, but never more than 50 yds out. Excellent on bare lies. Can open up for flop shots. Good out of bunkers. Probably my favorite wedge, I bought a back up.

    Mizuno ST190 9.5° w/ Fuji Atmos Black TS
    Mizuno ST190 3W w/ Graphite Design Tour AD DI
    Mizuno JPX 900 5W w/ Fuji Speeder 661 Evo II
    Mizuno MP-20 SEL HMB 4 iron w/ DG 120 S300
    Mizuno JPX 919 Forged 5-9 w/ DG 120 S300
    Mizuno S18 46° w/ DG S300
    Mizuno S18 52° w/ DG S300
    Titleist Vokey SM5 58°/11° K Grind
    Titleist Vokey SM5 62°/8° T Grind
    Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2
    Titleist Pro V1 golf balls
  • CelebrosCelebros Vandalia, OHMembers  426WRX Points: 325Handicap: 0.1Posts: 426 Greens
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    PW - Cobra Forged Tour (45*)

    GW - Cobra Forged Tour (50*)

    SW - Cobra King (56*, 7* Bounce, WideLow Grind)

    LW - Cobra King Pur (60*, 4* Bounce, WideLow Grind)

    Cobra F9 Speedback (9*)
    Cobra F8+ (14.5*, 19*)
    Cobra Forged Tour (4-GW)
    Cobra King (56*)
    Cobra King Pur (60*)
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    I love the grinds, perfect for me. I would get new Bridgestone's if they offered same grind. Maybe they can be refinished?

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