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Wedges. Curious to know what you're gaming.



  • RobSRobS Members  143WRX Points: 81Posts: 143 Fairways
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    RTX 4 Raw. 50 mid, 56 full and 60 mid. Stock TIS400's. Great wedges!

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • shart6shart6 Members  322WRX Points: 92Handicap: 5.8Posts: 322 Greens
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    PW currently Tommy Armour Silverback 845C 47 loft bounce unknown. Soon Titleist 735-CM stainless 47 loft 8 bounce

    Gap Vokey Spin Milled C-C 52 loft 12 bounce (custom 6 digit serial number)

    Sand/Lob Vokey Raw Mild Steel 58 loft 12 bounce

    Driver Titleist 913 D2  11 degree Project X 5.5 Black
    3 Wood Titleist 913F 16 degree Diamana Ilima  60 stiff
    5 Wood Titleist 913F 19 degree Diamana Ilima 70 stiff
    Hybrid Titleist 913H 21 degree Project X 5.5 Black
    Irons Tommy Armour 845C 4-P Dynalite Gold S300
    Vokey Raw Mild Steel 52 Royal Spinner 5.5
    Ben Hogan Special W wedge bent to 57 degrees
    Putter Ping Anser F fished out of a lake
  • jtravisdavidjtravisdavid Members  11WRX Points: 43Handicap: 4Posts: 11 Bunkers
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    I typically carry 4 wedges;

    Mizuno PW that comes with my set: 46 degrees (140 yards full swing)

    Vokey SM7 48.10 F grind (130 yards)

    Vokey SM7 52.08 F grind (120 yards)

    Vokey SM7 58.10 S grind (105 yards)

    The 58 gets a lot of use. The S grind is versatile and can be used for full shots, as well as flops. Just enough bounce to give you help out of the trap. The others I mainly use for full shots. For my home course, an average approach shot is about 150 yards, so I like to have pretty tight 10 yard gaps from 120-160 as that is where most of my approaches fall.

    I've also found the SM7s feel far superior (softer) to my previous SM5s.

    TaylorMade SLDR 10° Diamana Kai'li 70
    Adams Super DHY 21° Matrix White Tie
    Mizuno MP-18 MMC
    Titleist Vokey SM7 48°/52°/58°

  • Pearson10MPearson10M Members  167WRX Points: 59Posts: 167 Fairways
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    Cleveland RTX-3 CB wedges. 52, 54, 60 deg All two dot (medium bounce).

    For me 60 deg anything inside 40 yds, but I can hit it 60 yds.

    40-70 yds and out of sand, unless pop-up needed, the 56 deg.

    70-90 yds the 52 deg.

    90 - 115 yds PW (48 deg).

  • capkingcapking CanadaMembers  743WRX Points: 136Posts: 743 Golden Tee
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    PW Mizuno MP20 MMC 46.06 Don’t use for chipping 130ish

    all T20s are in the Blue Ion finish

    51.09 Mizuno T20 S Grind. Use for chips to bump and run 120ish

    56.10 Mizuno T20 C Grind. Bunker shots and the majority of chips around the green, I was playing without a Lob wedge but I did order one today. Also my 110 and in club

    61.07 Mizuno T20 C Grind. Just ordered it as alluded to above. Will use for standard lob shots and I’ll probably put some practice in for some more finesse.

    Use the same shafts as my irons, Project X 6.5 +0.5” and clubs are 2* Flat

  • PepperturboPepperturbo Midwest and SouthwestMembers  16879WRX Points: 1,030Handicap: 4-5Posts: 16,879 Titanium Tees
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    • How many wedges do you carry? Including PW = 3
    • What are their lofts and bounces? PW-48/8, SW-52/8, LW-58/8
    • Which one gets the most duty and why? It's between PW and LW with the latter used the most.
    • What types of wedges do you use (finish, maker, etc.)? Standard Vokey.

    Titleist TS2 9.5, Ventus 5 "S"
    Titleist TS2 16.5*, Ventus 7 "S"
    Titleist 718 T-MB 17* 2i, Steelfiber i110 "S"
    Titleist 620 CB/MB 3i-PW, Steelfiber i110/i125 "S"
    SM6 F-52/8, Steelfiber i125 "S"
    SM6 M-58/8, DG-S200
    SC California Monterey
    ProV1 & AVX

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • chipachipa Florida/Caribbean Members  303WRX Points: 77Handicap: Dec. '20Posts: 303 Greens
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    I play two wedges because I have a minimalist setup. A 60 deg. TourTools (Bang) System 304 and a 50 deg. GW Acer XV Tour. They are both smallish which I like. My home course is hilly and has elevated hard greens and I rarely play at other courses.


    12 deg. Bang - 16 deg. Hybrid Heater - Acer XV Tour irons - LW Bang - Bang mallet

  • 403Golfer403Golfer Members  11WRX Points: 16Posts: 11 Bunkers
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    • How many wedges do you carry? 3
    • What are their lofts and bounces? 50° Mid, 54° Mid, 58° Low
    • Which one gets the most duty and why? 50° Mid, unless I need the loft this is my go-to for chipping
    • What types of wedges do you use (finish, maker, etc.)? Cleveland, the 50° is a Tour Satin finish, the 54° and 58° are a raw finish


    Cobra Fly-Z 10° | Aldila Tour Green 65S

    Cobra Fly-Z 14.5° | Aldila Tour Blue 75S

    Cobra F9 Speedback Tour 17.5° | HZRDUS Smoke 70S

    Cleveland CG16 4-PW | N.S. Pro 1040GH

    Cleveland RTX 4.0 50° Mid | TT DG S400

    Cleveland Custom RTX 2.0 54° Mid / 58° Low | TT DG S400

    Odyssey Toulon Las Vegas H7

  • VaterVater Members  33WRX Points: 26Posts: 33 Bunkers
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    I guess I never answered my own question, though my specs are in my sig.

    • I carry three wedges
    • 50.08, 56.12, 60.10 (my set PW is 45*)
    • My 60 is climbing the charts. I love that thing. I'm almost making up excuses to use it.
    • You can see the types/details in the pic below

    My motley bunch of wedges:


    Titleist sandwich on TaylorMade bread

    • Driver: TaylorMade M2 (2016) 9.5
    • 3W: TaylorMade V Steel 15
    • 3H: TaylorMade M3 19
    • Irons: Titleist 718 AP1 (4-W)
    • Wedges: Vokey SM7 54, TaylorMade Hi-Toe 60
    • Putter: TaylorMade TP Black Copper Ardmore 2
  • NRJyzrNRJyzr Minnesota, USAMembers  7364WRX Points: 1,422Handicap: 7Posts: 7,364 Titanium Tees
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    Been carrying a 55* Ram TW855 and Maltby Design 60* on top of my 51* PW. Bounce for those two is around 10* to 12* for the 55, and I believe 6* on the 60.

    When I play my 47* PW, I carry a Dynacraft milled 52 with 12* bounce, and a Wilson Staff PMP 58*, which checks in at 10* bounce.

    The Ever Changing Bag!

    Driver:  Cobra King LTD, Aldila ProtoPype 80x, 43.5"
    3w:  Cobra King LTD, Aldila RIP Alpha 80 X, 42"
    3h:  TaylorMade Stage 2 Tour, DGS400
    3-PW:  Mizuno MP-37, DGS300
    GW:  Dynacraft Dual Millled 52*, DGS400
    SW:  Wilson Staff PMP 58*, DGS300
    Putter:  Snake Eyes Viper Tour Sv1, 34.25"
    Balls: in no particular order... Wilson Staff FG Tour, Duo Professional, or 50 Elite... will trot out Maxfli HT-100 or Elite 90 from time to time

    Sometimes carry 1-SW Golden Ram Tour Grinds w/Dynamic S or 2-PW Golden Ram TW282, Precision 6.5
    Also sometimes swap in old school woods at top of bag, various Golden Ram, MacGregor, or Orlimar persimmons
  • Bushwood Country ClubBushwood Country Club Bushwood Country Club Members  960WRX Points: 145Handicap: 8.8Posts: 960 Golden Tee
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    All are Callaway MD5

    • 46 (bent to 45) PW, S grind (10 degrees bounce)
    • 50 Gap Wedge, S Grind
    • 54 Sand Wedge, S Grind
    • 58 Lob Wedge, W Grind (8 degrees bounce)

    I use all for full and partial swings. Lob wedge is my bunker club. 54 is my most versatile, and I use it for most shots between 50 and 100 yards.

    • Ping G410 LST, Mitsubishi Tensei Orange Pro
    • Ping G410 3 wood, Mitsubishi Diamana BF
    • Ping G410 3 hybrid, Mitsubishi Tensei Blue Pro
    • Ping G410 4 hybrid, Evenflow Black
    • Titleist T200 5-9 KBS Tour Flt
    • Callaway MD5 45,49,54,58/
    • TP Mills Trad II Hand Forged
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  • sshadow2sshadow2 Members  1309WRX Points: 178Posts: 1,309 Platinum Tees
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    All Cleveland. CBX2 for 48/9 and 54/12 in satin, with an RTX4 Raw 60/9 bent to 59/8.

    I use the 60* only for harder green side sand, while the 54* gets used for most of my wedge needs.

    I really like the 48* for my bump and runs.


    PING G410 Plus 9* Fujikura Atmos Blue TS 6
    Cobra KING Speedzone FW 14.5* 3W Graphite Design AD-DI
    Cobra KING F9 Hybrid 21* Fujikura Atmos 7 TS Red
    Cobra KING F9 Hybrid 24* Fujikura Atmos 7 TS Red
    Cobra Forged Tec 6-PW $-Taper Lite
    Cleveland CBX2 48* KBS C-Taper
    Cleveland CBX2 54* KBS C-Taper
    Cleveland RTX 4 60* TT DG S400
    PING Heppler Anser 2 / Evnroll 1.2 Tour Blade
    2019 Taylormade TP5 ball

  • indianagolf2indianagolf2 Members  176WRX Points: 32Posts: 176 Fairways
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    Any feedback on mizuno sc 18 vs bettinardi version 2 vs wilson pmp grind. Bettinardi is rhe po revious version


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