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Project X pxi 6.0 vs. Project X Flighted 6.0

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Has anyone hit both the project x 6.0 as well as the project x pxi 6.0? I just picked up a new set of Titleist 718 TMB's with 6.0 pxi in them (4-p). It was one of those where the price was too good to pass, regardless of shaft. Later that day, I threw my back out and am going to have to hold off for a week or two before I can swing them. Just looking to hear what you noticed between the two, similarities and differences, and a preference one way or another. Based on SS, 6.5's is where I "should" be, but I like the feel of the 6.0 better. I just really dont know much about the pxi, and know you fine folks do! Thanks!



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    PXI is just a lighter weight version of regular PX. Flighted I believe are higher launch in long irons and lower launch in short irons

    PXI are still a stable shaft given the lighter weight of them. I played standard PX 6.5 for years and found a set of Srixon z965 with PXI 6.5... distance went up about 10 yards, slightly higher launch but still lower spin. Id be willing to bet the 6.0 PXI might feel too soft for you if you play regular 6.5 now


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    As per @JoeFrigo, PXI basically a PX of lighter weight, slightly higher launch.

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    I have seen the TMB are likely to have a higher ball flight to begin with, do you think this shaft/head combo would be too much? I am not opposed to a decently high ball flight, but I dont want to be ridiculous either.

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    Pxi will play much softer

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    I purchased a full set of 716 T-MB’s with XP 115 S300 shafts and I was a bit apprehensive about my purchase due to the same thought processes. I was coming from a set of Mizuno Mp-67’s with DG X100 shafts, not exactly a high flying combo. So, with the T-MB’s, I went down in weight and in flex. (As you know, there is more to shaft selection, than swing speed.) The Mizuno Optimizer placed me in a C-Taper and a PX6.5 due to my swing speed being 94-95mph with a 7 iron, but after talking to the club fitter and him watching me hit some balls, he noticed I have a slower tempo and easy transition, so he had me hit shafts in the 120 weight range in X-stiff and in Stiff flex.......I didn’t have much difference in dispersion from stiff to X-Stiff. The biggest thing for me was feel/weight.?

    So, now that I moved into an XP series shaft and a higher launching head, I was worried about ballooning the ball after some reading and discussion here. I was convinced of that when I went to the range and saw the ball flight, 😳 but that is due to me being used to a low ball flight that gradually rises to a peak with plenty of spin. Now my ball flight is mid to mid high, but it’s a lower spin, so it has a higher, yet controlled boring trajectory. It took me a few times out to wrap my head around it. The launch was just such a different sight picture to me at start, but my numbers on a GC Quad are great.

    The T-MB’s are stronger lofted than my Mizunos by almost a full club, and I am about 3/4 club longer with the T-MB’s, but it’s all carry. I actually have better distance control with this combo. I could get some long irons that fell short with the last Mizuno MP/X100 combo due to high spinners, but the T-MB’s launch high, but spin less, giving me a consistent mid-high boring trajectory. The random one that I catch like my Mizuno that produced a higher trajectory spinner, now is just an even higher ball flight that falls about the same distance, whereas my Mizuno’s would be a full club short due to the strike.

    I can’t speak about the 718 T-MB’s or the PXI, but I am happy with my purchase.

    Yes, they will probably fly high. If you are ballooning one shaft, you probably will balloon them all, on the other end, if you don’t have a problem with ballooning the ball with your current shaft, you probably won’t have the problem in the PXI either. It’s a swing issue rather than a shaft issue. It will be a higher trajectory, but nothing wrong with that............. have you seen the guys on Tour........? Not many low ball hitters unless they are trying to flight it down/ hit stingers.

    In all honesty, the flight freaked me out at my first range session, but after looking at where it was landing and how it performed on my second time out with a 20mph cross wind, I knew that the combo was just as good, if not better than my last set. I’ve found the T-MBs easier for me to work left to right than any of my previous blades for some reason. I tend to play a slight draw, but these are just easy to fade for me......... is there is such thing as a fade bias iron 🤔 if so, the T-Mb fits that bill for me! 👍


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    “if you are ballooning one shaft, you are probably ballooning them all.”

    Love it. So true.

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    The PXi is just a lighter version of the normal project X. I normally play the normal 6.0 but in the flighted version, I can play a 5.5 comfortably.


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