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What Are Your Course's Tee Markers Set Up

 DArnie ·  
DArnieDArnie Members  28WRX Points: 19Handicap: 1Posts: 28 Bunkers
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Just curious to see what the tee markers are. Used to be that their were usually only three sets of tees: Championship or Back, Mens or Members and Ladies with the Men's tee usually white and the Ladies tee usually red. The Championship tees were usually black, gold or blue from the courses I remember. Now with the usage of multiple tees the colors are all different and I've seen many posters say something like: "Well I play off the Gold tees and"... which now can mean anything. Here are what they are at the two courses I play most. What's yours?

Course 1:

Championship or back: Blue

Men's or Members: White

Senio:s: Gold

Super Seniors:/Ladies Championship: Black

Ladies: Red

Jrs. play off Red, Black and Gold as they get older.

Course 2:

Championship or back: Gold

Men's or Members: White

Senio:s: Blue

Ladies: Red



  • goaliedad30goaliedad30 Members  109WRX Points: 125Handicap: 4Posts: 109 Fairways
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    We have five sets of tees. Back to front, they are:

    Gold (7,000 yards)

    Blue (6,700 yards)

    White (6,200 yards)

    Silver (5,600 yards)

    Red (5,200 yards)

    There are also Gold/Blue, Blue/White, and Red/Silver combo tees. Additionally, our 18th hole (400 yard par 4) can also be played as a par 3 (170 yards, tee off from the top of a waterfall across a lake to the green -- great hole!)

    In terms of member play, most of the male members play the whites, with a significant proportion from the blue. Our young super-low handicappers play the golds, but otherwise they don't get too much play. Most of the women players play the reds, with a few of the longer hitting, low handicap women playing the silver. Our collegiate women players play from the whites most of the time, sometimes from the blues.

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  • MoonlightgrmMoonlightgrm MassachusettsMembers  1075WRX Points: 223Handicap: 2 (index = 2.3)Posts: 1,075 Platinum Tees
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    Red: 5,800 yards

    Gold: 6,000 yards

    White: 6,400 yards

    Blue: 6,800 yards

    Black: 7,000 yards

    Our golf course is at sea level.

  • RainShadowRainShadow Tucson AZ (for now)Members  4340WRX Points: 578Handicap: 8.2Posts: 4,340 Titanium Tees
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    Arizona National, Tucson. About 7 minutes from my house.

    RTJ Jr. layout.

    Black: Tips 6785, par 71. 72.5/143

    Blue: My usual. 6340, par 71. 70.1/139

    White: 5697 par 71 . 67.4/131

    Gold/Ladies: 5417 Par 71. 71.2/133

    Red /Ladies: 4469 par 71. 66.5/112

    Most guys I play with play the blues. Course get's more difficult the deeper into the round. Lots of elevation changes.

    Throw in some wind and it gets pretty tough in places.

    Staff has told me that quite a few male members play the blue on the front and white on the back as there are some longer forced carry tee shots on the back.

    Par 5 18th is a breather and reachable even for me after a good drive, and I'm not long by any means.

    Took me a few rounds to appreciate the architect's strategy, but now I love it.

    The muni's around here usually go Blue, White (men's club), Red.

    Local Resorts have 5 or more tees.

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  • DivinDaveDivinDave Longview TexasMembers  631WRX Points: 142Handicap: 13.8Posts: 631 Golden Tee
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    Black 7,387 yards

    Blue 6,845 yards

    White 6,392 yards

    Gold 5,766 yards

    Red 5,391 yards

    Experience - What's leaned just after you needed it most
  • DArnieDArnie Members  28WRX Points: 19Handicap: 1Posts: 28 Bunkers
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    That sounds like a great idea on the last being played as a par 3. Will pass that idea on .

    Seems that most courses still use the whites for mens/members tees and red for woman's tees but that seems to be all that different clubs have in common. Kinda like everything else in golf with no set standards but that is fine, I guess.

  • goaliedad30goaliedad30 Members  109WRX Points: 125Handicap: 4Posts: 109 Fairways
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    The par 3 idea came from when the course was redesigned about 20 years ago by Mike Strantz. The 18th always had a waterfall as a visual feature (a Ted Robinson signature in is designs). Strantz looked at the top of the waterfall and said "we have to put a tee up there!" The downside is that those tees are really small, so can't stand very much play. It's really saved for special events, and members are "encouraged" to only play it from there sparingly, to preserve the turf.

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  • Edaw68Edaw68 Members  1653WRX Points: 272Handicap: 5Posts: 1,653 Platinum Tees
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    Crimson tees- 7300 yards. Pretty much just used for college tournaments.

    Blue tees- 6700 yards. The normal "low handicapper" tees. This includes the women's golf team.

    Gray tees- 6100 yards. This is probably the most commonly used set. Normal for men's league, most recreational players, etc.

    Black tees- 5500 yards. I mostly see these used by senior golfers, some women.

    Green tees- 5100 yards. Beginners, some juniors, some women, some older men.

    Course is at about 2500 feet elevation. I'll usually alternate between the blues and the grays, depending on weather and my mood. The blues are a challenge. I'll usually play the crimsons once a summer or so on a slow day, to remind myself that I just don't have the length to do it.

  • cardoustiecardoustie haha, we don't play for 5's Tasmania to CanadaMembers  14087WRX Points: 2,899Handicap: 3.1Posts: 14,087 Titanium Tees
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    Lion ... gold 7,000 ... 74/144

    black 6800

    blue 6600

    white 6300

    red are 5500

    there are also combo tees for super senior gents that don’t want 6300. Maroon and Green


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    Callaway Apex 5h 26* Kuro Kage 90s
    Mizuno 919t 6-PW UST Recoil 110s
    Vokey TVD 52m-58m-64* s400
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  • MobyMoby Members  70WRX Points: 20Posts: 70 Bunkers
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    Blue - 6015

    White - 5605

    Red - 5069

  • 596596 Lakeland, FLMembers  3898WRX Points: 390Posts: 3,898 Titanium Tees
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    A few years ago we ditched the red and a ton of guys, seniors, moved up to the new green tees.

    Blue - tips

    White - men's

    Green - senior (old red tees)

    Yellow - ladies/youth

  • ThinkingPlusThinkingPlus South TexasClubWRX  2654WRX Points: 1,668Handicap: +2.2Posts: 2,654 ClubWRX
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    Gold : Tournament - 6821 yards

    Blue : Championship - 6464 yards

    White : Regular - 6134 yards

    Silver : Forward - 5425 yards

    I typically play either Silver (with the women's group) or White (with my hubby). I have played Blue a handful of times. I may give the Gold tees a try one day, but those really are a bridge too far for me. Currently I can't post scores from Blue or Gold (not rated for women) which is another reason not to play those tees.

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    Irons: Maltby TS-1 5i-GW w/KBS Tour R-flex
    Sand Wedge: Jim Kronus JK-1 Custom Grind 54/06 w/DG S200
    Lob Wedge: Titleist Vokey SM6 58/04 L Grind w/TT Wedge Flex
    Putter: Scotty Cameron Futura X w/Super Stroke Claw 1.0
    Ball: Titleist Pro V1X in yellow
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  • ZacR88ZacR88 Members  284WRX Points: 61Handicap: 4.7Posts: 284 Greens
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    We have more than a few set ups and huge tee boxes on some holes to really shake things up.

    blacks - 6960


    blue - 6169( members tee, still don’t know why they call it that)

    whites- not sure the yardage

    red and green and I think silver mixed in somewhere. Not sure as I don’t pay attention to those sets lol

    but yeah there’s a lot haha.

  • elwhippyelwhippy Members  3607WRX Points: 461Posts: 3,607 Titanium Tees
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    White tees for medals. Yellow for regular play. Red for Ladies. Black for seniors and juniors.

    Our yardage is only 6221 off white tees but moving them back as far as legally allowed and sticking pins at back of greens can add another 150 yards.

    Our local, and well known links built a set of blue tees, some 250 yards more than whites. Only problem is two of the holes require a 210 yard plus carry into prevailing wind. Now used for 36 hole scratch and club champs and nothing else as mid hcp players and shorter hitters were unable to clear the rough and gorse.

  • hangontighthangontight Members  790WRX Points: 245Posts: 790 Golden Tee
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    Funny, but predictable. The “red tee” stigma. Change the color to green and they are all over it! This is really a loaded topic - Cant wait for the old mindset of “men’s, seniors, ladies, juniors” tee tagging to phase out. People should play from where you can 1.) play fast from, and 2.) enjoy your round. Seniors are always slow to move up to the “senior” tees. The “ladies” tees are often (most often) too far for the average lady golfer and younger junior golfers. Both ends of the spectrum cause slow play and less enjoyment of the game for all. Love the new trend of places that have legit tees starting around 4,000 yards or less. Where the extra expense is an issue, tee markers in the fairway will do fine. If not, just play from where feels good.

  • MaxBuckMaxBuck Members  526WRX Points: 270Posts: 526 Golden Tee
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    I play with a 90-year-old who plays the red tees unapologetically. Shot his age today. It counts, guys. 👍

    He used to play to a 4, so nobody start nothin'.

  • az2auaz2au Scottsdale, AZ/New York, NYUnregistered  2302WRX Points: 463Handicap: 4.8Posts: 2,302 Platinum Tees
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    Main club:

    Gold 7203 75.5/149

    Blue 6933 74.5/142

    Red 6713 73.2/137

    Black 6534 72.2/133

    Silver 6064 70.4/129

    Green 5606 68.0/124

    There's also a white and copper set that aren't rated for men. Red tees are named after Red Lawrence who designed the course and are meant to be as close to the original back tees as possible. It is my favorite set to play.

    Other clubs I belong to have different naming for tees but only one course has the Red tees as the most forward tees. In other places it is Green or "V". My wife who has mostly only played golf at these places wouldn't even have any idea that "Red" is commonly the ladies tees because she only plays one place even semi-regularly where the most forward tees are "Red".

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  • jonnymc44jonnymc44 Manchester UKMembers  262WRX Points: 174Handicap: 5.3Posts: 262 Greens
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    White - 6419

    Yellow - 6032

    Red - 5494

    We also have a blue course that is unmeasured that the male members typically play from. It's between the white and yellow course. The blue course gives us an extra 2 par 5s compared to the yellow course that the members prefer.

  • crazygolfnutcrazygolfnut CrazyGolfNut Omaha, NebraskaMembers  1263WRX Points: 183Handicap: 11.4Posts: 1,263 Platinum Tees
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    Black 6242 70.3/121

    White 5933 68.9/117

    Gold 5584 67.2/113

    I go back and forth between the Gold and White. The White is longer but I actually score one stroke better on the White because one tee box is set up so that on my drive I usually stay out of trouble.

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    Putter: _________ Rife Mid Mallet 400
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    Bag: ____________ Datrek Lite Rider
    GPS: ____________ Bushnell NEO Ghost
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    GHIN: __________ HCP floats between 10 and 12

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  • br61br61 3x Hackin' Hall of Shame SW MissouriMembers  2811WRX Points: 253Handicap: +0.5Posts: 2,811 Titanium Tees
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    My home club added three new tees few years ago and hasn't updated the scorecard yet.



    Gold-5600 (for seniors-65+)

    Red-5300 (for ladies and older seniors-75+)

    Lavender-4800 (for older ladies and young juniors)

    My bag of hacking utensils;

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    SIM 3 & 5 wood with Diamana FW 75 stiff
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    TM MG2 50, 54 & 60
    Titleist Big Sur, yes it is that old thing, 46"

  • ryder2015ryder2015 Members  78WRX Points: 61Handicap: 5Posts: 78 Fairways
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    one club

    Blue 7355, white 6651, member 6200, gold 5840 red 5738 (I hate the blues. 240 yard par 3, 611 yard par 5 but it is at 6000ft elevation)

    other club

    Copper 7155, Blue 6740, White 6352, Gold 5713, silver 4842

  • BKN1964BKN1964 Members  1099WRX Points: 193Posts: 1,099 Platinum Tees
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    I'd love to see courses change to a number system, with "1" being the longest. I think it would help get people away from the stereotyped color system and get them to start thinking about the actual distance. Plus, there doesn't seem to be a standard anyway regarding which tees are which.

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  • DArnieDArnie Members  28WRX Points: 19Handicap: 1Posts: 28 Bunkers
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    This is what I think also and was wanting to bring attention to it as their is definitely no set colors and the whole thing could be easier to identify in a more recognized standard. But maybe it isn't needed, not sure really.

  • EreimEreim In Hoc Signo Vinces Members  652WRX Points: 173Handicap: 7.7Posts: 652 Golden Tee
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    Yardage/ Rating / Slope

    Championship 7,119 / 74.5 / 141 (Black)

    Medal 6,609 / 72.0 / 135 (Blue)

    Member 6,082 / 70.2 / 132 (White)

    Senior 5,486 / 67.9 / 123 (Gold)

    Senior (Ladies) 5,486 / 72.6 / 131 (Red?)

    Forward (Ladies) 4,773 / 67.6 / 121 (Red?)

    Taylormade M1 9.5 Project X T1100 6.0<br /><br /> Callaway Rogue 15° Project X EvenFlow Blue 75 <br /><br /> Callaway Rogue 19°, 24° Project X EvenFlow Blue 85 <br /><br /> Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli-Hi 5-6 & MMC 7-9 True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT X100 <br /><br /> SM7 Vokey 46.10F, 50.12F, 54.14F, 58.12D Tour White AMT S400 & Bettinardi Inovai 3.0
  • jonnymc44jonnymc44 Manchester UKMembers  262WRX Points: 174Handicap: 5.3Posts: 262 Greens
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    Totally agree. With us changing to the World Handicap System in November this year it is only recently that our yellow course has been recognised as being used by ladies and so is now a measured ladies course using slope/course rating. Prior to that it was just a given that red = ladies (and juniors until their handicap drops below 28). Similarly the red course is now measured for men. I still think if I were to tee off from the red course that I'd get a few looks from the archaic members.

  • hangontighthangontight Members  790WRX Points: 245Posts: 790 Golden Tee
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    Check out Longleaf Tee System in use at Longleaf Golf Club in Pinehurst. Exactly what you have described. They used to have Color/number ("Blue - 1"). Now it is just a number - "Tee 1". grid shows reccomended tees based on driver length (not a perfect system, but a simple place to start). The driving range has large markers with each numbers so you can easily see what number you are driving too and corresponding tee.

  • DavePelz4DavePelz4 A golf course in the Chicago area.ClubWRX  25612WRX Points: 2,830Handicap: 2 ManyPosts: 25,612 ClubWRX
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    Interesting that the opening hole is a par 5. Not sure I've seen too many par 5's that were under 400 yards. Anything particularly difficult about it?

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • crazygolfnutcrazygolfnut CrazyGolfNut Omaha, NebraskaMembers  1263WRX Points: 183Handicap: 11.4Posts: 1,263 Platinum Tees
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    They put in a small lake in front of the green that starts about 80 yard out and covers half of the fairway. They also took the tee back back so the back is over 400. The USGA came in a approved it as a par 5 because of the difficulty. They thought that with the lake, you would have to lay up and 3 to get on. I must admit that if I play the golf tees, I have been on in two. If I play the whites, I have to lay up or play short on the right side of the fairway/rough.

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    Hybrids: _______ Ping  G410 4 & 5
    Irons: __________ Titleist 718 AP1 6-W
    Wedges: _______ Titleist Vokey SM6 52.08F & 56.08M
    Putter: _________ Rife Mid Mallet 400
    Ball: ____________ Snell MTB-X Yellow / Srixon Q-Star Tour Yellow
    Bag: ____________ Datrek Lite Rider
    GPS: ____________ Bushnell NEO Ghost
    Rangefinder: __ Precision Pro NX7 Pro
    GHIN: __________ HCP floats between 10 and 12

    “Never bet against an old man with old clubs that have new grips”
  • James the Hogan FanJames the Hogan Fan Members  1292WRX Points: 907Handicap: 12Posts: 1,292 Platinum Tees
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    The vast majority of courses I have played in Finland use the following:

    Red: Women's

    Blue: Senior's, women's club championship

    Yellow: Men's general play

    White: Men's club championship

    A club might also have a half length junior's orange tees and (rarely) a 5th tee option of another color.

    Additionally, the tees will be named by number, 62, 58, etc. Which is the first two digits of the tee length in meters. Some clubs are trying to reduce "color stigma" and refer to tees just by length.

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