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Ebay Shady Bidder Alert - Quickshipgolf

 bnperrone ·  
bnperronebnperrone Members  131WRX Points: 48Posts: 131 Fairways
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I've noticed for a while that anytime you search for a particular item you'll see low priced options with a lot of bids that just so happens to get bid up successfully, and it's always that way with this seller. Obviously pricing low is a legit tactic, but not when it's manipulated. I got firsthand experience with it bidding on a putter. In the end, the price was still pretty attractive, despite the grip being misrepresented as Winn and clearly only a Winn end cap was put on a different grip. There was no headcover either, so it wasn't a smoking deal. You can also see a legitimate buyer wound up with it in the end, but the price was clearly bid up by related bidders. Please see below for the bidding history on the item, and some of the bidders' own histories. The way Ebay anonymizes usernames makes it a little wonky to follow, but the feedback scores link them. Look at the 100% bidder-buyer relationships over dozens of items, bidders with zero feedback, etc. Keep in mind these are actual bids vs automatic bids. The person who brought it up to my initial max $100 range was manually making bids, inching up to find where I'd still have the high bid but without entering an automatic bid threshold of their own They could tell when they hit my max because their $99.20 bid was replaced by my $100 despite the $2.50 bidding increment. They then walked away and never made another attempt.

I don't think this is a huge surprise to people who follow the marketplace, but when I dug into it it became clear that there's no way it was a coincidence. I notified Ebay but I can't imagine they'll do anything to a seller who generates that level of fees for them. If I'm not allowed to start this conversation mods please let me know, but I'm providing strong evidence and not simply lobbing an accusation.



  • third-times-a-charmthird-times-a-charm Members  3368WRX Points: 1,458Posts: 3,368 Titanium Tees
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    I rarely bid on things, but I've used 'buy it now' about a dozen times with quickship and theyve been fine each time. YMMV I guess.


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  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • cardia10cardia10 Members  2656WRX Points: 277Posts: 2,656 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  edited Jul 19, 2020 2:12am #3

    Quick ship has a history of this like other high volume sellers. Ebay will never shut it down as it drives up their revenue in closed item pricing. I’ve bought from them before but bid my max bid in the first bid. Let their own employees bid it up if they want, but it is sad that eBay allows this to be a common practice.

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  • storm319storm319 USMembers  4466WRX Points: 600Posts: 4,466 Titanium Tees
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  • bnperronebnperrone Members  131WRX Points: 48Posts: 131 Fairways
    Joined:  #5

    @storm319 @cardia10 I knew I'd seen in in the past, but didn't have the threads at my fingertips. I just couldn't believe how blatant it was when I looked into it. I totally get that Ebay won't do a thing due to revenue.

  • ValtielValtiel Konica-Minolta Bizhub Members  4022WRX Points: 2,028Handicap: 1.7Posts: 4,022 Titanium Tees
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    Unfortunately they do far too much volume for eBay to ever do anything about this. They have created a market that is so buyer-centric in terms of protection that they have tied their hands a bit in terms of enforcing potential seller rule violations like this.

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  • gridironesqgridironesq Roseville, CAMembers  621WRX Points: 118Handicap: Lack of focus Posts: 621 Golden Tee
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    I 100% agree with OP. I’ve always tried to avoid this group of sellers, but lately I could see what they were bidding up to for a driver I wanted and it was a good deal. Of course they did bait and switch on shipping. The ad said USPS priority mail, but now I’m waitng over a week for delivery as they used UPS instead. This all could have been avoided if wrxers would check the WTB forum before listing.

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  • cardia10cardia10 Members  2656WRX Points: 277Posts: 2,656 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  edited Jul 19, 2020 4:21pm #8

    Make sure to ding them with negative feedback over shipping. This will draw more people’s attention.

  • e-mane-man Members  2276WRX Points: 202Posts: 2,276 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #9

    FYI, these days UPS is much better than USPS. USPS is experiencing really heavy delays. I sold two clubs at the end of June, sent both USPS 2-3 day priority, and here we are 3 weeks later and neither has been delivered.

  • bnperronebnperrone Members  131WRX Points: 48Posts: 131 Fairways
    Joined:  #10

    I've sold and shipped out a bunch of old stuff recently, and USPS 2-day priority has been fast on most of them and a couple days slow on a few. No rhyme or reason to it. Fedex 2-day took almost a week on one occasion. I only used it because that was an ebay sale and it was just as cheap as slower methods. It's rolling the dice, and I have a feeling that all of the shipping agencies have some processing centers being hit hard by absences.

    I'm not arguing against your experience, but it seems very unpredictable these days no matter what service is used.

  • brew4eaglebrew4eagle VAMembers  3836WRX Points: 797Handicap: 8.2Posts: 3,836 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  #11

    I have bought lots of stuff from quickship, but always via buy it now. Crazy good prices, items as described, and quick shipping. One of the first sellers I look to when looking for a previous model in new condition.


  • DpavsDpavs OverWRX'ed MichiganClubWRX  4037WRX Points: 701Posts: 4,037 ClubWRX
    Joined:  edited Jul 22, 2020 4:46pm #12

    I'm not sure they shill bid but I am sure that if you bid and win at a price that is too low... they may very well simply not honor the sale and will end refunding your money once you call them on it. How do I know? Because I have had it happen to me twice now. And yes Ebay turns a complete blind eye to this activity.

    Despite this being true... I have purchased some items which were very good deals through them.

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • e-mane-man Members  2276WRX Points: 202Posts: 2,276 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  edited Jul 22, 2020 4:49pm #13

    I am sure all of the stories here are true but I recently had a great experience with them. I won a g25 lob wedge for $15 and the following day a g25 sand wedge for $23. I messaged them and they combined shipping. Clubs were sent out within a day and I received them within a few days. That said, there was another g25 lob wedge they were selling that ended a few days later and I noticed like 30 bids and a number of 0 feedback bidders. Don’t know if they are shill bidders but could be and the price was bid up to $45.

  • howaboutmehowaboutme Fairfax, VAMembers  289WRX Points: 82Posts: 289 Greens
    Joined:  #14

    I've bought from them and will continue to do so. The shill bidding or the potential cancellations don't bother me but maybe my standards are low? Nothing I buy from them is stuff I need. I set a price and if it is above, I move on. I only bid at the last minute/second anyways so by that time, I have a good idea of the final price. Great deals to be had.

  • e-mane-man Members  2276WRX Points: 202Posts: 2,276 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #15

    As I mentioned above, I recently had a great experience with this seller. I purchased 2 ping G 25 wedges very cheaply and they combined shipping (total cost was less than $50). The transaction was seamless. That said, I have been watching some of their other auctions lately and something just doesn’t make sense. I’ll let you be the judge. Two sets of Ping g25 irons, stock CFS steel shafts, one went for $760 plus $18 for shipping and the other for $405 plus $18 for shipping, both appeared to have been won by the same buyer with a 17 feedback rating who placed a bid a day or so before the auction ended. Here are the links:



  • bnperronebnperrone Members  131WRX Points: 48Posts: 131 Fairways
    Joined:  #16

    I definitely expect people to have good experiences. They have 150k+ transactions. But, you know, at the same time fraud is fraud. If somebody sells stolen goods, for example, it doesn't reflect positively on them when the buyer is happy. Same goes for the shill bidding.

    When the item I was bidding on was being driven up, it happened a day or two before the end of it. I think basically they do their best to jack it to an acceptable point and then step away. The goal is to leave it where an auto-bid keeps an actual bidder in high position. That's exactly what happened with mine. It's possible that in this case they accidentally overshot the legitimate bidders and then nobody else was interested. Or it's a complete coincidence, but it's a red flag regardless. What really did it for me was seeing the 100% bidder/seller relationship among dozens and dozens of items. In the case you posted above, it's 100% over 167 items bid on. Nobody is going to convince me that there are legions of legitimate ebay buyers making hundreds of bids with minimal transactions and bidding solely on items from any one seller. It's absurd.

  • lefty1978lefty1978 Charlotte, NCMembers  697WRX Points: 430Handicap: 8.7Posts: 697 Golden Tee
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    I just wait to bid until 5 seconds, make my highest bid I'm willing to pay. I've gotten some crazy deals in the past 2 years. Many from quickshipgolf and ksouth.

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  • Nixhex524Nixhex524 ClubWRX  4841WRX Points: 556Handicap: 3.2Posts: 4,841 ClubWRX
    Joined:  #18

    This. You have to wait till the very end to bid to avoid the BS. And at that point either the price will be too high and you'll walk or you may have a shot at a great deal... but bidding early rarely ever works anymore. Ebay is terrible, I only go there if I'm desperate, drunk, or really bored.

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  • cardia10cardia10 Members  2656WRX Points: 277Posts: 2,656 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  #19

    That is 100% all the proof that is needed, but Ebay would never punish the sellers that create the bulk of the income. Some companies are just liars and cheats and this is a prime example. Sadly, not much you can do other than buying from them then leaving negative feedback.

  • bnperronebnperrone Members  131WRX Points: 48Posts: 131 Fairways
    Joined:  #20

    Agreed on all. It's also frustrating that it skews the entire marketplace. Any normal person is going to do some market research before they price an item to sell or purchase. If you trust Ebay policies then these listings will give an unrealistic low price mid-auction because they'll just be fraudulently bid up later. It hurts everybody. I'm just hoping to bring some awareness.

  • SkhackerSkhacker The Minimalist Golfer Members  1740WRX Points: 241Handicap: 6Posts: 1,740 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #21

    This is their M.O. and has been for a long time. If you can find what you want via 'Buy It Now' that's the way to go. Some good deals to be had with them. If you do win an auction with a low price, there is a good chance they will cancel the sale saying the item is out of stock, then relist it the next day. Had this happen to me a couple of times, so just stick with B.I.N. with this particular seller now.


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