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Personal coolers brought onto the course

 Pearson10M ·  
Pearson10MPearson10M Members  175WRX Points: 69Posts: 175 Fairways
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I want to get everyone's take on this. Almost all courses I play have a "No Coolers Allowed" rule, but I very rarely have been stopped, even when the starter sees me load onto the cart in the back basket. Now my cooler is soft and holds about a 6-pack (if that) and I never bring beer, mostly a few bottles of cold/frozen water, soda, or Gatorade and a bag of ice for cooling down and keeping the drinks cold. If I want beer during a round, I buy it before at the pro shop/cafe', at the turn, or from the beer cart.

Today was pretty hot and I arrived with my cooler. The Pro Shop informs us that there is no water on the course, so we if had extra water in our cars, it would be best to bring. We got to the starter and he said no coolers and I said it's just water that I froze and want keep it cold for the full round, I have no alcohol and he was welcome to confirm. He graciously said I believe you and we lined up for the 1st tee. Just then the cart person came by, saw the cooler and made us return it to our car. So now I had 3 bottles of frozen water and an iced tea that I put in the cart, not chilling, that got so warm by the 4th hole, it was almost undrinkable.

I get the reason for the no coolers for alcohol, but when the course does not put out water on a very hot day and doesn't allow a small soft cooler with chilled water, I think that is bush league.



  • Old Tom MorrisOld Tom Morris Members  394WRX Points: 358Handicap: 14Posts: 394 Greens
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    I pack lots of water and club sodas in a cooler for my round. You can't have people out in the midsummer sun for over four hours without ample water. I drank 12 club sodas and two water bottles during my round on Friday. Any less and I would have began hallucinating.


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  • MoonlightgrmMoonlightgrm MassachusettsMembers  1073WRX Points: 223Handicap: 2 (index = 2.3)Posts: 1,073 Platinum Tees
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    I don’t disagree. However, our course has a very strict NO COOLERS policy without exception. We have two “cart girls” driving around the course on weekends but during the week we have to nurse a 24-ounce bottle of water around the front-9, then head to the pro shop to buy another bottle for the back-9. With COVID-19, there are no water coolers on the course!

  • straightshot7straightshot7 Members  3689WRX Points: 1,211Posts: 3,689 Titanium Tees
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    If they allow you to take the cart to the parking lot - - -

    1. Wrap your soft cooler in a dark towel and place in the basket so that it's concealed
    2. Place miscellaneous golf items on top of the towel (headcovers, extra balls, shoes, maybe even a water bottle, etc)

    What they don't know won't hurt them.

  • nsxguynsxguy Just anudder user FloridaMembers  7403WRX Points: 1,503Handicap: 3.9-9.3-7.7 (Health issue)Posts: 7,403 Titanium Tees
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    Not exactly sure where you're going with this.

    Normally, sans CV-19, while many courses have a "no alcohol" policy, the restriction on coolers is so you have to buy your cold drinks from their snack stands and/or beverage carts. Otherwise they believe you're taking revenue away from them.

    That said, around my way at this moment in time, there are no snack bars open nor beverage carts making the rounds nor even cups for the players to fill out of the water barrels at most courses. So right now one can pretty much bring along any cold beverages they want without being bothered. I fill a 32 oz thermal lined bottle with Gatorade and ice and that usually lasts me 18 holes.

    But coolers ? Not sure but I would think if there's no alcohol, as with you, probably wouldn't be an issue right now.


  • Dr.FrankenputzDr.Frankenputz Members  893WRX Points: 188Handicap: 13Posts: 893 Golden Tee
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    I think many of the places I’ve played at have a no cooler policy but I’ve only seen it enforced at one place. I brought my cooler into the shop before our 36 hole 50ish man Ryder cup. I asked if I could bring a bottle of Gatorade & a few bottles of frozen water & planned on buying my beers & more Gatorade throughout the day. I was told absolutely no coolers but I was welcome to bring my drinks & ice in a plastic grocery bag in my cart.

    I suppose it’s their right to have/enforce a stupid (imo) policy & it’s my right to not go back.

  • KING246KING246 Members  346WRX Points: 56Handicap: 3Posts: 346 Greens
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    Most of the starters here are going kids. I drive right past them with my cooler and wave. I would have haggled with them a little bit in your case. Kinda BS that you weren't able to keep it in the cart given its not alcohol.


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  • bvmagicbvmagic Members  1141WRX Points: 160Posts: 1,141 Platinum Tees
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    Just find creative ways to hide it. I usually keep a small cooler in my bag with water / gatorade. Have a hydroflask filled with ice to the rim that I can keep refilling with water from my bag.

  • capkingcapking CanadaMembers  777WRX Points: 143Posts: 777 Golden Tee
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    I put mine in a backpack with a towel over top and Lysol wipes. Use ice packs so it doesn’t get wet

  • Bonneville85308Bonneville85308 Members  1910WRX Points: 277Posts: 1,910 Platinum Tees
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    The majority of the courses in my area have been looking the other way when it comes to personal coolers with the current COVID situation where most drinking water has been removed from the course. There is one that I play where they will always ask if you have alcohol in it, and if you don't, you are welcome to bring a cooler. There is another where I play often that will still not allow personal coolers, even little soft sided ones, under any circumstances. They tell you to use the cart-mounted cooler. Unfortunately, when they have ice in them, you can fit maybe 2-3 water bottles max. At that course I just freeze or chill 7-8 bottles of water and a couple cans of soda at home and put them in the side pocket and ball pocket on my bag. The outside service staff at that course no longer handles your bag due to COVID, so they don't notice the extra weight in my bag.

    No way am I buying 8 bottles of water from a beverage cart at $3 each or whatever the going rate is. Or anticipating being able to buy some on the course when it's 110 degrees out here in Phoenix and having the bev cart never show up.

    I think the whole cooler-enforcement thing is ridiculous, especially in desert-golf areas. People are going to bring their own water anyway. Just allow the personal coolers but require the staff to verify they don't have booze in them, so the course can be in compliance with liquor license laws.

  • b.heltsb.helts Members  3282WRX Points: 787Posts: 3,282 Titanium Tees
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    For each of the four of you in this thread that only bring water and Gatorade there are 4000 that pack as many beers as will fit in their coolers.

    I understand and appreciate the arguments laid forth in this thread but reality is that the no cooler policy makes sense for those that are running a for-profit golf course.

    and 78% of all statistics are made up.

  • SocratesSocrates Warning Points 2+ WinnipegClubWRX  10331WRX Points: 1,255Handicap: 4ishPosts: 10,331 ClubWRX
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    As b. belts said, for every guy that has a cooler with non-alcoholic drinks, there a 10 that are cramming their bags and coolers with outside alcohol. So you can't trust anyone and you have to say no to all coolers. The big problem is the liability that could happen if someone gets drunk and then drives off and hits someone causing injury or death. The course can be sued for over serving and that can be extremely expensive and shut down a course.

    I wonder what people did a couple of decades ago when no one carried water and there were no beverage carts on courses? We all seemed to survive without dying of thirst. Nowadays, it doesn't seem possible to go more than 100 feet without hydrating ones self.

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  • Hateto3PuttHateto3Putt Smoking Makes You Look Cool! Members  6413WRX Points: 367Posts: 6,413 Titanium Tees
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    I played two rounds this past weekend with the heat index close to/over 100 degrees.

    Each day, in my soft lunch bag style cooler I had two frozen and six chilled bottles of water.

    Not only did I drink them all, but after the round yesterday, I bought yet another bottle at the course.

    You know it's hot when you drink all that liquid and don't take a whizz until you get home.

    I get the alcohol/revenue position but I think courses would be more liable if they denied people water in that heat. After all, most tracks these days do not have water dispensers or beverage carts around anymore.

    Check my cooler for booze if you want, but it's staying with me...


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  • double_ddouble_d Members  494WRX Points: 197Posts: 494 Greens
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    If I am walking I will bring a few bottles of water in my bag.

    If I riding I will bring a small cooler with water, never alcohol.

    I have never been stopped. I think that rule is mostly to discourage sneaking alcohol on the course.

    If a course ever tells me I can't bring a cooler of water on the course, I probably will take my business elsewhere.

  • ShortStickShortStick Members  64WRX Points: 32Handicap: 6Posts: 64 Bunkers
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    I have no problem with bringing your own drinks to the course. Especially as noted that there is no water out on the course anymore.

    Water bottles are reusable and the ice lasts longer. I find that the clubhouse is more than happy to fill it for me, after all they don’t want me out on the course w/o water either. (As an aside not related to this thread - I also use the hose at the course to wet an old wash cloth so I have a ball washer for the round).

    I always try to buy 1 drink from the cart kid. Yes, I agree that more than one adds up too quickly. But our carts are staffed by college kids that are also driving around in the hot sun. I’m glad they are there so I try to support them. I can handle a $5 Gatorade and they are always appreciative.

    And please be considerate and bring your trash out with you. I hate to see beer cans left on tees or tossed in the trees. Like most outdoor activities, please take out what you bring in. (Maybe also keep in mind that the person cleaning the carts is hugely aware of contact with CV19 from beers that have had strangers mouths all over them. There should be a trash around.)

    I played yesterday in blazing heat. I brought two water bottles which didn’t last long! Bought a drink at the halfway house and refilled the bottles. Needed every drop. The halfway house closed shortly thereafter - I would have been screwed if I didn’t pack my own water.

  • GSDriverGSDriver Members  1111WRX Points: 268Handicap: 3 to 4Posts: 1,111 Platinum Tees
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    Living in DFW, we bring coolers to keep Chilly Pad cold, bring a few bottles of water, *ade sports drinks, just in case cart girl over sleeps or doesn't show. We always tip the cart girls well, we need them on the course, but always have a backup cooler in the cart.

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  • ImpImp Fueled Members  6273WRX Points: 312Handicap: 12.6Posts: 6,273 Titanium Tees
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    Since I also don't bring alcohol, I have a little softsided one that comes with me. I've been asked exactly twice, and both times I've said "no alcohol in them, just water/gatorade - wanna check?" Both were then fine with it.


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  • cardia10cardia10 Members  2656WRX Points: 272Posts: 2,656 Titanium Tees
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    I use a long tube looking cooler that holds 6 cans end to end and can slide down in a club slot.

  • Warrior42111Warrior42111 FloridaMembers  533WRX Points: 316Handicap: 19Posts: 533 Golden Tee
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    Most courses have been lax on that around here except 1. My solution is one of those tall slim coolers. I can fit 4 water bottles in there and hide in in my large side pocket then pull it out on hole 2. Only down side is I have to change my beers to a flask of holy water


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  • Rory4PresRory4Pres Members  1520WRX Points: 472Handicap: 1Posts: 1,520 Platinum Tees
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    When I was younger, I played a par 3 course with my gf at the time and another couple she was good friends with. I managed to fit a full 30 pack in my ping hoofer bag.

    It was an awesome time. I strongly recommend it. The best part is the faster you drink, the lighter your bag gets.


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  • LeoLeo99LeoLeo99 Members  5140WRX Points: 913Posts: 5,140 Titanium Tees
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    I carry a few of them insulated thermos type water bottles. Hyrdoflasks and some clone of them. Plenty of water for a round. And it stays cold.

  • J_TizzleJ_Tizzle Hello Members  3569WRX Points: 225Posts: 3,569 Titanium Tees
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    yeah I always carry a 30oz yeti full of water and buy my beers on the course. I'd say 95% of the courses I've played are more "no outside alcohol" than "no outside coolers". I do think it should be softened right now since there is 0 water on the courses right now. I'll drink my 30oz Yeti 2-3 times plus usually a few beers.

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  • chippa13chippa13 Members  2694WRX Points: 448Posts: 2,694 Titanium Tees
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    We have a couple of those narrow golf bag coolers that fit well in the long side pocket. Does the job just fine.

  • BiggErnBiggErn Members  2930WRX Points: 796Posts: 2,930 Titanium Tees
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    If you’re riding in a battery powered cart lift the seat, there’s usually room underneath for a 6-12 can cooler.

  • CougarRedCougarRed Southeast TexasMembers  235WRX Points: 119Handicap: 6.4Posts: 235 Fairways
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    I love my Cobra Ultralight cart bag built in cooler.

    I use a couple of these in it. Keeps the drinks cold all round.


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    DIng Ding ding...are you my friend i always play with lol.

    The towel i wrap it in is almost a bath towel lol, never had an issue. If someone is watching like a hawk, hide it between the two bags in the back until you get a few holes in. You kind of have to push it back there to conceal it but its better than the alternative.

  • jdljdl Masshole MassMembers  2068WRX Points: 501Handicap: 8Posts: 2,068 Platinum Tees
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    I never had one but bought a small cooler with the Covid situation. Haven't had any issues from any courses when I have it. I usually walk and just have it clipped over the handle of my push cart.

    I'm guessing more guys in my Friday league may start using them since the course jacked up the prices to where they are charging $6 for a Bud Light can!

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  • CAT GOLFERCAT GOLFER Members  1087WRX Points: 174Posts: 1,087 Platinum Tees
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    Same here, some courses explicitly call out no outside liquor etc, I think some might even say coolers, but I have never had an issue. If I ever did, I would just shove it all in my cart bag and pull it out once I got walking.

    I agree, the goal is to force you to buy from them, but I draw the line at water. Not interested in buying water.

  • cristphotocristphoto Members  4056WRX Points: 410Handicap: 7Posts: 4,056 Titanium Tees
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    I simply put one or two bottles of water in the freezer the night before I play depending on the temperature forecast. I then bring another water bottle from the refrigerator and drink it first. The frozen bottles are still nice and cold by the time I need them. With most courses not providing water I would like to think if you showed up with a cooler with only water they would let you on - what's the harm. I have no sympathy for those that feel they must sneak beer in to a course.

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  • 1puttTUT1puttTUT Lefty with occasional game Members  3759WRX Points: 354Handicap: 3.8Posts: 3,759 Titanium Tees
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    Everyone should own a slim soft cooler that can fit inside your golf bag. I bring a couple beers each round and will generally buy another 1-2 from cart girl with a really good tip. I don't want to hurt them, but golf course beer selection sucks and is so overpriced! Lately I've just been buying John Daly's from them.

    My home club doesn't have beverage carts and therefore allows coolers which is awesome, but for all other situations (even for guys who just want to bring water) the ~$20 investment in a cooler that will fit in your bag is priceless.

    This is the one I use...

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  • jdljdl Masshole MassMembers  2068WRX Points: 501Handicap: 8Posts: 2,068 Platinum Tees
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    Never fails, if I post something on GolfWRX it immediately hits me in the face the next time I play. Last time it was a post about a leaf deflecting a putt that goes in on the rules forum. Now this, last weekend finally ran into the cooler police on the first tee. Made a big deal that coolers weren't allowed, unless they had water only. Which of course we all testified was the case for us. He didn't insist on an inspection, fortunately. And it didn't cost them any sales since the cart girl was really cute so we all ended up buying from her anyway. 😁


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