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Ughhhh - Game is gone & no idea what to do..... Oh yea & yips on chipping.

 Under2hours ·  
Under2hoursUnder2hours Members  1561WRX Points: 140Handicap: 13.2Posts: 1,561 Platinum Tees
Joined:  edited Jul 27, 2020 1:31pm in Instruction & Academy #1

I will never be a good golfer & no not one to practice or go to the range. I like hitting the ball, playing 18 & lucky to be a member & get out quite a bit during the May-October golfing season.

No I will not drive it 250+ or be a wizard with the flat stick, but started to feel pretty competent by the end of 2019, shooting low/mid 80's, making few mistakes and generally working my way around the course.

This year once we started posting scores in June, my HC is going up and up and no idea what to do.

I have too developed serious yips on my chipping by the green (40 yards in), often hitting it sideways.

Fortunately I am usually in play off the tee, but it is an adventure from there on in.

Before I didn't need to concentrate and simply was pretty easy to walk up, choose my club and swing, make decent contact and the ball was in the air somewhere in the direction of the hole.

Yesterday I was 0-18 in GIR's. Have had that happen a few times this year. Generally should be 5-7.

I was excited seeing my HC almost in single digits and now lucky to be 14.....

Luckily am out 3-5X/wk so it isn't a lack of play.

Sure I'll arrive early and work on some chipping, but no idea what is going on.

Any ideas or help is much appreciated????😖



  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • J13J13 Dad golf MarylandMembers  16625WRX Points: 1,625Handicap: +1.6Posts: 16,625 Titanium Tees
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    agree. First thing i would do though is keep my stats for the next 3-5 rounds so you know exactly where the problems are. Then find a good instructor and show him/her my findings

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    On -, @Jminis13

  • Under2hoursUnder2hours Members  1561WRX Points: 140Handicap: 13.2Posts: 1,561 Platinum Tees
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    I'll probably remain a slasher. Too old to start over.... Yips on chipping is a real issue (between the ears I imagine😉).

    Yes practice, practice, practice......

    What I have not done, which I often do is head out late in the day with 2-3 balls on my own.

  • gioguy21gioguy21 NJMembers  8221WRX Points: 1,412Handicap: +1.5 (1194646)Posts: 8,221 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  #5

    what you need is a lesson...hitting 2-3 balls whilst having a crap swing ain't gonna help you at all.

    the yips thing can be handled relatively easy in a lesson; but you'll have to practice with whatever drills and whatnot the pro gives you.


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  • SocratesSocrates Warning Points 2+ WinnipegClubWRX  10350WRX Points: 1,277Handicap: 4ishPosts: 10,350 ClubWRX
    Joined:  #6

    Rebulit my swing at 56. It doesn't get much harder than that. And yes, I still have to work on the same damnn things over and over again, but it works.

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  • shantanu1203shantanu1203 Members  80WRX Points: 24Posts: 80 Fairways
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    Practice and Some lessons should help!

    If only there was an easy answer to the Yips!

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • LobbyLobby Members  127WRX Points: 110Posts: 127 Fairways
    Joined:  #8

    I fear many of us are destined to repeat, for the rest of our lives, our swing tendencies.

    The insignificant advice I would give is to do some stretching / physical training. Make sure your body is capable of doing what you mind is telling it to do.

    The lessons you took in the past are still applicable today. Work on what those lessons suggested

  • PaintmanPaintman Members  91WRX Points: 57Handicap: 15Posts: 91 Fairways
    Joined:  edited Jul 27, 2020 4:30pm #9

    This worked for me when I had the yips that looked like an anxiety attack. Bought a Cleveland smart sole wedge and chipper. They really are easier to hit , and the look is so unique that I felt like it had a shock to my system.

    I had to swing them in a completely different manner, w/simplified swing thoughts. In time the yips subsided. Got lucky with that strategy. Went back to more traditional wedges. Kept the chipper in the bag.

  • cadoipicadoipi Members  153WRX Points: 153Posts: 153 Fairways
    Joined:  edited Jul 27, 2020 5:44pm #10

    Maybe stop playing golfcart polo and give yourself at least 2.5 hours for a round. 😁

  • disco111disco111 Members  1340WRX Points: 421Handicap: 7Posts: 1,340 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #11

    They say that bowling is fun.....................

  • haroleaseharolease Members  658WRX Points: 86Posts: 658 Golden Tee
    Joined:  edited Jul 28, 2020 6:04pm #12

    I started to chip with left handed clubs. Something completely different and make me stop thinking . And also cured the yips

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • caniac6caniac6 Members  3657WRX Points: 1,314Handicap: 4Posts: 3,657 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  #13

    Lessons. A new set of eyes might see a simple fix. At least, get some help with your short game. That can make up for a lot of missed greens.

  • FakeClubProFakeClubPro Members  197WRX Points: 82Posts: 197 Fairways
    Joined:  edited Jul 28, 2020 9:13pm #14

    Plus 1 million. He needs instruction and maybe on the chipping get a Square Strike wedge. 😉

    Also lots of chipping videos on youtube.

  • Jim WaldronJim Waldron Balance Point Golf Schools Sponsors  3254WRX Points: 189Posts: 3,254 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  #15

    Send me a PM and I can advise you on the next steps. I work with golfers from all over the world who suffer from the yips, and have a webcam based remote lesson program with a proven track record for curing yips of all types: full swing, short game and putting.

  • Under2hoursUnder2hours Members  1561WRX Points: 140Handicap: 13.2Posts: 1,561 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #16

    Gone for at least one day...... Some improvement & will see what tomorrow brings. Left some shots out there and would be nice to get a break or two every once in a while......🤣

  • naj959naj959 Members  1147WRX Points: 173Posts: 1,147 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #17

    Agree with lessons from a "qualified" instructor. I took a few lessons from local pros but never made any improvement till I got online lessons from instructors on WRX. A good instructor will get you more consistent with what you've got if you don't want to do a complete rebuild.

    As for the yips, I've battled them for probably close to a decade. Chipping never came natural to me even as a junior. Have chunked and skulled so many shots that I would pull putter almost every time I was off the green. Finally turned the corner this year by opening the wedge a hair to engage the bounce, and using the chest to rotate the club to the finish. I try and take the feel out of my hands and arms as much as possible and accelerate through the shot. I've hit more good shots around the green in the last five rounds then I had the entire previous year. I'm cautiously optimistic as my confidence is very fragile around the green but I don't fear a basic pitch anymore. The anxiety near the green is almost non-existant and I expect to hit a good shot now. I thought I was a head case before but good technique can quickly cure the yips. Highly reccommend watching the TXG youtube video with Gareth Raflewski. "Get into the turf"! (with the bounce)

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • Hawkeye77Hawkeye77 IowaClubWRX  21795WRX Points: 5,791Posts: 21,795 ClubWRX
    Joined:  #18

    Try being the 2nd or 3rd group out. ;-)

  • ebkebk Old and Broken Down Members  1221WRX Points: 97Posts: 1,221 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #19

    Short game is best way to keep the index down. Get Monte’s short game video. It is simple, straightforward and it works. His explanations are extremely cogent.

  • Joe DufferJoe Duffer Members  787WRX Points: 120Handicap: 2-3Posts: 787 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #20

    Did you reach out to Jim Waldron?

    If not, DO IT! 👍👍

    "Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." - John Wooden

    "The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” - Henry Thoreau

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