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Unpopular opinions...

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EDT501EDT501 Members  33WRX Points: 81Posts: 33 Bunkers
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We all have 'em. What are some equipment related things you read/hear here on the forum or elsewhere that most people agree with and you think are just plain wrong.

I'll go first:

1) If your misses aren't reasonably consistent (no tendency left/right or fat/thin) and you struggle to find the sweet spot more than a few times a round, getting fit is a waste of time, just get something off the rack.

2) We'd all be better off if we stopped reading this site, found a set that worked, and never changed until the grooves were gone or the faces caved in.



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  • Nard_SNard_S Members  3952WRX Points: 905Handicap: 9Posts: 3,952 Titanium Tees
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    Average golfer was better off when a standard set of clubs were all shafted with same flexed steel from SW to Driver.

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  • DallasSteveDallasSteve Members  805WRX Points: 114Handicap: 3Posts: 805 Golden Tee
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    If you're hitting all your irons out on the toe, they are all too long. [Duh, you have a club half inch shorter than each one already, and you hit them on the toe, too!]

  • Sean2Sean2 Members  32920WRX Points: 3,489Posts: 32,920 Titanium Tees
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    Thank you. The other word I was thinking of using also begins with a "B", but shouldn't be used in polite company. :-)


    Treat yourself as if you were someone you are responsible for helping. Jordan Peterson

    Too much sanity may be madness and the maddest thing of all is to see life as it is, and not as it should be. Cervantes

    In golf, the human mind has much higher capabilities to screw things up than the physics has to make things better. Unknown


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  • bvanlieubvanlieu Members  242WRX Points: 97Posts: 242 Fairways
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    Hybrids don't just hook for good players: its just vanity and an allergic reaction to head covers :D

  • double_ddouble_d Members  502WRX Points: 202Posts: 502 Golden Tee
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    1) Quality golf shoes are very underrated especially if you walk, wear a larger size (14), and are a bigger guy. Don't cheap out on your golf shoes. This is even more true the older you get. (currently 48)

    2) Special tees that allow you to tee it a consistent tee height are pretty dumb unless you have a scratch level impact pattern. I can eyeball tee height within 1/8" which is more accurate than you can deliver the club on a shot to shot basis unless you are very good.

    3) Unless you are a single digit handicap (which is a small percentage of golfers but, actually probably a lot of the guys on here by comparison), the stock shaft in the correct flex is probably fine for you. You don't need a $100+ shaft and in fact it is probably hurting you.

    4) Your glove is supposed to be tight. It is designed to stretch. The first time you put it on it should actually be hard to get on. You should have to wiggle your fingers, it should be like a second skin. Most guys are playing a glove too large for them. (we already know most ams play a shaft too stiff).

    Those ought to be unpopular :-) Maybe not the shoe one.

  • Shayan1121Shayan1121 Members  590WRX Points: 51Handicap: 7Posts: 590 Golden Tee
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    I actually was going to say the "I just hit blades better" guy who is a 20 plus handicap. I mean play what you want, but there is no way your scores wouldn't be better without a little bit of meat on the bone.

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  • NoTalentLeftyNoTalentLefty Members  3937WRX Points: 358Handicap: 12.9Posts: 3,937 Titanium Tees
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    GI are the way to go.

    hybrids are the better than long irons or 7 woods.

    We all should be trying to find a putter that works for you than any club in the bag.

    Livin' proof that Lefties are not naturally talented.

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  • ChadwickogChadwickog Members  444WRX Points: 135Posts: 444 Greens
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    I'm with you on 1,2 & 4. Don't know that anyone needs the $100 upcharge shafts but I do think different shafts matter. I struggle with stepless and have never hit a good shot with a kbs iron shaft.

    My unpopular opinion: Most players would be better off ditching the lob wedge.

  • JobuJobu Members  1207WRX Points: 83Posts: 1,207 Platinum Tees
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    Equipment junkies can't improve their swing.

  • double_ddouble_d Members  502WRX Points: 202Posts: 502 Golden Tee
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    I was going to say that but, I was afraid to get banned. You are a brave man my friend.

    Seriously how can you improve if you are switching equipment every season or a couple times a season?

  • DrivingrangeheroDrivingrangehero Members  218WRX Points: 119Posts: 218 Fairways
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    It’s not the club, it’s just you!


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  • chrisf60526chrisf60526 Members  186WRX Points: 87Posts: 186 Fairways
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    You may get better at golf by watching YouTube videos rather than taking golf lessons.

    Everyone on this site hits a 7 iron 175yrds

    Playing golf in jeans or a tank top is not OK. (as i I think it looks silly and jeans cant be comfortable)

  • bodhi555bodhi555 Members  987WRX Points: 363Handicap: 8Posts: 987 Golden Tee
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    I'd actually go a stage further with the jeans comment, and say that for Links Golf they are required.

    Denim is the only material I've found that can repel the inevitable gorse bush 😂

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  • LeoLeo99LeoLeo99 Members  5153WRX Points: 914Posts: 5,153 Titanium Tees
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    Too much is made of matching putting stroke arc to toe hang of putter.

    Too much is made of swing weights.

    There is a serious lack of math skills when getting fit. Too much is made of statistically insignificant differences at fittings.

  • MattM97MattM97 Members  1610WRX Points: 699Posts: 1,610 Platinum Tees
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    Some guys swap driver shafts like i swap gloves.

    Plus I bet they're changing their swing to work with the shaft not get a shaft that works with their swing.

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  • cardoustiecardoustie haha, we don't play for 5's Tasmania to CanadaMembers  14078WRX Points: 2,889Handicap: 3.1Posts: 14,078 Titanium Tees
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    My unpopular opinions:

    FJ Icon Wingtips are extremely comfortable

    I don’t hit SGI irons great .. especially of off firm turf. Off a tee or mat, no issues

    older high end shafts are just as good as some of the new stuff

    Vokey SM2 were /are the best of the litter


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  • mcounci2mcounci2 Members, Paid BST  109WRX Points: 48Posts: 109 Fairways
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    RE: the shafts- I think the only disagreement you'll get there is from the shaft companies. I will play my OG whiteboard in my 3W until it snaps in two.


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