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What is your favorite putter?

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platgofplatgof platgofClubWRX  2106WRX Points: 313Handicap: 17Posts: 2,106 ClubWRX
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I went on a putter binge years ago to try different types to see what would work best for me, numerous Pings, Scotty, Spyder, and others, and one putter has stood out, the Tulon Colombus. It is easily one of the simplest, but has amazing control and touch. I tested all the big dogs against it, and it is just better. I thought all the high tech wonders would win this battle, but no, just a simple design with all the right parts. It was picked up used for around$140, and the best $140 I have spent in golf, well, there is the Garmin S20 as well. Still, what a bargain for such a great putter. Where it stands out above the others, by a long margin, are short putts; just automatic.


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Toulon Columbus
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Garmin S20
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  • 18thbunker18thbunker Members  396WRX Points: 87Posts: 396 Greens
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    Wilson 8802 ---- As simple as they come. Picked this up in brand new condition @ a garage sale.

    [font=comic sans ms,cursive]driver - Titleist 915 D3 10.5[/font]
    [font=comic sans ms,cursive]fairway - Ping I25 18 degree 5 wood
    hybrid - Ben Hogan VKTR 19 & 23
    Irons - Mizuno MP68 3-PW
    wedges Mizuno MP-T5 50-58
    putter - Ping Sigma G Doon[/font]
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  • LUXOR54LUXOR54 Members  44WRX Points: 54Posts: 44 Bunkers
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    Mizuno TPM 3. picked one up in the steel Blue looking finish for $30, I absolutely love it. I could never get comfortable with the plumbers neck in the anser I was using before, but the flow neck in the Mizuno is choice. Came with the original grip on it as well, still in perfect condition. Little bit thinner throughout its length than the pingman putter grip, and it's corded. I love corded putter grips now.

  • shantanu1203shantanu1203 Members  80WRX Points: 24Posts: 80 Fairways
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    I go back and forth between spider tour and Scotty NP 2.0 - really like both of these although very different but feel like I have different putting strokes on different days.

  • mcc0819mcc0819 Members  819WRX Points: 161Posts: 819 Golden Tee
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    I finally jumped on the Evnroll er2 band wagon this year and I must say its the best i've ever putted. It could also be that i actually put in the time to practice but i'll give the putter credit.

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    • TaylorMade Sim 14* Fujikura Speeder TR 757x
    • TaylorMade GAPR LO 18* KBS Hybrid Proto 95x
    • Cobra King Forged CB 4-PW KBS Tour V 120x
    • Mizuno T20 50-55-59 DG TI S400
    • Evnroll ER2B
  • NYCGolfNutNYCGolfNut Members  544WRX Points: 218Handicap: 12Posts: 544 Golden Tee
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    This guy... Perfection!

    Newport 2 pro-plat mid-slant.

  • ChadwickogChadwickog Members  444WRX Points: 135Posts: 444 Greens
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    I've never been able to control my speed as well as I can with my Toulon Atlanta. Been my gamer all year and I've never putted better. I burned edges and tapped in from distance all weekend.

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  • North ButteNorth Butte Members  11943WRX Points: 1,702Posts: 11,943 Titanium Tees
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    Ping Anser circa 1970. Kind of like a Scotty Newport but better 😎

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  • Nixhex524Nixhex524 ClubWRX  4836WRX Points: 555Handicap: 3.2Posts: 4,836 ClubWRX
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    I'm a big fan of the Lajosi DD201, love that shape and look, BUT, I putt my best with the Spider Tour red... Great looking putters are awesome but making putts is much more fun.

    Ping G400 9*
    Titleist 917f2 16.5* 
    Titleist 915h 21* 
    Srixon Z745 4-P
    Mizuno T20 50, 54, 58
    Taylormade Spider Tour red 34"

  • JimmyC59JimmyC59 Members  129WRX Points: 104Posts: 129 Fairways
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    Classic Acushnet Bullseye

    Circa late 70s

  • NoTalentLeftyNoTalentLefty Members  3937WRX Points: 358Handicap: 12.9Posts: 3,937 Titanium Tees
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    Anser 6

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    3 Wood Epic Flash set to 16 degrees
    3-5 Hybrids Epic Flash 18 20 23 degrees
    6 hybrid Big Bertha 26 degree 
    7-AW Callaway Mavrik Irons 
    50 degree GW Vokey SM7
    56 degree SW Vokey SM7
    Odyssey White Hot V-Line Fang

  • kess13kess13 So I just put the ball in the hole... Members  1395WRX Points: 160Posts: 1,395 Platinum Tees
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    I have tried so many. But the newest Wilson 8802 just works. I stopped looking and the 2 back ups I kept sit in a corner now. It just lines up for me, feels great, and has excellent distance control. What is there to improve.

    F6 baffler
    T7/S18/eye2XG Lob
    Classic #3
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  • McgeenoMcgeeno Members  2243WRX Points: 332Handicap: 1.9Posts: 2,243 Platinum Tees
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    Ping Ketsch was the easiest putter for me to line up and frame a ball with.

    I've tried any and all sorts and although I wish I wasnt a big headed, forgiving mallet type of guy it just is what it is.

  • PGizzlePGizzle Members  32WRX Points: 36Handicap: 8Posts: 32 Bunkers
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    Daito Virtuoso copper blade putter. Just simply amazing! This putter has changed the whole way I look at and feel about putting in general. So smooth, always a good roll and great feedback in the hands.

  • JonesyJonesy Durban, South AfricaMembers  1605WRX Points: 226Posts: 1,605 Platinum Tees
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    I really like my current Newport but I'll never forget my Cleveland Classic 4.5 from 2007 or so... miss that thing

    Callaway BBA 816 ♦♦ 9.5°
    Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 tour 14.5°
    Taylormade Rocketballz tour 18°
    Callaway ApexMB '18 4 - PW
    Vokey SM7 52° + 58°
    Scotty Cameron Newport
  • TommyjTommyj Members  750WRX Points: 262Posts: 750 Golden Tee
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    Ping Karsten Zing, plain and industrial looking, and an amazing value at around $80 when they came out in 2007.

  • WarrickWarrick ClubWRX  11730WRX Points: 1,441Handicap: 7Posts: 11,730 ClubWRX
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    I have settled in with a Toulon Portland, nice small, simple mallet, first mulled putter I have owned.

    I picked up from CPO winter sale, now have a custom garage one coming, hopefully today

    GBB Ventus Black 6
    F9 Tour 3w-Ventus black 7
    F9 Tour 5w-Smoke 70
    F9 21* hybrid - ATMOS black 
    Mavrik Pro 5-A TT Elevate 
    MD5 53/58
    Toulon Portland Garage 
    TM TP5X 
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  • Golf64Golf64 Go Habs Go! Ontario, CanadaMembers  8506WRX Points: 496Handicap: ScotchPosts: 8,506 Titanium Tees
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    SC Special Select Del Mar.

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  • D-TRAIND-TRAIN IowaMembers  91WRX Points: 102Posts: 91 Fairways
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    Odyssey Rossie II that my dad bought me around 2001 when I was in middle school. Ive tried to upgrade a few times but always end up back with the Rossie. It will probably be my go to until the day I die.

  • Kicker0927Kicker0927 Members  7WRX Points: 10Posts: 7 Bunkers
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    I LOVE my new Odyssey 2-ball Triple-Track putter! Not the most conventional putter, but I hit it well

  • forrester_fireforrester_fire Members  280WRX Points: 140Handicap: 11.4Posts: 280 Greens
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    I've got the Mizuno M-Craft with the flow neck and I completely agree

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • iNeedMoreGolfiNeedMoreGolf RiMembers  494WRX Points: 207Handicap: 14Posts: 494 Greens
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    Currently Stroking a cameron 18. Just picked it up brand new for the low price of $350. Ok not so low price but it will last a while. It seems fantastic had one round and loved it. Coming from a returned spider x. Just could control distance with the spider x. Also have a odyssey rline o works and nike method mod 90. Any of these three are my lifetime putters. The rest have just been ok or terrible.

  • Dan DrakeDan Drake Members  2167WRX Points: 371Handicap: 1.3Posts: 2,167 Platinum Tees
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    Mavrik SZ 9.5° w/AD BB
    Epic Flash 15° w/Rogue M•AX
    Nickent Genex 3DX 18.5° w/VS Proto
    X Forged UT 22° w/PX
    Apex Pro '19 6-A w/PX
    X Forged Jaws 56, 60, 64 w/PX
    TP Mills Workshop III
  • LUXOR54LUXOR54 Members  44WRX Points: 54Posts: 44 Bunkers
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    We can do karate and practice putting in the garage!

  • miamistompmiamistomp Members  94WRX Points: 70Handicap: 13Posts: 94 Fairways
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    Usually a Bullseye flange

    If greens are large red x center shaft

    if greens are burnt and super fast like the Philly munis I grew up on -Napa style

  • dannym53dannym53 Members  36WRX Points: 38Posts: 36 Bunkers
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    This one

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  • nitramnitram WestOK, on the South Canadian Riviera Members  5911WRX Points: 521Handicap: -.6Posts: 5,911 Titanium Tees
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    Cameron 009 Flowneck Proto

    JBeam BM-435 Blackout 9* Accra TZ6 65 M5
    Exotics CBX 119 13.5* & 18* Accra TourZ 382 M5
    Exotics CBX 22* Accra TZ5-95H M5
    PING S55 5-P Mitsubishi MMT-125TX
    Chikara V1 Proto 51, 55, 59 KBS Tour X (8-iron)
    Cameron 009 Prototype (A010656)
  • ShakeyTShakeyT Members  285WRX Points: 118Posts: 285 Greens
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    Center shafted BB54. The "T" shaped alignment aid just works for me.

  • hanfrachanfrac Members, Paid BST  59WRX Points: 78Handicap: 6Posts: 59 Bunkers
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    Currently putt with an Odyssey 7S and the results have been good. I was fitted at Club Champion. However, I still miss my vanquished TaylorMade White Corza Ghost. Club Champion said I needed a putter with some toe hang vs. face-balanced. But whenever I see the white putter, I miss it.

    King Cobra F8 (tour-length)
    King Cobra F8 3-4 and 5-6 fairway woods
    Callaway Apex Pro/Apex (2019) 5-AW
    Callaway MD4 54/58 (or Mack Daddy Tour 56)
    Odyssey O-works #7
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  • VaterVater Members  118WRX Points: 72Posts: 118 Fairways
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    TM Ardmore 2 - black copper.


    • Driver: TaylorMade 2016 M2 9.5°
    • 3W: TaylorMade V-Steel 15°
    • 3H: TaylorMade M3 19°
    • Irons (4-W): Titleist 718 AP1 (21°-48°)
    • SW: Titleist Vokey SM7 54.10S
    • LW: TaylorMade MG Hi-Toe 60.10
    • Putter: TaylorMade TP Black Copper Ardmore 2
    • Sig Sauer P320 RX XFULL

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