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What is your favorite putter?



  • wam78wam78 Members  849WRX Points: 269Handicap: NAPosts: 849 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #32

    Currently bagging a Las Vegas and really enjoying it. However, I have a Cushman C&C coming soon that I think will be taking the Kong’s throne!

    Ts3 8.5* Fujikura Motore Speeder vc 6.2x
    Ts3 15* Diamana S+ LTD Blueboard 70s tipped .5"
    U500 2 Iron  Fujikura Motore Speeder Tour Spec 9.8 HB
    Bridgestone Tour B JGR h2 4i Modus 120s 
    Bridgestone Tour B X-CB 5-pw Modus 120s
    SM8 Raw 50F, 54S bent to 53, 58S Modus 125 Wedge
    Toulon Las Vegas  KBS CT Tour Matte, Iomic I-Classic Mid Black 
    Bridgestone Tour B XS
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
    Joined:  ...

  • golfpros1golfpros1 Members  8015WRX Points: 416Handicap: 0.2Posts: 8,015 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  #33

    Anser or variation imitation

    Golf Jobs
    What's In The Bag:
    Driver: Titleist TS3 9.5 w/ Tensei Blue 55 S
    3W: Titleist 915F 15 w/ Diamana D+ 80 S
    3H: Titleist 915H 21 w/ Diamana D+ 90 S
    Irons: 4-W Titleist T100 w/ Project X LZ 6.0
    Wedge: Vokey SM8 54.10S TC w/ Project X LZ 6.0
    Wedge: Vokey SM8 60.04L TC w/ Project X LZ 6.0
    Putter: Ping Anser
    Ball: Titleist ProV1x
    Bag: Titleist
  • dn0614dn0614 Members  353WRX Points: 60Posts: 353 Greens
    Joined:  #34

    I have a Newport 2 and a custom Low Tide. My favorite putter is a Spider Mini Slant by far.

  • jplroperjplroper Members  553WRX Points: 124Posts: 553 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #35

    Ping Zing 2

  • Christen_The_SloopChristen_The_Sloop Members  1513WRX Points: 407Posts: 1,513 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #36

    Odyssey Rossie White Hot. I practice with an 8802 style Maruman Conductor (Miura forged) from the 90s. I love it, but the Rossie is more consistent, better roll, better feel.

    D - Ping G400 LST Tour AD IZ 6x
    4W - Royal Collection V7 TI 17 with Attas G7 7X or something else
    3i - TMB 2016 DGX100
    4-P - Tourstage MR23 U.S. Spec CB DGX100
    52 - Cleveland RTX4 forged S400
    56 - Cleveland RTX4 forged S400
    60 - Vokey SM7 60-04L Raw S400

  • DROBERSON78DROBERSON78 Members  5WRX Points: 12Posts: 5 Starters
    Joined:  #37

    The original Odyssey 2-Ball stole it from my dad when he won it in a closest to the pin contest and still has the original grip have tried other putters but always go back to that one

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • braincramp52braincramp52 Freeport, IllinoisMembers  6632WRX Points: 1,923Handicap: 8Posts: 6,632 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  #38

    Bettenardi studio stock 3. Distance control is second to none.

    Titleist TS2
    Titleist 917 F2 3 wood
    Titleist 818 H2 19 Hybrid
    Titleist 816 H2 23 Hybrid
    Wilson Staff MB's 6-PW
    Ping Glide 3.0 50*
    TM ATV grind 56
    KZG Forged 60 LW
    Bettenardi Studio Stock #3 F.I.T.
    Snell MTB 

    Just because you're offended doesn't mean you're right
  • clutchputt71clutchputt71 Clutchputt71 IndianaClubWRX  228WRX Points: 102Posts: 228 ClubWRX
    Joined:  #39

    Over the years I’ve played golf I have used more putters than I can remember. Love the 8802’s non milled, but four years ago my wife and mom gave me a gift card to go to Bettinardi’s studio and they fit me into a tour department putter and I haven’t looked back. I’ve had to set it out once and after three weeks it was back in the bag. Anser 2 style head with sight dot. Love this thing and need to get back up there and make sure the loft and lie is still good for me. They even stamped my initials and nickname on the bumpers.

  • courcy75courcy75 Members  315WRX Points: 149Posts: 315 Greens
    Joined:  #40
    Driver: TM Tour Issue 17' M1 9.5 Kuro Kage S
    TM 07' Burner TP 3 wood
    TM 07’ Burner TP 5 wood 
    Mizuno JPX 900 Tour 4-PW Project X LZ 6.0 +1/2
    Mizuno T7 52 Satin Project X LZ 6.0 Blackout +1/2
    National Custom Works 56 Project X LZ 6.0 Blackout +1/2
    National Custom Works 60 Project X LZ 5.5 Blackout  +1/2
    Scotty Cameron Studio Design JAT 
  • Puttersaurus RexPuttersaurus Rex one swing at a time Members  964WRX Points: 300Posts: 964 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #41

    Odyssey Protype #5

    Have fun - ready golf - repair/replace divots & ball marks - FORE! as needed
  • texcellence86texcellence86 Funky Town, TXMembers  186WRX Points: 79Handicap: 10Posts: 186 Fairways
    Joined:  #42

    Bought the Black Series 1W a little after the release. Had it refinished to take out the flange line and add a top line. I've tried numerous times to kick it out of the bag but nothing looks/feels the same so far. The new Toulon Chicago is an exact copy/paste...IMO.

    Unless I happen to find some disposable income along the way...this is staying in the bag for a good while.


    SIM 10.5 Tour AD-MDQ 7X

    M5 5W Diamana ilima 80X

    R15 5HL Diamana S 93X / U510 3i DG 105 S300

    C16 4i DG 105 S300

    716 CB 5-PW AMT S400

    SM6 52.12F 56.10S 60.10V

    Black Series 1W

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
    Joined:  ...

  • Augusta97Augusta97 Members  3WRX Points: 7Handicap: 3.5Posts: 3 Starters
    Joined:  edited Jul 30, 2020 2:06pm #43

    Scotty Cameron Studio Design 2.5. Originally a black pearl that my 2 year old son dragged across the driveway...ouch! I ended up removing the finish making it raw and loved it for years, but recently sent it to the custom shop and had them give it a face lift. Pure beauty, will never use anything else.

  • Augusta97Augusta97 Members  3WRX Points: 7Handicap: 3.5Posts: 3 Starters
    Joined:  #44
  • juststevejuststeve Members  5330WRX Points: 642Posts: 5,330 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  #45

    Cameron pro platinum Newport mid-slant. Just an off the rack putter that has worked for me since it was brand new.


  • slow_rollslow_roll Members  85WRX Points: 70Posts: 85 Fairways
    Joined:  #46

    My Piretti Cottonwood 2

  • OqvistOqvist Members  153WRX Points: 46Posts: 153 Fairways
    Joined:  #47

    Cleveland smart sole C. No seriously if I find a putter I can get that pendulum with I am home.

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • RickStoneRickStone Members  25WRX Points: 48Posts: 25 Bunkers
    Joined:  #48

    Method Origin B2-01 counterbalance. I like a heavier head (I believe it's 380) so I cut it to a 34 inch shaft and put a standard Ping grip on this brick.

  • erikalfstaderikalfstad Members  20WRX Points: 20Handicap: 5.9Posts: 20 Bunkers
    Joined:  #49

    Scotty Studio Stainless Newport 2. Just installed the Stability Tour shaft (excuse the shaved down shaft from the previous owner 🙄) and I do not see this coming out of the bag for some time.

  • AC in TXAC in TX Members  777WRX Points: 126Handicap: 2 HiPosts: 777 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #50

    Circa 62 no. 6. Bought it off a GolfWRX'er, had it cut down from 35" to to 33", added a new Scotty Matador grip, and had it refinished by The Golf Ranch in Georgetown, TX. So smooth!

    The Ping Hoofer 14 bag:
    Ping G400 MAX 10.5* Alta CB R
    Ping G400 5W Alta CB R
    Ping G410 4H Tensei CK Pro Blue 70
    PXG 0211 5 to GW MMT-70 R
    Ping Glide Forged 56
    Scotty Cameron Circa 62 No. 6 33"

    The bench:
    Ping G400 3H Alta CB R
    Ping G700 4 to UW Alta CB R
    Cleveland CBX 54 and 58
    Ping Glide 60
    SeeMore PCB 33”

  • MaineMarinerMaineMariner Members  882WRX Points: 618Posts: 882 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #51

    I'm putting better with my Ping Heppler ZB3 than I ever have. I was fit for a Bettinardi Studio Stock #8 in the winter but I'd performed terribly with it on an actual golf course. My speed control was awful because of the really soft face. Plus the plumber's neck always sat funny to me unless I was on a perfectly flat surface.

    I'm pretty sure the ZB3 was designed with me in mind, specifically. The smooth and firm face, the sight dot, the flow neck, the Versa-like paint scheme, and the slight high toe... if I was ordering a custom putter, that's what I would ask for. My touch with this thing is really good, and I seem to be able to point it where I want it to go. I see no reason to move on any time soon.

    Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero driver
    Callaway Big Bertha Fusion 3 wood
    Cobra F9 5 wood
    Srixon Z H45 4 hybrid
    Srixon Z 565 irons, 5 - AW
    Callaway MD3 S Grind 54 deg.
    Callaway PM Grind 60 deg.
    Ping Heppler ZB3
  • larryd3larryd3 Members  764WRX Points: 164Handicap: 9Posts: 764 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #52

    PXG Operator H for me it's a great putter. been in my bag for a couple years now. (record for me)

    TM M4 or TS2
    Epic 15*
    Sub70 3 hybrid
    Sub70 4 hybrid
    Sub70 5 hybrid
    Titleist T200 6-GW
    54* SM8
    58* SM8
    PXG Operator H
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • mangeloumangelou Columbus, OHMembers  12WRX Points: 35Handicap: 2Posts: 12 Bunkers
    Joined:  #53

    Ping Scottsdale TR Shea h.

    watched Cabrera use one in 2013 Masters and went out and got one the next day. Haven’t touched another putter since

    and my nickname among guys I play with has been “putting machine” for years 😂


    Ping G410 Plus 10.5* GD BB 6x
    Cobra F9 Tour 15* Tensei Orange CK Pro 70 TX
    Titleist 818H1 19* Tensei Blue CK Pro 70s
    Ping s55 DG S300 4-PW
    Ping GLide 50* DG S300
    Vokey Raw SM7 54.08M 58.08M
    Ping Shea h
    Pro V1

  • Crusader1911Crusader1911 Members  2WRX Points: 71Handicap: 7Posts: 2 Starters
    Joined:  #54

    Bettinardi Studio Stock 3. Hard to find carbon steel putters anymore.

    Soft but solid feel, slight toe hang for my arc, and great look at address.

    Replaced my pro platinum np2 for more forgiveness and better consistency.

  • rockhound100bopdrockhound100bopd Members  52WRX Points: 26Handicap: 7.3Posts: 52 Bunkers
    Joined:  #55

    Odyssey pro #7

  • 4x4GGG4x4GGG Members  167WRX Points: 92Handicap: 15Posts: 167 Fairways
    Joined:  #56

    In the early 90's before my first round my friend gave me his dads old putter. Arnold Palmer 301 green putter. This putter lasted me close to 15 years before I replaced it with an STX Sync Pro. 1 season later that putter was stolen from me and I went back to the AP301. 2 years ago I came upon another STX and it made its way into my bag. Then one of my employees showed up with a Betti 2018 BB1. My dear baby Jesus that thing felt amazing. Finally I pulled the trigger on a 2020 BB1F and I have been lights out putting ever since. I have to admit, the 18 feels a lot better than the 20. I need to regrip it at least.

    I donated the STX to a guy I see around the course who claims to have 4 of them. Good for him. I haven't gotten rid of the AP301 because I had it for so long I can't just get rid of it.

  • GolfingChamp2019GolfingChamp2019 Members  5WRX Points: 5Posts: 5 Bunkers
    Joined:  #57

    My favorite putter is the grey and white spider X. Had it for awhile now and love it! Super smooth feeling putter.

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
    Joined:  ...

  • BodlesBodles AustraliaMembers  159WRX Points: 55Handicap: 8.6Posts: 159 Fairways
    Joined:  #58

    The one I've been using for the last 7 years, RIFE Aussie IBF Tour Edition blade

    Ping G400 LST - Project X Black 6.5 75gram
    Mizuno CLK #2 Hybrid at 14 degrees - Speeder Evolution 75 stiff
    Callaway Big Bertha 18 degree hybrid at 17 degrees - Recoil F4 Shaft
    Mizuno CLK #3 Hybrid at 20 degrees -  Speeder Evolution
    Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal Irons 4-PW - Project X LZ 5.5 115 gram
    Mizuno MP-T5, 50 degree Wedge
    Taylormade 60 degree Bigfoot Hi-Toe
    Rife IBF Aussie Tour Edition putter
  • SLCHomieSLCHomie Members  1WRX Points: 5Posts: 1 Starters
    Joined:  #59

    Evnroll ER2B is clutch for me. So consistent in distance control.

  • AB1981AB1981 Members  52WRX Points: 37Handicap: 2Posts: 52 Bunkers
    Joined:  #60

    Ping Anser BeNi, have been putting like I am 20 again for a month now after a lot of putter changes and a couple year slump.

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
    Joined:  ...

  • RainShadowRainShadow Tucson AZ (for now)Members  4341WRX Points: 578Handicap: 8.2Posts: 4,341 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  edited Jul 31, 2020 10:07pm #61

    Right now?

    1. Toulon Madison H1 neck
    2. Bettinardi BB1 Tiki 2016 (Texas Tea Finish )

    But don't tell the others, don't want them to get jealous and quit on me.

    Gonna try a Stroke Lab Black 10S when they hit CPO.

    Ping G400 10.5 (9.75) Hzrdus Yellow 75 5.5
    Callaway Rogue 17* 4wd Atmos Blue TS 70  
    Ping G410 19*, 22* & 26* Tensei CK Pro Blue 80
    Cobra Forged Tec Black 6-GW SteelFiber i95cw R (2019 Forged Tec SteeFiber i95cw R trial run ) 
    Vokey SM7 54/8 M 
    Vokey SM7 58/8 M 
    Toulon Madison H1 neck (L)/ Bettinardi BB1/ '16 Tiki
    Wilson Staff FG Tour/ Bridgestone Tour B RXS / ProV1

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