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Are there ANY free agents that use PXG?

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leftycabeleftycabe IowaClubWRX  172WRX Points: 137Handicap: GolfPosts: 172 ClubWRX
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Hey All, I've convinced myself that I now need the 0311T Gen 3's. My reasons for wanting these is strictly due to everyone's comments about how soft these are with the kicker of a lot of forgiveness.

Anyway, as I have sat pondering these against the upcoming rumored Mizuno 921 SELs, Titleist T100s, and even possibly Miuras my question is:

Why have I never noticed a single "free agent" playing PXG? If they do have a feel that is truly better than anything else, and they have more forgiveness in a small package - wouldn't we see some free agents playing them?

I could be totally wrong with this and there may indeed be people playing them, but I just haven't noticed. And before we have 700 comments about getting fitted and that it doesn't matter what tour players play - I get it. I'm simply asking a question out of curiousity.



  • cgasuckscgasucks Members  2639WRX Points: 501Posts: 2,639 Titanium Tees
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    Well in my experience watching tour pros who are equipment "free agents", they usually use Ping or Mizuno irons, TM or Titleist Drivers and woods. Never seen any pro using PXG and not being paid for it.

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  • seth514seth514 Las VegasMembers  78WRX Points: 52Posts: 78 Fairways
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    I noticed on the Gram, then on here, the Korda girls were using some PXG hybrids.


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  • Nixhex524Nixhex524 ClubWRX  4836WRX Points: 555Handicap: 3.2Posts: 4,836 ClubWRX
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    Doesnt Ryan Armour play PXG irons? I'm pretty sure hes got a mixed bag or had one, at least. They make great irons, as good as anything else, which is why I can't justify spending the asking price personally... but don't blame anyone else for doing so!

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  • MyherobobhopeMyherobobhope hey there, blimpy boy. Flying through the sky so fancy free. Members  3303WRX Points: 880Handicap: 6Posts: 3,303 Titanium Tees
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    my guess is most free agents are plying the clubs they grew up with and waiting for a good equipment deal...

    i believe pxg has gotten more involved in the college game, so I bet we will see more free agents playing pxg in the next five years.


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  • PhabsPhabs Members  146WRX Points: 55Handicap: 2Posts: 146 Fairways
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    Totally agree. I’ve hit the gen3t’s and they didn’t wow me to the tune of 2500 bucks. I recently bought a set of cobra cb/mb for a fourth of that brand new. I won’t judge anyone on how they chose to spend their money.

    Post edited by Phabs on

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  • grm24grm24 Western PAMembers  4806WRX Points: 1,877Posts: 4,806 Titanium Tees
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    Couple of seasons back Ryan Armour won a PGA Tour event with PXG irons as a non PXG staff player.

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  • gentlesgentles Members  2132WRX Points: 234Posts: 2,132 Platinum Tees
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    David Hearn, Robert Rock are a couple others. There aren't that many free agents compared to guys that have a deal, and for the most part people will gravitate back to a shape or design from a previous sponsor

  • bnperronebnperrone Members  130WRX Points: 48Posts: 130 Fairways
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    I thought the staff pros got full support but not actual sponsorship money out of it. Or was that just some PXG marketing BS?

    Regardless, anybody in the market for good clubs would be crazy not to look at the gen 2 at their current sale pricing.

  • K13K13 DenverMembers  217WRX Points: 135Handicap: 12Posts: 217 Fairways
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    PXG claims that they don’t take anyone on staff that wasn’t already playing their stuff.

    Two guys I can think of off-hand that played them while not on staff were Kokrak last year (now on staff) and Bryson, who had PXG wedges in the bag for the better part of last season.

  • mjbaker80mjbaker80 Members  862WRX Points: 311Handicap: 4.2Posts: 862 Golden Tee
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    I never want to be negative and let me preface by saying I play a PXG hybrid and love it.... shape is close to the old Ping Anser.

    PXG has no majors on the men’s side. PXG also has a lot of players that ran the other way after being under contract with them.... CHIII, Billy Horschel, Kirk.

    i think they’re fine clubs. Are they better than everything else? Well, that’s sorta like saying my Vikings are a better than the Patriotswhsn we have no Lombadris to show for it.

    Lastly, I commend PXG for their builds. They take good care, there.

  • grm24grm24 Western PAMembers  4806WRX Points: 1,877Posts: 4,806 Titanium Tees
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    Pure marketing BS. Their staff players are being paid to play the clubs.

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  • ssfrannyssfranny Lefty Boomers  3118WRX Points: 335Posts: 3,118 Titanium Tees
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    Id go with the rumored JPX SEL set which is 921f and 921T. I have gen3 0311Ps and still play my Gen2s

  • capkingcapking CanadaMembers  778WRX Points: 144Posts: 778 Golden Tee
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    Charles Barkley and Nathan McKinnon do. Seems like lots of athletes or retired Pro athletes play them

  • leftycabeleftycabe IowaClubWRX  172WRX Points: 137Handicap: GolfPosts: 172 ClubWRX
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    My guess is they buy them for the same reason they have expensive cars and suits and shoes - it’s a status symbol. I’m not into buying them because they are expensive. I want to buy what feels and performs the best. I’ve never watched or read a review that shows me these are performing better than anything else but they cost double the price.

    My brother and a few friends have raved about the forgiveness of these and online reviews tout the feel. It got my wheels turning but then I started asking myself why there is very little unpaid tour usage, things stopped adding up to me.

    I have it on pretty good authority that multiple players on tour are going to go the free agency route at the end of this contract, so it will be interesting to see what sticks make it in the bag for 2021.

  • capkingcapking CanadaMembers  778WRX Points: 144Posts: 778 Golden Tee
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    If koepka starts gaming them, then that’d be something. I think he still has jpx’s, Patrick Reed still has old callaways I think. And I guess Justin Rose is one now, and he’s rocking his old TaylorMades.

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • TommyjTommyj Members  750WRX Points: 262Posts: 750 Golden Tee
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    Maybe just a little bit negative. Billy Horschel didn't "run the other way", his departure was a result of someone he had a close relationship with leaving PXG. CHIII was with PXG for a number of years and has been with quite a few club manufacturers during his 20 year career, currently Titiest, Mizuno before PXG, and probably 2 to 3 others.

    To answer the OP's question, didn't Pat Perez play PXG for a year or two before they signed him?

  • 1jcwallace1jcwallace Members  210WRX Points: 69Posts: 210 Fairways
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    And now Pat Perez is rocking a SIM Driver and 3 Wood...

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  • J13J13 Dad golf MarylandMembers  16612WRX Points: 1,622Handicap: +1.6Posts: 16,612 Titanium Tees
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    I belong to a private club and the only guys that play PXG are 15-20hcp'ers. It's kind of a GI brand at this point which is great it's just overpriced. Also Parsons doing the commercials hurts the brand and makes it a joke.

    Also not many free agents out there as even guys that use TM get tee up money. Callaway and TM along with PING are the top played drivers for guys out there. Titleist gets a lot of play as well.

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  • Argonne69Argonne69 Members  23793WRX Points: 7,645Posts: 23,793 Titanium Tees
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    There are plenty of LPGA pros that have, or have had, PXG clubs in the bag without sponsorship deals.

    Nelly Korda currently has two PXG hybrids in her bag. Her sister Jessica has one hybrid.

    Gaby Lopez won earlier this year with PXG irons and wedges in her bag.

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  • leftycabeleftycabe IowaClubWRX  172WRX Points: 137Handicap: GolfPosts: 172 ClubWRX
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    I would agree that Bob certainly does not help the brand, in my experience. I would also agree that I haven’t ever seen a set of these in the best player’s bags in any tournaments or at my club.

    I guess thread has answered my questions. There are a few people who use them (or one or two clubs) in their bag but by and large, they seem to be focusing on the college ranks. As a brand, I certainly do not like how loud they are and I don’t particularly care for all the screws, etc.

    I guess the only way to know if they are “better” than anything else is to just try them against everything I’m interested in.

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • mjbaker80mjbaker80 Members  862WRX Points: 311Handicap: 4.2Posts: 862 Golden Tee
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    Fair’s hard to be critical without being negative. I would say that most of the players mentioned, CHIII, Billy Horschel, etc had very poor years performance wise when with PXG. Both of them are playing great back with old brands.

    Again, I GAME a PXG. Are they good? Absolutely. Are they well built? Absolutely. Are they better in the hands of a club player or tour pro vs other brands? Zero evidence to support this and.... like the Perez example (he is gaming the SIM) to suggest otherwise.

    I just try to look at data and facts, not commercials and price tags.

  • BC33BC33 Divot taker Members  512WRX Points: 119Handicap: 2.0Posts: 512 Golden Tee
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    Do you think they paid for them? I can't see that happening.

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  • kweigolf818kweigolf818 Members  7WRX Points: 19Posts: 7 Bunkers
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    I play PXG gen2 XF irons. I overheard a coach I work with said that the main drawback for Tour players who tried PXG is the occasional flyer of the mid and long irons. It seems to be a common issue for form injected irons include TM P790. I am guessing that's the reason PXG is developing a solid forged model right now that will sits between ST and T. As an average weekend golfer, do I necessary care about occasional flyer? Not really. I think the reason I like the PXG irons is that when I'm not hitting the center of the clubs (like very often), it does not penalize you on the feel and distance.

  • mxskiermxskier DenverMembers  652WRX Points: 134Posts: 652 Golden Tee
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    I don't think its a huge surprise that a bunch of tour players aren't in them, since, except for the new young guys, most of the guys on tour have been with one of the big 5 for years - even longer than PXG has been a company.

    I play them because I got a great deal on them (sale + coupon + software bug that didn't uncharge Oban shafts...). I was looking for a club that had forgiveness and a heavy feel. I was coming from Apex Pro 19s, and while those play/are great clubs, I just couldn't handle the sound/feel of the cupface. I was eyeing T100s but didn't love the badging on the back (is that dumb.. yup.. but be who you are). The 718 AP2 are fantastic, but I couldn't find them to build anywhere. Those clubs at least don't click. The P760s didn't spin enough for me. I didn't love the JPX919T or forged, or MP20 MMC.

    I had tried everything and these just sort of clicked the boxes - play well, no loss on forgiveness, soft/heavy feel, no click, low offset. And I didn't have to sacrifice on anything, and with the deal I got, it made sense.

    As for pros, they change irons so infrequently, and change brands even less frequently, its not a surprise that they have a small tour staff.

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  • mgoblue83mgoblue83 Members  400WRX Points: 204Handicap: 2Posts: 400 Greens
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    They are not a players iron. They are a wide body, hollow cavity iron meant to offer bragging rights and performance for average golfers. The offset and hot faces make accuracy and distance control more of a challenge than it should be for pros.

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • capkingcapking CanadaMembers  778WRX Points: 144Posts: 778 Golden Tee
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    No. Just a random observation, I think McKinnon is a scratch golfer though.

  • BlkNGldBlkNGld Members  3096WRX Points: 237Posts: 3,096 Titanium Tees
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    While your point, re: Horschel is valid, that's also the reason he moved from Ping to PXG to begin with.

  • miamistompmiamistomp Members  94WRX Points: 70Handicap: 13Posts: 94 Fairways
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    Parsons sounds like the guy who does the Duluth underwear ad

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  • TommyjTommyj Members  750WRX Points: 262Posts: 750 Golden Tee
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    I completely agree, the point being he didn't run from PXG, just like he didn't run from Ping when he went there initially. If anyone ran from a brand it might have been Justin Rose from Honma.

    @mjbaker80 Perez's bag is full PXG as of the Heritage, playing their new Proto driver, unless he has switched to the SIM since then.


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