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Two extremes. Tourist golfers with latest clothing & gear vs. Hoarder golfers with decades old gear

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Recently, I played with a guy who looked like he stepped out of 1992.

His dirty cotton shirt has wide vertical stripes like a referee. Shirt had to be 25 years old.

He wore heavy baggy cotton pleated khaki pants. I have not seen that outdated cut on pants in 30 years.

He wore ratty sneakers that looked decades old.

Of course, I knew his clubs would also be decades old. And they were, blade irons and 90s era woods.

His golf bag looked 50 years old, as well.

Everything about this guy was a time capsule.

He was a 100+ golfer, so equipment and apparel will do nothing for him.

It was refreshing to see someone not give a **** about equipment.

In another thread, someone was mocking tourist golfers at the other extreme.

Tourist golfers. You can tell them in a heart beat dressed to the 9s in the latest and greatest carrying the latest and greatest in equipment. 

What is your take on either extreme?



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    Golf is an individual sport

    Play and look your own way as long as you are not impeding any one else on the course

    Living in Miami we see every type over the winter

    Many folks from North of the border wear clothes and use implements that have been long forgotten ( knock off ping zings, real spalding golfballs from the last century etc)

    As long as they dont blast the radio and let me play through , I don't care

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    There are instances of EVERY SINGLE STEREOTYPE in existence in golf.

    Guys with crap gear that shoot 75, guys with the latest that shoot 130, guys out of the 90's that shoot 70 or 130, latest PUMA gear that do the same....theres just no way to pin any one facet of golf down.

    Its the indian, not the arrow.


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