Are Scotty Cameron Putters Sub-Prime?

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I recently heard from a very reliable source that we my be getting duped by Scotty. 1) The heads are made overseas at five different locations and only the tour versions are truely milled. 2) Say there's a bad lot of 500, it becomes...yes 1/500.

Please interject and give us proof that this is NOT TRUE. I want to believe that this is not true. But this is the guy that is selling wallets, clocks, ball markers etc at a super mark up. And in this day of mass deception..Mortgage backed securities, Enron, high gas prices based on a lack of production and not supply...I have to be skeptical. We all need to be skeptical. Heck we are just about ready to blow $700 trillion on a giant flim flam...Say it's not true Scotty..
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    Many Tour players use retail Camerons.

    Just curious, who?
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    C'mon MUST be true....he heard it from "a very reliable source"!!!!!!!
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    I ddont get it..

    Why would they be "sub-prime" if they are in fact made "overseas"

    Do you imply that the only country capable of manufacturing quality products is the US, and if so... what the h**l do you base this on???

    I got news for you m8.. US isnt the greatest nation in teh world, and most other countries are more than capable of milling a lump of steel, with the same accuracy and presicion asyou guys are.

    And for the last bit: Why on earth does it matter???

    If you truly belive that scotty makes the greates putters ever makes no difference to yer game if they are made in US or China for that matter...

    Aint like a "US product" gonna shave 10 putts of yer game....

    Doesnt work that way "pal"
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    Oh s***, I just found out my car was made in Germany and my cell phone in Malaysia!

    These are things I use every day! s*** SON!
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