Byron Morgan Library of Photos

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Post your pics! Show some love! Get your drool on!
I did a search, and could not find a collective thread of Byron putter pics. Maybe I didn't look back far enough. Anyways, I love Byrons, and when I get the funds I'm going to get one for sure. I might have to sell part of my game-worn hockey jersey collection (one jersey could get me like 4 Byrons, but that'd be tough to part with, haha).

I just want to see a collective "library" of photos to keep drooling at, so, let's see pics of everyone's Byron! It's image/partytime2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':partytime2:' /> !!!!!

If you can, give some specs about the putter like (weight, loft, unique features, finish, etc.)

(PS, I'm looking at a 34" 007 A.S.S. 340g with High buff and with the Tei dots in the back (IMO, sweetest look on a putter ever).


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