Making a Belly Putter

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Hey guys I'm sure this has probably already been posted on here once or twice but I'm just wondering if anyone has turned a standard lenght putter into a belly putter. I have tried putting in an extension on one but the weight felt off. I have also took a shaft out of an actual belly putter and put it into a standard putter which the weight felt fine but the lie was too upright. Now the obvious answer here would be to change the lie but unfortunely I do not have a machine in which to do this. I was just wondering if anyone here has had experience with it and how much they had to bend the putter or if there was something that they did to change the weight. I was hoping that next time I bought a putter that wasnt offered in a belly model that I could order it with the proper lie angle and just insert a belly shaft upon delivery. Thanks!


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    Last winter I pulled the 35" shaft off my TaylorMade Monte Carlo #7 and installed a belly putter shaft it took some playing around to get the correct length and lie, I only had to adjust the lie by 1*. I like how it came out and it worked really well, the big thing is getting the correct length so you can use the belly putter properties to your advantage.

    If you click on the link to my WITB pictures you can see the putter.

    Cheers & have fun.
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    First a Belly Putter head weighs moe than a standard Putter . For example our Standard heads range from 330 - 350 grams , our belly head weighs 400 grams . So unforutnately just changing the shaft and grip will only increases the total weight of the putter while at the same time loosing the feel of the head . And our Heads have the same Lie so as far as your lie angle that should be the same unless you have changed your ball position and or raised or lowered your hands . I have done a few Belly Putters for Tour Players that I work with and have worked with for practice and for play and their lie angle stayed the same . Here is a simple way you can determine the right lenght for you at home . Take a metal coat hanger and clip out the long bottom section insert that in the but end of the grip on your gamer adjust the wire till it is snug in your belly then measure and their is the lenght for you . Keep in mind that a Belly Putter is really nothing more than an extention of your regular putter .Hope this helps you out .
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    Thanks gentleman you have been very helpful

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