belly putter technique talk -take 2

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or how the heck did i get to this point....
after obsessing and experimenting all week with my belly putter, i have stumbled into a grip and stance that is working great on the practice green. I will have to see if it lasts, but so far so good. Visually the ball has always looked better to me with it forward in my stance, so with that as a given, i started to experiment with moving my anchor to my left. It worked pretty well against my left side, but i remembered some pro (wish i could remember who) on the golf channel comment that he always made sure he maintained contact between his left arm below the elbow and the putter grip.I think he was a cross-hander with conventional putter, guy. I could accomplish that only by keeping my left arm next to my body, and moving the anchor to the crease where my elbow rested by my body. I use a relatively narrow stance and extended conventional grip. I only let the the club handle move away from my lower left arm on very long putts. The resultant stroke is very shoulders driven, and more like a pendulum than any thing else i have tried..It's kind of wacky, but it sure is working, at least for now image/partytime2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':partytime2:' />


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    Wow. I've never heard of a set up like that before. Have you seen that anywhere else? Any chance you could post a vid of your set up and swing? I'm having a hard time visualizing what it looks like with the grip in between your body and left elbow as you swing.
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    I think the pro that you are referring to is daniel chopra. I know he putts by maintaining contact between his right fingers and his left forearm (he putts cross handed).
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    I watched a little clip from JB Holmes and he sets his anchor just to the left of his belly button and has the ball a little fwd in his stance. The big thing is you want the ball to be at the bottom of that pendalem effect not coming down or hitting up on the ball, so whatever it takes to accomplish that should be how you set up. It took a good month with mine before I found the exact right setup.
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    yea, I think that was chopra. Maybe on one of the playing lessons. Anyway, it's quite a different feel than when you let your lower left arm swing independently of the putter. It's like your left forearm becomes part of the putter. I do think it moves the anchor point slightly in front of the ball position, but the putts seem to actually roll better than when i had the anchor point to the left of my belly button, and more directly over the ball. Not sure why that would be.

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