Bridgestone J33R 460 vs Cally 454

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I currently play a Cally 454 with an NV 65 S shaft. I was looking for something slightly heavier to stop me from overswinging. The 454 is quite light and hence the tendency to really overswing once in a while, which sends the ball left for me. Does anyone know if the swing weight of the J33R 460 with the NV65 S shaft will play heavier than the 454? If not, then perhaps I should think about a 75 gram shaft, or perhaps some lead tape on the back of the head. Any suggestions. I avg about 270 to 280 with the 454 (and once in a while stretch it a little more). I have never had my swing measured on a swing monitor. I am constantly fighting a hook. I am thinking seriously about the J33R 460 (problem is not easy to find a demo of it, hence this post) I have read lots of good things about the V2 shaft coupled with the J33R 460. How does it compare to the NV in terms of ball flight and shot dispersion?

I am looking to have the following questions answered:

1. Is the J33R 460 heavier than the Cally 454 assuming the same shaft

2. If I want to increase the swing weight of either driver, am i better off using lead tape, or going to a 75 gram shaft.

3. How does the NV compare to the V2 in terms of ball flight and shot dispersion?

3. If I were to go to a heavier shaft would your recommend the Aldila NV 75 S or theV2 75 S.

4. Does a 75 gram shaft in S play closer to an X in a 65 gram shaft?

Thanks in advance for any input on these questions.

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    I can't answer the questions about the j33, but just an idea that you could try the lead tape at the top and bottom of the shaft ala tiger woods to help add weight to the shaft (i've done this with my 5 wood with no problems). I would recommend going with the heavier shaft which i've noticed with the v2 shaft the heavier shaft plays stiffer but maybe not a full flex stiffer than the lighter shaft. I would go with the v2 I've played tour mitsubishi's and many other shafts and I jsut love the lower torque of this shaft and the way it feels. hope this helps.
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    Thanks - I will try that and see what happens. I can always take the tape off, or add it to the head.

    Anyone with any specs about the swing weights fo the 454 vs the J33R?
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    The J33R is D3 with the stock NV65. I'm not sure about a 454 with an NV. With the stock callaway shaft the 454 is D2.

    I really like the J33 with a heavier shaft. I have an Accra Tour 70 in mine.
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    I also believe I read somewhere that the Bridgey head is closer to 204 or 205 grams, as opposed to most other brands at 200 g or less, with the exception of the SQ Tour.

    I have played both the Bridgey 460 (9.5°) and the Cally 454 (9°) with a stiff NV 65, the Cally was really really good, the Bridgey is still in the bag, and even better !!!!!!!

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    I just got a B'stone J33R 460 10.5º and had it reshafted with a Proforce V2 75 stiff. I had it finished to 44.5" in length (1/2" under standard.) Swingweight with the heavier shaft put it at D3 without any weight needed. The heads are definitely heavier to be able to play it shorter without needing tip weights or lead tape.

    Because the shaft's added weight is not necessarily concentrated toward the head of the driver, a heavier shaft will not always ADD swingweight. I think the 454 is a lighter head that likes to be played at 45". Adding weight to the head with lead tape can change the flex of the shaft some (play weaker, according to my clubfitter.) Sometimes you may need a stiffer flex if you add enough weight to the head. You might want to contact Callaway to inquire what the approx. head weight of the 454 is. If it's really light, it might be tough to make it play heavier. A heavier shaft can add to the TOTAL weight of a club of course, but it won't necessarily mean the club will feel more "head-heavy" (a.k.a swingweight.)

    UST has a great chart on their web site for their shafts. It shows the head weight needed for each shaft for the club to play at a certain swingweight at any given length. Take a look at the V2 on UST's web site and you'll see what I mean.

    The V2 is different from the NV. Slightly higher launch (for me.) The J33R/V2 combo is definitely anti-left. Being able to play it at a shorter 44.5" length has helped with control too.
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