Pain under Left Shoulder Blade



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    @TEConnor said:
    Went to a doctor. He said, "good idea to come in, some folks with pain under shoulder blades do not, and it can be indication of cardio problems." After we ruled that out, and checked it over, he concluded that I had over-worked the left side and had inflammations around ligaments connecting the spine and rib-cage.

    Was what happened to a few of my buddies. Apparently, this happened to many of the golfers. most have it on th right side but depending on the person. I've had it between the shoulder blade and the spine a few times. Rest and a visit to my acupuncturist took care of it.

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    I wind up with lactic acid buildup under the scapula. Grab a lacrosse ball and a wall and grind it out

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    This happened to me a couple years ago. Started with a tight/sore spot under blade. It progressively got worse. The next year it was the other side until I had to quit playing all together in Aug. Since then I have done a swing overhaul and it fixed the problem.

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    I get this periodically. It always feels like I have a rib out of alignment since the pain is constant and no kind of stretch seems to address it. I even went to a chiropractor once and he popped my back in the exact spot of the pain but it didn't solve the problem even though it felt and sounded like it did at the time. A month of rest and the pain went away but it occasionally returns for a day or two even though I do daily stretches for that area of my back.

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