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    One more fascinating website

    And this is the thread that introduces us to this wonderful buying opportunity.

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    Check out this one!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!
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    These guys crack me up ( or mike from cn trading co.The dudes there take pics of the sole of drivers and you can see their reflection on it....
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    smith5606 wrote on Oct 21 2009, 07:08 AM:
    IndyIN - Thanks for the wonderful contribution to this thread. Scary how many of these sites have taken the time to show up here, isn't it?

    To the Mods - I know that this little effort hasn't been on anyone's in authority's radar thus far. But as others, including Ping, are taking notice, maybe it's time for GolfWRX to get on this bandwagon. I can think of several things that could be done to address this growing problem on the site. If you would PM me, I would be happy to share my thoughts.

    Now I see how you get roped into being a Marshal! image/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />

    Regardless, keep up the good work! If I only had a dollar for every person I know who bought fakes as they wanted to "look" good and thought they could for no cash, I'd have five bucks!
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    Not sure if anybody has said it, but add, to that list, they sell fakes, I do love talking to their customer service agents though, it is fun to mess with them.
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    I don't understand how anyone could be taken in by any of these websites. The clubs may look virtually identical to the OEM products, but the price is a dead giveaway.

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    Any thoughts on [url=""][/url] ? specifically the X20 irons they have on there?
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    How about Mizunos and Titleists for only $369 a set. (facepalm)
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    EmptyWallet wrote on 10 January 2010 - 01:41 PM:

    Any thoughts on [url=""][/url] ? specifically the X20 irons they have on there?

    You might want to look at some of the other websites listed on this thread. They all have a somewhat common look and theme - they sell what they suggest is "current" equipment at prices that are unimaginable. While it is not the purpose of this thread to pass judgements on the legitamacy of any website, it is relatively easy to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    Sites that sell close out equipment are common and usually not the kind of site this thread is dedicated to. Check the closeout prices at these sites with the prices for similar equipment at well known sites like Golfsmith, Golf Warehouse, etc and you will probably be able to determine quickly if these prices are "too good to be true". IMO
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    mjwidell wrote on 19 January 2010 - 01:54 AM:

    How about Mizunos and Titleists for only $369 a set. (facepalm)

    Compare this site to the others in this thread. Most look alike. Most try to sell current equipment at silly prices. Does this one? You be the judge.
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    Things tp Ponder

    The sites mentioned in this thread are selling fakes......

    Are fakes any worse than clones? Most pictures of the clubs are the same as the name brand they represent....

    Are titanium driver heads made of titanium from both the fakes and clones?

    The shafts are the exact match to the real thing....

    Do the fakes not perform as well as the retail models or clones?

    Aren't most name brand components manufactured in China?

    What's to say that many clubs sold on e-bay weren't purchased from the China Wholesale sites....

    What makes a fake a fake?
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    Amanda 08:28:58

    Thank you for your question,actually,all our clubs are delivered directly from our asian suppliers,no vendors between us,so the prices are more favorable than others.

    I 08:29:21

    so you are saying these are not the original?

    Amanda 08:32:21

    all our clubs are original equipment manufacturer(OEM)products directly from our Asian suppliers,with high quality ,excellent performance .

    homepage says they are Ebay Powerseller but in fact they do not sell on Ebay

    Amanda 08:26:41

    We are not selling on ebay.You can make your orders directly on our website,we accept paypal as our payment method too.

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    smith5606 wrote on 01 October 2009 - 01:06 PM:

    Again the "OP" has very few posts. The pattern continues unabated. Please don't misunderstand, I am making no accusations but it does seem very strange that these threads referencing obviously shaky websites all are posted by very new posters who seem to disappear as fast as they appear. I am frankly amazed that the marshals and/or owner's of this site allow this to go on. Until they step in, I'll keep trying to include them here.

    Firstly, I think you should be commended on your efforts. This type of information is information that I think all OEM's should be providing. Its great to see Ping post an list of dud sites and any type of information that the average internet shopper can find on reputable sites like Golf WRX is positive.

    I will say that this is how I found Golf WRX in the first place. I was shopping for a new set of clubs online and was scouring the internet for information on how to spot fakes, or a database of "good & bad" sellers. I found a few threads talking about the clubs in question and I posted a topic in the deal or no deal section of this site. I thought this would be an appropriate place to ask people in the golf community if the purchase I was planning to make was legit.

    My post was legit, but it was removed from the thread and I was accused of promoting an ebay auction because it was my first post. I understand the problem that exists, but we should be careful that we do not condemn the new people that are interested in joining the community.

    I will add that after communicating with the marshall, my post was readded and I was able to confirm the clubs in question which I ended up purchasing. The information posted was invalueable, and hopefully others will benefit from the information that was shared. I have since become an active member on this forum and have tried my best to contribute as much as I gain from it.

    My .02
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    Curious to know, do they even have a serial #'s?
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    china link .com is another site who sells immitation clubs and equipment all stuff r knock offs club sets drivers woods hybrids

    for example scotty cameron putter 60.00 yea right or r9 tm driver 50.00 ok thats legit yea ok! beware
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    what about
  • keithj33keithj33 Members  4WRX Points: 0Posts: 4
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    what about a site called
  • keithj33keithj33 Members  4WRX Points: 0Posts: 4
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    what about golf
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    Seems like the same bogus crap. Crazy low prices. The site says they all have serial #'s but that you CANNOT register them with the manufacturer.

    Knockoffs ?? I'd hate to blow $450.00 to find out.

    Too bad because i would LOVE to get this stuff for those prices =(
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    There is no way this site is for real!!
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    This one is fakes also [url=""][/url]

    it just looks so stupid

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    I bought a tour edge cb2 hybrid from for 59 dollars which I am very pleased with. I know it is only 1 club but I'm pretty sure they are legit.
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    I can confirm that sells fake clubs. I just bought a Scotty Cameron putter and it comes straight from China and has all the "fake" features described on the internet. The guy running this website (Marc) plays the naive guy saying he is very sorry and that he does not know. After some email exchanges i got 40USD back but in total i paid 100 dollars for a piece of scrap metal. I asked Marc from to remove the putter since he should know it is fake but he wont do it. So be warned all that is posted on comes straight from China and is fake.

    I learned my lesson....
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    I'm a manager at a golf retailer in the midwest, and we guarantee the lowest price so we are constantly getting folks saying they can get this set for $300 when MAP (minimum advertised price) is still $699.99. We found it helpful to run a search to see where the sites originate from. Just had a guy today trying to trade a set of AP2's but upon further inspection i realized they were in fact fakes. Just a word of wisdom, the fakes look very, very good, but a trained eye can pick out the differences. Look for differences in font on serial # and anywhere for that matter, shade of paint and what i've noticed on most fakes is that the paint bleeds out of its area on the club. Manufacturers are usually very clean edged paint jobs. Remember verifying serial #'s means absolutely nothing anymore they are being knocked off too. The best way to get authentic merchandise is to buy from an authorized retailer/website.
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    One other thing guys, i can tell you there is not that much mark up on current model golf clubs, if its sounds too good to be true than it is.

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    Has anyone ever heard of I believe it's the same folks who run which has already been listed on this site.
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    stay away from
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    [size="3"]Here's another one for the list that I have actually received a couple of emails from.

    [size="5"]Okey Golf



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