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Old or new?
I was set on getting the Cobra baffler, I liked the performance and the height I got out of it. However in the wind some shots got caught up in the wind. I was all set to buy one and my club guy handed me the old Nickent and told me to give it a spin. He's got both the old and the new ones in stock, but only the old one to demo.

My question is has anyone played both? I can save some $ on the old one, but I care about performance. If the new one is that much better I'll go with it.

I'm a big fan of neutrally weighted clubs and little offset (more for squaring up to the ball than for anti-left reasons) which both the new and old ones seem to have. Shafts aren't really a consideration since I'll probably be reshafting withing a couple of months with the new Fuji 380 HB or Accra Tour HB.

Thanks for any advise.


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    I'm sorry, I never played the original 3DX. But I currently have the 3DX DC 20º in my bag. Wonderful club. Long, straight, good feel and ballflight. I have yet to hit a hook with this club in 5 rounds and 5+ range sessions. In fact, I really have yet to hit a bad shot PERIOD with it.

    I have the stock Aldila NV75 stiff in it, and while I normally do not hit NV's well in other clubs, this shaft has been stable and easy to load (108 mph ss.) Ballflight has been high, but powerful. As soon as I hit the 3DX DC, my Rescual Dual got the boot (which I actually like quite a bit.) Nickent claimed the 3DX DC is anti-hook, and it lived up to that billing beautifully. They also claim higher MOI/resistance to twisting than the original. Given their spot-on claims of it being anti-left, I would venture to guess the DC's live up to that claim as well and are more stable than the original. I think the new version is only about $30 more than the original. It's still priced below the competition, and is the best hybrid I have hit to date. Can you tell I'm impressed by it? image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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    I also must recommend that 3DX DC. I never hit the original either, but absolutely love the 3DX DC.

    I had never hit a hybrid before, and when I decided playing one, I initially set my sights on the TM Dual or the Nike Rescue. After hitting both, and being let down, both on looks and performance, I had pretty much decided against a hybrid at all.

    A chance encounter with the Nickent changed my mind instantly. The club looks great. It sets up square, is just the right size, and makes you feel confident over every shot. I have been able to hit both a draw and a fade with it, and its soooo easy to hit its almost automatic. The ball flight is mid/high, but have never had it balloon on me. I have the stock NV 75 shaft as well.

    I currently play the 23*, but will be changing to either the 21.5* or the 20* to close the gap down between it and my 3 wood.

    My recommendation would be with the DC in which ever loft you need. (The other great thing is they are available in tons of different lofts from 14* thorugh 26*)
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    I took the old Nickent to the course and range yesterday and was plesantly surprised. It hit the ball high and just wanted to go straight. Maybe a little left, or a little right, but not too much in either direction.

    Well, I picked the new one up today on my lunch break. I was expecting to get the standard UST shaft and replace it later. When I walked in my retailer said, "I've got something to show you!" He opened a box with about ten 3DX's with the new 86g V2 hybrid. I just put this shaft in my driver and have liked it so far, so I figured might as well get it here, it's the same price as the Aldila NV, and only set me back $140 out the door.

    My only gripe is the Winn grip that comes stock. It's just soft and it's not tacky, it just feels slick. I'll decide if I want to cut a 1/2" off the club by this weekend, but by Monday this grip is coming off. image/diablo.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /> I wish club companies would just stick tour velvets on everything.

    Here are some pics, I can't wait to get this club out to the range!

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    Awesome! Nickent has a TON of shaft options now. I'd say I was jealous -except I'm hitting mine with the NV75 so well, I don't dare change a thing! I love the V2 shafts. I just ordered a V2 75 couple minutes ago to reshaft a G5 driver with. I'll be interested to hear your impressions of the V2 hybrid shaft.

    I wholeheartedly agree about the Winn grips on the 3DX DC's. I changed mine to a tour velvet within an hour of getting mine. That grip doesn't fit this club's personality one bit. Have fun! If that shaft works as well for you as the NV is for me, you'll be VERY pleased with this club.
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    I the old one and I just dropped an Aldila NV 85 stiff in mine yesterday playing to 40" and I have the Golf Pride Player Softie on all my clubs!

    Absolutely love this club!
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    Well I took it out to the range today, and I must say I was pretty impressed by the new one and the V2 hybrid shaft.

    The range was into the teeth of a strong wind that was gusting between 25 and 32 mph. The club went high and didn't baloon once. The only times it didn't was when I tried to swing it like a wood. I've just got to keep vigilant on hitting down on it like an iron. The newer model feels a lot hotter than the older one. The only thing I don't like is the polished face. It's already showing some scratching from the sandy range.

    I was a little nervous about purchasing the V2, it felt really tip stiff, but it's not. Especially for a club you're hitting with a descending blow. Very impressed with it. Still a bit of kick, but a very stable feeling shaft.

    I'm really pleased with my purchase and am VERY excited to get it out on the course this weekend!

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