Mitsubishi Rayon TP XMKH-1

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What's the word on this shaft??
Hello everybody,

Does anyone have any experience or information on the Mitsubishi Rayon TP "XMKH-1" M.A.S. 2 X-stiff shaft?

Specs are...91 grams, 2.2* torque, mid kick.

I was just wondering how this shaft plays and what you guys think about it, especially in a 3-wood. Also, how would it compare to the Diamana Blueboard 93x?

Thanks in advance,



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    The letters stand for X flex MK mid kick H heavy 1 is x. There is a 2 that is XX.

    The shaft is 81g with low torque and definitely a mid kick point. Kick point and launch would be similar to a 757 and would be great in a fairway wood.
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    Thanks for the reply Abewley. That's what I'm looking for in the 3-wood...something that gets the ball off the ground with the 13*, but also has low spin and doesn't balloon.

    So would I be correct in saying that the XMKH-1, 757x, and Grafalloy Comp NT 85x will all play very similar? Those 3, along with a Diamana 93/103 is what I'm thinking of getting installed.
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    yep.. of coures the comp with the cheapest.. but for a 3 wood the fuji or diamana's are the best. IMHO
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    abewley wrote on Apr 28 2006, 06:07 PM:

    fuji or diamana's are the best. IMHO
 mean the blueboard shafts or all high-end Mitsubishi shafts?
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