905R* with Fuji 757

ShibumiShibumi Members Posts: 317
Anyone else tried?
I've always really liked Titleist products, but since quitting my 983K a couple of years ago, had not liked the recent crop of drivers.

I'm fairly high-launch, high-spin with my driver, so didn't think I'd get on well with the new 905R. However, I got to hit one the other day (9.5* with stock Speeder stiff), and was getting great carry. Was launching a couple of degrees too high, but was surprised to see no ballooning.

Long story short, I just ordered a new 905R 8.5* with 757 Stiff from Discount Dan's. I've played the 757 in a couple of drivers and it fits my swing. I figure with the degree lower loft and replacing the stock Speeder with the stiffer tipped 757, should bring my launch and spin down to a manageable level. Thought about going to an "X", but thought a stiff would play like "X" in the full bore-thru head.

Anybody have any thoughts or experience with this combo?


  • bpalmer21bpalmer21 Members Posts: 413
    I love mine, straightest driver I ever played.

    I was surprised however that it wasnt longer than my 983E, I can live with that. I should get back in the gym anyway, seems like I lost 15 yards over the winter.

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