What is a good post?

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To help new members make good posts not only in this section, but all over Golf WRX, allow me to outline what makes for a good post, and what makes for a bad post.

Good posts

- informative, and has substance to it.

-gives tips, experiences, and other forms of advice

Bad Posts

-Has 5 words, sometimes not even pertaining to the topic

-Congratulates someone with one simple word

-Repeats what has been said in posts prior to it

-attacks a member

Basically, we're trying to cut down on what has been cluttering up the boards lately. If you want to add something, make sure it's something that is going to really add to the site and help out people. Padding post counts isn't supported here.

If you would like to carry out a conversation with someone, PM them or use the chat.

I would invite the other Jr. Mods to add their insight, as I am for certain I am leaving stuff out.



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    I would have to agree with vince. The posts lately have been getting out of hand with the one or two word posts that add absolutely zero to the topic at hand. Please keep your posts germane to the topic and substantive. If you have nothing substantive to say about a given topic that is fine, just keep on going to another topic. It is eating up bandwith and increasing the length of threads needlessly. I would also advise of signature length. If you have an uber long signature, please cut it down or use it sparingly. I often times frequent this site on a palm pilot and it takes forever to scroll through everyones signatures that are insane. Please realize that it is unneccessary.



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    Cameron Circle T wrote on May 6 2006, 05:21 PM:

    If you have an uber long signature, please cut it down or use it sparingly. I often times frequent this site on a palm pilot and it takes forever to scroll through everyones signatures that are insane.

    Like if your WITB signature contains clubs that you play when you are in different parts of the country and a bunch of extra lines to explain that, it is probably unnecessary. image/tongue.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    Just kidding man. image/drinks.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':beee:' />

    On a serious note, be careful where this post goes. You don't want to alienate people from posting and becoming lurkers. I don't think bandwidth is an issue and why does it matter how long threads go as long as people aren't attacking other members. Who determines what is insightful? Personally, I think there just needs to be one rule: don't attack other members. Otherwise, post your heart out.
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    Yes bandwith overall isn't a huge issue; however, post whoring is wholely unnecessary. We do not need the one word posts saying great or whatever might be the case with those retarded posts that are just there to jack up one's post count. It clutters up the forum with uselessness and detracts from the actual knowledge base and worth of a thread. Keep this rule in mind. If a post is just intended to bring up your post count, dont post it.

    As well not that we want to sway anyone against posting but I think its the overall feeling of the moderation that post whoring is getting out of control. So basically this protocol is going to become a part of this forum as it does in the other parts of the forums.


    As for the sig you would be surprised at how short mine looks compared to some of the ones I see in posts here, it's also sort of a running joke here with the mods. Go take a look at beruo's sig, it all started with that.
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    Not that I am against the voicing of members opinions in this arena but given that it is the membership were trying to advise I am going to close this thread and ask that the other moderators open it to post and close it after they are done posting. This will keep this thread as more of a guideline than an argument btwn the moderation and members.


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    Whats going on juniors?

    I'm doing my daily rounds of our nice little section here for the day and have noticed something I want to remind everyone on. You guys have done a good job in the past few weeks of keeping the personal attacks and e-thug arguments to a minimum, and I applaud that image/clapping.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':clapping:' />

    However I've noticed a recent trend toward what I view as topics that lack any real substance. Topics that ask what club you use for a certain yardage, what equipment manufacturer is better, or what driver, fairway wood, iron, wedge or ball you use fall into this category.


    One word is suffice to answer these topics which means they hold little to no informative weight to anyone else. So you hit your 62* wedge 50 yards? Wonderful, that doesn't help me with anything at all. You play a titleist Pro-V1? same deal, doesn't impact me that much. You think Cleveland Golf is better than Callaway Golf? What does that mean to me?

    So ask yourselves these question before you post a topic:

    -Will responses to this topic be informative to not only me but to other people?

    -Is the topic I am about to post based more on opinion or fact? If on opinion do I ask specific questions to make posters back up their opinions?

    -Am I making this post just to pad my post count?

    This is a sticky at the top of the junior home page, give it a look


    So for example, to make the above examples of posts I described earlier valid, here's what you could do

    Topic: "What ball do you play?"

    Solution: "What ball do you prefer for distance and/or short game spin? What have you found in that ball to lead you to play it?"

    Topic: "What club do you use for **** yardage?"

    Solution: Don't make these posts

    Topic: "Which manufacturer is better?"

    Solution: Don't make these posts.

    In conclusion make sure that what you are posting actually has some substance to it. Also, remember there is an equipment subforum just for juniors at the top of the Junior's homepage. Feel free to PM me or reply with any questions or concerns.


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