Snake Eyes MB 1 Irons

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Just came across a new set of these at a local shop for only $200 for a 3-pw set. I'd never heard of them before but I was really struck by the look of these. I found some reviews online but they are from years ago and I see that Snake Eyes pretty much went out of business a while back. All in all, I couldn't find a whole lot of info on these after a quick Google search.

I was wondering if there is anyone who still plays these that can give me their impressions and tell me whether or not these would be worth picking up. I've played Mizunos for years (14's, 30's, 33's) but the look of these and the price tag has really intrigued me. Any input is greatly appreciated.


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    I played them for a year and a half. Great feeling irons (some sort of alloy) but a tad more offset than what most blade players would normally like. An Ernie Vadersen (?) design. The guys was pretty respected in golf design due to his work with the original Snake Eyes wedges.

    I wasn't so much of a club guy then so I can't remember much about the sole grind etc.

    I did hit them well. The stock shafts were the older DGS300 sensicores that kept breaking due to rust.
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