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where to buy and wedge q's
Well, I think I am finally going to have to give up on my J33 Cb order. Been 45s and no idea when they will ship.

I am taking this as a sign to go stick with Mizuno. I have already sold my mp60/mp32 set and am pretty much set on going with a full mp60 set this time to pick up a little more forgiveness. I am going to do the dg sl thing againwith the blue grips. I know my fitting needs for Mizuno so I dont really need a fitting. Only big chains in my area so no real pressure to buy locally so can anyone recommend an online source that might save me some money? (Polite way of asking who has the cheapest price?)

I am also going to match some wedges to the new irons and was looking at the mizuno line. I still have some black nickel mp-ts hanging around so I would like to try either the raw haze or black ox.

Two questions: first has anyone played both the mp and mp-t? I would be interested in knowing what differences you felt?

Also I am thinking about going from a pw, 52, 56, 60 to a pw 53, 58 (high bounce in the 58). Anyone else use this combo?


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    I have the 53 & 58 degree wedge setup in the Raw haze. I really liked the the 53* but wasnt crazy about the 58*. There are better SW/LW wedges available. Also the Raw haze finish comes off quite easily. Expect the wedge to look pretty beat rather quickly. GL
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    I will probably strip the finish off either one; I really dont mind the raw dirty look.

    I dont care for my lob wedge so I am looking at either 51/56 or 53/58. Sounds like it may be too much like the lob wedge.
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    Contact Golfwrx sponsor Discount Dan's. They've got great prices.
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    My first thought was DIscount Dans since I have gotten a ton of stuff from them and they were helping with my J33s.

    I am trying not to let my experience with Bstone influence how I feel about DDs. They are great to deal with

    Another question:

    Anyone use DG SLs in their wedges?

    I really prefer the weight of the SLs thinking about doing the gap is an SL shaft
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    Just cancelled the order from Bstone and placed an order for Mizuno Mp60s. Just so everyone here knows, everyone at Discount Dan's has been very helpful through this long waiting period and my impatience.

    Whiile I will never consider giving Bstone any more business other than thru ebay, Discount Dans has been outstanding through all the mess

    Top notch service and good pricing; not easy to find both these days
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    That sucks about Bridgestone, so many people waiting and waiting...I sent you a PM about it...
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    I replied but decided to post here. Not to bad mouth Bridgestone but to make everyone aware. Ordered J33 Cbs end of March. Quoted April 25th. Seemed like a long time but willing to wait for some nice irons. May1st came and dealer called;" Not built yet, should ship mid month".

    May 15th came and another call'Maybe 2weeks but dont hold us to that"

    I dont mind a wait but a moving target for a timeline is just crazy. I have long since sold my gamers and even though the J33 are a great price along with a free hybrid, I just dont have the patience for it I guess.

    FWIW, I wasnt ordering anything too special: DG SL 1* flat. NOthing crazy; I guess they are just having problems with their supply chain.

    I did buy a used set of Cbs off the BST to use til the MP60s get here; I'll post a review later. They would be my primary set but my scrawny arms really appreciate the SL shafts

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